Gentle Giant to release catalog on digital format

On November 3rd 2009 Gentle Giant will be digitally releasing seven of their best-known albums and tracks in digital form for the very first time via their own Alucard label through EMI Music's Label Services unit.

This progressive rock band, which was active from 1970 through 1980, was made up of multi-instrumentalists, and lived to expand the frontiers of contemporary popular music at the risk of becoming very "unpopular."  The group's dozen albums combine a range of musical styles-jazz, pop, classical, British soul, rock, blues, medieval, pop, blues, Gentle Giant's legacy has become influential to a range of artists from the arena rock, jam band, virtuoso players, and chamber pop genres.

In a Glass House, The Power & The Glory, Freehand, Interview, Playing The Fool-The Official Live, The Missing Piece and Giant For a Day will become available through all digital channels.

The digital releases will also include previously unheard bonus tracks and artwork.

The band has chosen favorite live versions of songs from each album and some obscure radio sessions. Two of the bonus tracks “Intro 74” and “Intro 76” have been partially re-recorded, embellished and remixed by Kerry Minnear of the group.

More Gentle Giant music will be available in a variety of formats in 2010, starting with the January release of the seven CDs Re-Mastered from the original 1⁄4 inch tapes through Hi-Resolution (24bit 96k) transfer. First quarter of 2010 will also find box sets and Limited Edition Vinyl LPs.



1.The Runaway              
2. An Inmates Lullaby         
3. Way Of Life         
4. Experience         
5. A Reunion              
6. In A Glass House

Digital Bonus Tracks:
The Runaway/Experience Live 1975
Way Of Life - Radio Session 1973

1. Proclamation              
2. So Sincere              
3. Aspirations              
4. Playing the Game              
5. Cogs in Cogs              
6. No God's A Man              
7. Valedictory
8. (The Power And The Glory)

Digital Bonus Tracks:
Intro '74
Proclamation - Live 1975
Aspirations - Radio Session 1974
Cogs In Cogs - Live 1975

FREE HAND - 1975
1. Just The Same              
2. On Reflection              
3. Free Hand              
4. Time To Kill              
5. His Last Voyage              
6. Talybont              
7. Mobile

Digital Bonus Tracks:
Just The Same - Live 1975
On Reflection - Radio Session 1975
Free Hand - Live 1975

1. Interview              
2. Give it Back              
3. Design              
4. Another Show              
5. Empty City              
6. Timing              
7. I Lost My Head

Digital Bonus Tracks:
Intro '76
Interview - Live 1976
Give It Back - Live 1976

1. Just the Same              
2. Proclamation              
3. On Reflection              
4. Excerpts from Octopus         
5. Funny Ways              
6. The Runaway              
7. Experience              
8. So Sincere              
9. Free Hand              
10. Sweet Georgia Brown (Breakdown in Brussels)    
11. Peel the Paint / I Lost My Head

Digital Bonus Tracks:
Just The Same - Radio Session 1975
Excerpts From Octopus - Radio Session 1973

1. Two Weeks In Spain    
2. I'm Turning Around         
3. Betcha Thought We Couldn't Do It         
4. Who Do You Think You Are?         
5. Mountain Time              
6. As Old As You're Young         
7. Memories of Old Days         
8. Winning              
9. For Nobody

Digital Bonus Tracks:
Two Weeks In Spain - Live 1978
I'm Turning Around - Live 1978
For Nobody - Live 1978

1. Words from the Wise         
2. Thank You              
3. Giant For A Day              
4. Spooky Boogie              
5. Take Me              
6. Little Brown Bag              
7. Friends              
8. No Stranger              
9. It's Only Goodbye
10. Rock Climber

Digital Bonus Track:
Giant For A Day - Live 1980

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