Kinetix show at Herman's in Denver, Colorado

As my night began on Thursday, I intended to head down to Quixote's to see Phix.  Honestly, I had no burning desire to see any band play cover tunes, and I really did not want to go alone, but I promised myself I would venture over there anyways.  I basically felt the need to go say hello to Paul, the man who would be Trey in the context of Phish.  I sat through two long years of Music Theory and Ear Training with that guy and it had been quite some time since we had philosophized. 

After calling some friends, it became apparent that most everyone was unavailable.  Moments before I was to leave, I decided to try my friend Charlie for the second time.  He was still not around, but through this pursuit I spoke with his roommate and learned of a Kinetix show at Herman's Hideaway.  I don't know Kinetix, but another friend of mine, Jon, was sitting in on the keyboards.  Through this knowledge, I decided it would probably be best to go to Herman's instead of Quixote's.

As we approached the scene I knew the night would prove to be interesting if nothing else.  Maybe it was the conversation I had had with Charlie before his roommate and I left – segueing from "A Clockwork Orange" (the movie and the book) to Columbine and all of the underlying shadiness that goes down in the suburbs.  Whatever the case, I noticed a huge crowd as we entered the bar around that night.  "Who are these people and why are they all here?" was the first thought that popped into my head.  After a minute or so, I realized and/or assumed most of the crowd consisted of DU students – not really what I had hoped would surround me that evening…. "Oh well," I figured, and decided to get a drink. 

After about fifteen long minutes and a crazy conversation with a random woman, I proceeded to the side of the stage as they began to play "Bulls on Parade."  I was slightly confused at this point.  Was Kinetix a cover band, too?  As it turned out, maybe half of the tunes I saw were original songs I had yet to hear.  The other half consisted of songs like "Character Zero" and that one song from the 70's where they say, "Get your back up against the wall" many times. 

Even though the crowd was not so much what I had expected to bank on, it proved to be a pleasant night overall.  I spent most of my time taking pictures for the band and running into various people I knew to certain extents haphazardly.  I suppose I could sit here and elaborate on the quality of Kinetix' musical aptitude, but that may not be fair of me based on my encounters that night.  I definitely recommend you check them out, but hopefully the crowd will provide a little more diversity and less of the 'drunken college kids about to graduate' vibe.  At least everyone was mostly jovial.  Whatever your case is, if you so choose to venture to Kinetix show, it should prove to be an experience if nothing else.

Molly Taylor

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