"For by Him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth." (Col. 1:16)


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Dear Grateful Web:

On content, I largely agree with you. You may have overlooked one thing. Bush himself is a born-again, evangelical Christian, who actually believes that his decision making process, on all issues, reflects the will of God. So the rest of us mortals can only conclude that his master plan for energy conservation must rely, in some way, on a continuation of global warming. Bush may be thinking that global warming will reduce consumption for home heating in the winter. So he may actually believe that global warming is not a consequence of the energy problem, but God's solution to it. As a follower of Christ, Bush couldn't possibly have an ulterior motive, such as the further enrichment of his friends and relatives in the energy industry, because that would be gluttonous and sinful.

The following verse sums up the essence of the evangelical mentality:

"I don't care if it rains or freezes,

as long as I got my plastic Jesus,

riding on the dashboard of my car;

I can go a hundred miles an hour,

as long as I got the Almighty Power,

put up there by my pair of fuzzy dice."

- Don Imus, as "The Right Reverend Dr. Billy Saul Hargess, of the First Church Of The Gooey Death And Discount House Of Worship, in Del Rio, Texas, the GOLD BUCKLE of the Bible Belt."

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What burns my ass are all these big laborious ugly gas guzzling SUVs, driven

by stupid idiots.

When I'm on the road, I often see 2,3,or 4 of them in a row. At least more

than 50% of drivers on the road in my town have them. At least every other

car is a big fat SUV or Surburban.

And not only that, they often only have 1 or 2 people riding in them, and

gun it at the green lights and stop signs. I don't know how they afford the

gas. The bank probably owns everything they have. Stupid fuckers probably

have so much debt they'll never get out... probably just die and have their

children inherit it. Probably too stupid to even balance a checkbook.

These people don't get it bro. Every time they drive one of these SUVs...

more so when they gun it from the stop, they're putting the hands of all

Americans into these whacko's in the middle east.

We're slaves to these freakers and their oilfields... people who know

nothing of peace.. but are all about war, and killing, and crazy ideas like

thinking the holocaust was just an invention.

Stupid motherfuckers... I get so tired of hearing how so and so is bombing

and killing so and so over there.

I would really like to see the US decrease oil consumption, but without

government mandates to force increased sales of Hybrids and alternative

energy sources for electricity, and without marketing public awareness of

exactly which crazy middle east fucker the oil comes from, this percentage

of stupid unaware US public will continue on being stupid and unaware.

They don't get it bro. These people... these idiots in their SUVs driving

them around town like they were sports cars.