Music for the Soul and Stomach...

Hannah Field and her bongo bangin’ band recently released a fun new concept CD: music to be paired with food. Along with the CD comes a small vegan cookbook.

To sample Hannah’s creative project I had some hungry music students over for dinner and jams.  I picked a couple of Hannah’s many recipes to prepare, and tried to follow her instructions as closely as possible. On the dinner menu was Tai noodles, hummus, hemp balls, and banana ice cream.

Dinner was a huge hit, the all vegan meal had even my meat loving friends licking their fingers in satisfaction. And the best part: I was able to feed 15 people a three coarse meal for about $20. Hannah, you are not only a wonderful chief but totally economical! When you get her book the first thing you should make is Tai noodles, you can adjust them to be as spicy or mild as you like, get your daily veggie fix, and have a huge meal ready in about 45 minutes.

I was a little skeptical about vegan ice cream, and kind of screwed it up. We ended up with cold, sweet banana goo, which was still delicious, and went really well with the hemp balls. The balls were essentially a cute little finger food made up of nuts, berries, and help oil.  Tons of protein, super filling, and really fun to make.

Hannah’s CD/cookbook combo was beautifully designed, with fun pictures of her kitchen and studio.

The music portion of the package is a tribute to all of the things that make meals amazing: friendship, love, and ganja. Hannah sings and strums while band members back her up on guitar and drums.

The music sends out tons of positive vibes, but the production is a little rough around the edges.  There are a lot of areas where I understood what kind of sound the group was going for, though the effect fell flat. Hannah’s heart is in the right place though, and the CD is perfect for dancing and singing to in the kitchen.

I expect that we will see a huge development in a second CD (please make one Hannah!) The heart is in the right place, though I bet the price was not right for studio recording and editing.

The cookbook alone is worth whatever she is selling it for! The CD is the icing on the cake. I look forward to seeing the next project that the unique and creative Hannah Field has to offer!

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