Alternative Power Productions: Welcome to the future of Production


Submitted by -Pipeline Productions Mon, 07/09/2012 - 11:20 am

Alternative Power Productions (APP) delivers environmentally friendly concerts by utilizing natural energy resources combined with years of production experience.
The APP solar powered stages and sound systems give both promoters and performers an opportunity to educate the community about the benefits of renewable energy while delivering a concert with state of the art sound quality.
In 2011, APP partnered with Kleege Industries, (who holds the largest inventory of mobile stages in the US), to build and design the largest solar hybrid stage in the country for the Vans Warped Tour. Due to such a successful run in 2011, Kleege Industries and APP will be bringing the Helios SL250 stage back to the 2012 Vans Warped Tour.
When running purely on solar energy, the stage’s carbon offset capabilities are impressive.  The sun’s rays allow the stage to prevent the emission of close to 41,000 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for the length of the tour.  These environmental benefits are comparable to driving 45,100 miles less in a car or creating the same carbon-offset benefits of 2,706 full-grown trees.  Beyond the environmental benefits, the stage is both quiet (unlike traditional, noisy generators) and produces no fumes.  Moreover, “The margin of error on solar technology is significantly less when you take into account that there are no moving parts, making the system more reliable,” says APP’s Mark McLarry.
"Every year we throw a party in our hometown. It's a surf contest/concert on the beach that helps out homeless kids. We love our beach, we love our ocean, and we love the planet. Thanks to alternative power productions we get to play our songs on a stage that loves the environment as much as we do."  - Jon Foreman :: Switchfoot
“Alternative Power Productions has been an instrumental partner to Another Planet Entertainment as we have looked for ways to incorporate alternative energy into both Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival and Treasure Island Music Festival. Alternative Power Productions has a competitive edge in the production of environmentally sustainable concerts, as they know both green business practices and the music promotion business.”  - Bryan Duquette :: festival producer from Another Planet Entertainment.
What are the advantages of working with Alternative Power Productions?
Coordinating separate sound systems, stages and lighting at venues can be a very difficult and technical process. By choosing Alternative Power Productions, the client will no longer have to coordinate with on site operation departments. Alternative Power Productions will simply set up and turn on the music. No electricity or wiring is necessary and we supply our own sound engineers and crew.
The solar stages work by storing the sun's energy into batteries. Alternative Power Productions takes time to make sure the batteries are fully charged before each event. Not being dependent on the grid for electricity can actually be more reliable than using system power. Having a back up plan is always essential. The APP systems can also operate from a generator or a standard electrical outlet. The maintenance of all APP equipment from the sound system to our tow vehicles is our first priority. 
Alternative Power Productions prices are competitive in the market but the difference is added value. Alternative Power Productions is a marketing production company as well as a turnkey solution.
Look for Alternative Power Productions at Vans Warped Tour, Outside Lands Festival, Long Beach's Summer and Music, and the ESPY Awards.  For a full list of equipment, partnerships and additional information please visit