SF Giants pay homage to the Fat Man


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some of my favorite Jerry G memories...

Hey Arnie! -- i assume that is you?? hey man...too bad our last show together was at giants stadium and Garcia's guitar literally was not working -- anybody else remember this? what a bummer. and the night before was a total train-wreck | as was Highgate | In fact, Dylan blew the dead away in VT. Dylan was on fire that night. but better show memories will last forever...

for me personally:

9-18-87 (my first -- and still the best I've been to, hands-down.. sadly i was only 16 and remember only bits and pieces of much of the evening..thank goodness for tapes)

10-16-89 - huge 2nd set. saw 4/5 Brendan Bryne shows that run -- really good all the way around, but 10-16 was tops.

3-28, 29! (Branford!) & 3-30-1990 | Nassua that whole spring was stellar

6-16-90 Buffalo CSN opens -- the dead play 11 songs in their first set. super fun 2nd set. one of the best nights of my life.

3-27-91 Nassua -- show was good... but a crazy night would ensue... let's just say the Teaneck, NJ cops had a lot of fun with a bunch of tripped out college kids.. we'll leave it out at that. :)

6-25-91 | Bonner Springs, KS -- Jerry was dancing up a storm during scarlet>fire -- huge smiles on his and Bruce's faces all night.

6-28-92 | Deer Creek one of maybe 5 (tops) shows that entire year that were any good. this was a VERY good night.

5-16-93 -- Vegas! 2nd set...3rd night. top notch! best Samson ever! help-slip-franklins -- one of my fav franklins ever. that entire stadium was shaking. insane. Looks like Rain was jaw dropping. post drums a little less great -- but still darn good.

saw lots of other shows.. some good-many not so good.. but these stick out as favs I've attended. love & miss you, Jer!

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today is the anniversary of the grateful dead's last show -- nothing will ever compare. early august always makes me feel sad -- yet thankful i got to experience the greatest live band of all time.