Pickathon Releases 2013 Live Stream Broadcast Schedule

Pickathon is this weekend! We're almost there! Happening August 2 - 4 at Pendarvis Farm, a mere 15 minute drive from Portland, OR, this is the festival's 15th anniversary and we wish everyone could be there and experience this momentous occasion with us. Well, in a way, that's sort of possible! Once again, Pickathon will be broadcasting performances from the farm with help from our friends at Stumptown Bliss, and we're pleased to release the schedule. If you can't attend in person (which, we'd like to reiterate, there is no true substitute for), we welcome you to join us in digital spirit as we transmit our signals across the World Wide Web. Always committed to providing the highest quality video and audio, Pickathon will broadcast performances via the festival website (www.pickathon.com), as well as longtime supporter and partner KEXP (www.KEXP.org). Wired recently featured the measures Pickathon goes to to properly document the festival in a way that does the experience justice. "Everywhere you look at Pickathon, there's something cool happening - and someone with a camera chronicling it," says Pete Brook for Wired. Show up and partake, and if you absolutely can't, then we invite you to tune in!  



PURCHASE TICKETS TO PICKATHON HERE: http://pickathon.com/tickets/

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