PLM Announces New Eliot Lipp Album 'Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake'

PLM is set to release the new Eliot Lipp album, Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake, on May 22, 2012. This release has Lipp breaking new ground with his ever-evolving production style. He has developed a unique sound that is completely its own yet sticks with the PLM axiom of genre bending originality. The album incorporates everything that has recently been in Lipp's sonic world, including hip-hop, drum & bass, funk, techno, jazz, and more, while still remaining a cohesive whole. The album is heavy on analogue synthesis and very tasteful sample collaging. These two elements make it sound as though it is simultaneously ahead of its time, and from the past.

"Eliot has been an inspiration and a friend over the years. We have played more than several shows together and whether there's 5 or 5000 people in the crowd, Eliot knows how to rock the party. The new style on Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake made it obvious that it was time for the two of us to team through PLM. He manages to stick with the style he has developed while leaning more towards classy good feeling electro hip-hop, and that, after all, is what I'm all about" - Derek Vincent Smith (founder of PLM and producer behind Pretty Lights)

Download the first single "Sunset" and get a taste of what's to come before the entire album drops on May, 22nd 2012 at . The album will be available on vinyl at with pre-orders beginning today.

This album demonstrates a side of Lipp's sound that is heavier and more aggressive, with tracks that build tension and suspense, while still maintaining an underlying humor that keeps the bass from becoming too serious. Lipp displays an intuitive knack for teasing melodies out of rhythmic bangers, and draws from a remarkably mature sonic palette - two qualities that set the young instrumental producer apart. Most of the tracks for the album were created while Lipp was on tour, and then put together in the studio to form the album.

Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake Tracklisting

1. Alive
2. Mountain
3. The Sunset
4. The Shark
5. Sneakin' (Baby Part 1)
6. Fly Away (Baby Part 2)
7. The Wolf
8. Gettin' Money (Feat. Michal Menert)
9. The Time Is Right
10. The Rabbit
11. On N' On
12. Tonight
13. The Snake
14. The Chase
Eliot Lipp will also be taking his music across the great expanse of America, making stops in Chicago, Milwaukee, New York City, Denver, and many more. He will also be hitting the festival circuit, playing at Impulse and Camp Bisco among others.
5/15 Jewish Mother Norfolk, VA 
5/11 - 5/12 Tom Tom Music Festival Charlottesville, VA 
5/12 The Canal Club Richmond, VA (PLM Release Party) 
5/17 Smart Bar Chicago, IL (PLM Release Party) 
5/17 - 5/20 Trillium Connect Festival High Bridge, WI 
5/25 The Miramar Theater Milwaukee, WI (PLM Release Party) 
5/25 - 5/27 Bella Music Festival Geneva, MN 
6/15 - 6/17 Impulse Music Festival Union Point, GA 
6/29 Mercury Lounge New York, NY (PLM Release Party) 
7/12 - 7/14 Camp Bisco Mariaville, NY 
7/26 River Beats Pre Party at Cervantes  Denver, CO 
7/27 - 7/28 River Beats Festival Bond, CO 
8/31 - 9/2 Electric Zoo New York, NY
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