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What is the Grateful Web?

The Grateful Web is all about you:  fans, bands, representatives, venues, stores and everyone in between. We provide the platform and you provide the stories through your reviews, pictures and videos.  Whether you have a single comment to share or a whole lot to say, your contribution is welcomed, as we all improve our lives through sharing experiences and music.  Though the Grateful Dead is no longer around, their legacy remains strong, and we are here to celebrate and explore the world through this lens.

How did it begin?

The Grateful Web was launched in June of 1995 by two brothers in a Wyckoff, New Jersey basement.   Mike Moran had just graduated from college and was commuting from the New Jersey suburbs to New York City, working for his older brother, Barney Moran.   Barney has since gone in a new direction, leaving Mike, the staff and the Grateful Web community to keep on keeping on.

Now, almost 15 years later, our evolution continues. With much help from friends such as Aaron Dietrich, we are the stewards of the Grateful Web.  With your help and continued enthusiastic support, we will keep working to make the experience as personal, rewarding and interactive as possible.

What do you guys do?

We provide a space for music fans of all genres to come together and share parts of their life that interest them.  By visiting the site, you will find the most up-to-the minute band information, concert reviews and press releases, as well as political and environment news. We are your best source for all great music that doesn't fit neatly into any one category. Though the site name itself is based on the Grateful Dead, we are involved in all different genres of music -- like the guys from our namesake, we try to stay just as diverse and open-minded. We follow anything and everything in the spirit left behind by the Grateful Dead… influences, inspirees and more.  The site is as diverse as its users, because it is a direct outgrowth of them...of you.  We let our users build the site, direct the site, and ultimately become the site.

The Grateful Web encourages you to submit your concert reviews, comments, stories, pictures, videos and anything else you would like to share…and share it we will!  We want you to create the site.  We are offering up the tools, but it is up to you to use your creativity and passion to help us tell the story.

And the coolest part...

Since our content is largely user generated, our illustrious writers, photographers, and storytellers are the guys and gals you see at shows.  We're are simply fans of the same shows, the same tunes and same good vibes as you are. We all love the music and the message, and that is why we are here.  When you join our network, not only do you become part of the very first hippie online community, but also part of an organic experiment, sprung from a New Jersey basement in 1995 and morphed into the internet site full of music and life that you see today.

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