Furthur | 1st Bank | Broomfield, CO | 2/11/2011

Furthur is back in Broomfield, Colorado's 1st Bank Center less than 1 year since the opening of the refurbished arena.   With Furthur's arrival came the start of a lovely weekend both for the weather and for the lots of friends in town to catch some of the first shows of 2011.

Furthur opened with an 11 minute long Jack Straw, which can be viewed its entirety right here.    Bobby followed-up with some local story telling about two family members betrayal, the Goodnight-Lovin Trail, and leaving his uncle's "dead ass there by the side of the road."

Personally I found the highlight of Set 1 to be Black Throated Wind, which Bobby belted out pretty well.   John's take on Brown Eyed Women was spirited and Phil's voice, while ragged as ever, is about as sincere and oozes charm when he finishes the verse:  "And it looks like the old man's getting on."  I think even Jerry would blush.  Hard to not get a bit emotional when Phil sings this lyric. Phil, who will be 71 next month, was all smiles and really quite animated during the marathon 4 + hours of music. 

Set 2 had some decent moments, opening with the complete Weather Report Suite, followed up with Phil singing Mountain Song.  When the place was really feeling it, however, was during I Know You Rider.  With everyone's favorite Colorado lyric, the place sang in unison:  "I wish I was headlight on a northbound Train.... I'd shine my light through the cool Colorado rain"  -- John didn't really belt the lyric out out --- but the song itself was tight and I found it to be the highlight of the evening.

I don't think the mix was particularly spot-on last night, which is not uncommon for night #1.  I imagine they'll get some of the kinks ironed out tonight.  Speaking of tonight, we'll have a far more thorough 'review' of the show.   My writing leaves a lot to be desired, which is why I'm normally behind the camera taking some videos of the show. :)    

Check out Grateful Web's YouTube channel for videos from last night, as well lots more from tonight's show.  We'll have more going up throughout the day. 

Check out some photos from the show.  I know they're not great, but sadly Furthur's less than hospitable PR guy, JC Janis, never provides Grateful Web with a press pass.  --  Check out Saturday night's review here.

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