GW Premiere: Farrow and The Peach Leave's "Dreams Like Honey"

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Saturday, February 6, 2021

Nevada City. One of the great wonders of Northern California. Such a beautiful town full of hard-working amazing folk. It is not surprising after digesting the earnest quality of Farrow and The Peach Leaves that they call Nevada City their home. The six-piece band from Northern California band is back with a two song single out digitally on Portland's Dutch Records who houses mentionable acts such as Shook Twins, Swatkins and Ezra Bell. From the opening guitar lick of ‘Let It Roll’ the song crashes into a feeling of extreme nostalgia and remembrance. The vocals are old-timey yet have a modern vibe that you can feel this is not an old man on a porch singing. An obviously skilled line up of musicians, Farrows connects the dots with incredible piano playing, a sturdy/incredibly reliable rhythm section and guitars that melt the ears.