Nightly Brings Alternative Rock Sounds to Velvet Jones


Submitted by -L. Paul Mann Sat, 09/23/2017 - 4:54 pm

Four young Nashville based musicians brought their new band, Nightly to an excited crowd of mostly college-age music fans, at Velvet Jones nightclub last week. The group was formed by cousins Jonathan Capeci and Joey Beretta originally from Philadelphia. The pair had early success in a former band “Dinner And A Suit.” The two cousins eventually regrouped and enlisted Stephen Cunsolo and Nicholas Sainato to form Nightly.

The band had early success with the release of a single, “XO." The band's first EP, titled Honest, was later released in 2016. The EP contained four songs, with "XO" being the most significant. "XO" ended up getting over 2 million plates on Spotify, launching the band. The group has been touring extensively in 2017, even landing a much-coveted gig at the prestigious Bonnaroo music festival last June.

The show at Velvet Jones featured songs from the EP as well as new material. Singer Capeci has undeniably appealing vocal skills that seemed to mesmerize the mostly female audience at the club. The music had a retro feel to it almost like an electronic 80’s rock band. The group even had similarities to a young Killers sound. But with Capeci’s distinctive vocals the band had a signature all their own and seemed to connect well with their young fans. The showcase set lasted only an hour, but this young band seems poised to offer a wealth of new music in the future.