BoomBox: Fall Tour

What is BoomBox? Some would claim they’re an enthralling, sweaty heap of down tempo disco-hop. Others may say they're a special blend of Funktronic ‘n Blues. They prefer to just call it Rock ‘n Roll and leave the rest up to the listener.

Comprised of multi-talented producer/musicians Zion “Rock” Godchaux and Russ Randolph, the BoomBox project manifested in 2004 during a recording session. Instantly clicking, the two realized they together harnessed both the talent and drive to introduce a new, unequaled sound to the live music scene.

In an era of iterative button pushing, beat repeat and laptop DJs, repetitious sets and inability to consistently perform for an audience have unfortunately rendered some musicians/artists hopelessly obsolete. BoomBox counters this, solidifying their musical presence by keeping on their toes through live performances, feeding on the crowd’s energy and basing selections accordingly. Each track is inspired by the feel of the moment, providing the duo ample room for open improvisation every night.

When on stage, Godchaux and Randolph use a few devices for delivering melodious sound to captivated audiences. Godchaux equips himself with guitar and an assortment of pedals and sequencers as well as provides calm, soothing vocals. On the opposite side of the stage, Randolph contributes woozy synthesizer lines and handles the backing beats via drum sequencers and various programming. A true team, they usher out auditory gratification for eager fans who show up to be undoubtably swept away, immersed in the groove.

It seems no matter where or when they play, BoomBox both attracts and captures crowds, taking them on a dulcetly euphoric escapade. Regardless of the setting or at what point in tour, they perpetually execute the perfect intensity, leaving sweat drenched show-goers glowing with love hung expressions.

With minimal time to recover from an amazing and eventful summer that included stops at numerous venues and festivals all over the country including All Good, Wakarusa, Camp Bisco, 10KLF and EarthDance, BoomBox once again hits the road. This time serving an upcoming collection of intimate performances to select cities on the West Coast alongside top ranking DJ and producer, Ana Sia. Like her current tour mates, Sia too thrives on live performance, her shows a tangled mess of grimy low-end love that’s as beautifully filthy as it is mellifluous and honey smooth.

Energetic, captivating and exciting, the musical monster Godchaux and Randolph have created together is steadily growing. People are still hungry for good music they can connect with and the twosome shows no sign of letting up anytime remotely soon. It’s refreshing to hear a group who can not only produce an alluring and magnificent studio disc, but also has an appealing, straightforward approach to live music. While the band’s future is certainly not set in stone, in the mean time they continue to do what they do best: perform live.


Oct 31
Sustainable Waves Austin, Texas
Nov 5
The Lyric Oxford Oxford, Mississippi
Nov 6
Soul Kitchen Mobile, Alabama
Nov 13
Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom Denver, Colorado
Nov 14
Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom Denver, Colorado
Nov 18
Rex Theatre Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Nov 19
Newport Music Hall Columbus, Ohio
Nov 20
The Intersection Grand Rapids, Michigan
Nov 21
The Crofoot (Pike Room) Pontiac, Michigan
Nov 22
The Kent Stage Kent, Ohio
Nov 23
The Bluebird Nightclub Bloomington, Indiana
Nov 27
Crossroads Huntsville, Alabama
Nov 28
Newby’s Memphis, Tennessee
Nov 29
Old Rock House St Louis, Missouri
Dec 2
Turner Hall Ballroom Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Dec 3
Majestic Theatre Madison, Wisconsin
Dec 4
Cabooze Minneapolis, Minnesota
Dec 5
The Bottom Lounge Chicago, Illinois

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