Robby Hecht | New Music Review

Living up to its self title, Robby Hecht’s third album is chocked full of personal sentiment that’s immediately relatable, backed up by simple-sounding, perfectly timed acoustic melodies.

Hecht’s hazy sound draws a lot of James Taylor comparisons, and rightfully so. It hit my ear like a warm blanket with tracks that feel like reuniting with an old friend who lost touch. It’s the kind of music that will make you smile at sad thoughts.

The first single off the new album, “New York City,” captures the swirling storm of cultures and characters the Big Apple shows shamelessly. In an interview with Guitar World, Hecht said the inspiration for the song stemmed from the unforgiving contrast of New York. “… fear and exultation, community and isolation, bright lights against a starless sky,” Hecht said. The chorus echoes, “When I’m on the street, in the midnight glare / I’ve got faith that still, there are stars out there.”  

New York City

The video supports the black-and-white theme, showing real footage of the poetic chaos in America’s greatest city that listeners can’t help but recognize, even if they’ve never been there.

The other 11 songs on Robby Hecht (dropping March 25) evoke the same accessible connection. “The Sea and the Shore,” co-wrote with Amy Speace, oozes lyrics that hit heart strings a lot harder than the gentle guitar that Hecht pours on. The romantic tune sports symbolism that puts the wishful helplessness of being in love in your mind to stay.

Songs like “Feeling It Now” and “Cars and Bars” reflect more personal scenarios, suggesting a specific experience and the mixed emotions that come with understanding the way things have to be, because we can’t change the way we feel.

Doubtful and optimistic messages over velvet instrumentals, Hecht is only getting better with each story shared. The upcoming release has been called Robby’s true arrival after two already well-received albums and winning the Telluride Troubadour Contest.  I’m looking forward to March 25, when I’ll be able to listen to this one all the time.

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