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Belguim is no exception as regards taking initiatives to collect money for South-East Asia, which has been hit by a tsunami on December 26 last year.


At the end of February this year, I was present at a concert in Antwerp (Sportpaleis): "12-12 The Concert". It was called that way since in Belgium people can deposit money at bank account "000-0000012-12" to support South-East Asia.


For the concert, about 12,000 people were gathered to see a lot of great Belgian musicians who played for free that night.  These musicians / bands were: Bart Peeters, Sioen, Ozark Henry, An Pierlé, Praga Khan, Jan Leyers, De Nieuwe Snaar, Flip Kowlier, Gabriel Rios, Hooverphonic, Clouseau, Daan, Stash, De Laatste Showband, De Mens, Monza, and Admiral Freebee. Zornik would come as well, but they did not show up. Actually, my friends and I did not really regret his since they are not our favorites, which I already mentioned in a previous column… During the breaks, "Discobar Galaxy" entertained us with great danceable music.  Hereby, you got quite a long list of Belgian "stars". Maybe this is your chance to get acquainted with some Belgian music, if still necessary… J


During the concert, some news flashes were shown, mostly about the reconstruction of several areas that were destroyed by the tsunami. After all, we were not only there to have fun, remember…


Adriaan van Hoof and Steven Van Herreweghe, two wonderful guys, were the presenters of the evening. Together with Koen Wauters (singer of Clouseau) and Bart Peeters they handed over the money to Michel Dumont: 250 000€ was collected that evening (food and drink consumptions not included yet!). In total, Belgium already collected about 50 million €!


Thanks to the organizers of this initiative and to the musicians who wanted to participate, we had a great musical evening and we could contribute our mite as well. Thank you!

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