About Us

Grateful Web started in the basement of a home in Wyckoff, NJ in June, 1995. Brothers Michael and Barney Moran were working in NYC, commuting into the city in the mornings. We both knew the internet, though in its infancy, was going be in our future forever.  We wanted to start something; we just didn't know exactly what.  One morning in early June 1995, after listening to some particularly powerful Dead tunes driving into work (3/1/69), and after smoking some particularly stony bud, we walked into the office, and the name just spurted out of Barney. We both knew right away this was exactly what we were searching for.  We registered the domain and started off the site with a simple image of Jerry in Space. In 1998, Aaron Dietrich, a good friend of Mike's from college joined our team to help with all things programming, among other tasks we ask of him.  Barney checked out back in 2006, but Michael has been the editor and handling most day-to-day publishing and management of the site. 22 years later, at least ten iterations of the site, thousands of concerts and festivals covered, we feel so privileged to be the stewards of this site and the music we cover.


Our People

Mike Moran

Editor and Founder

Aaron Dietrich

Executive Producer