Spookie Daly Pride

SPOOKIE DALY PRIDE is a four piece band from Boston Massachusetts that delivers high energy, joyful hip hop-infused roots rock, with deep soulful grooves and catchy, hookfilled songs. On the strength of their songs alone, SDP would be stylin', but their uplifting, live performances gives them that extra something that takes them to 11. The music and the show truly defy comparisons, though Tom Waits fronting the Muppet band keeps popping up! They have developed a massive following of fans whose devotion to the band and willingness to be organized has helped them tear the roof off of clubs, colleges and festivals and take their show everywhere! Their live shows and album have been described by first time participants as “Simply Mind-blowing”!

For the past three years Spookie Daly Pride has blown the roof off venues spanning nationwide in support of their first full-length album, Marshmallow Pie. The group’s live show is an ecstatically uplifting musical adventure having been described as “the most fun you will have with your clothes on.” To date, Spookie Daly Pride has opened for America’s premiere musical acts including Foo Fighters, Bela Fleck and The Flecktones, Kid Rock, Leftover Salmon, Primus, Busta Rhymes, Soul Coughing, Rusted Root, and The Wailers.



daniel witham's picture

spookie daly pride rocks...period!

John Allen's picture

We caught Spookie back in 2001 in a festival in rural Missouri. We were hooked and have been going back ever since. I rarely have as much fun as I do at a spookie show, those guys know how to party. I wish more kids on the scene would take notice. They should get face time at all of the big festivals.

mike chadwick's picture

im am sorry to say that spookie daly pride has broken up but spookie is still around i saw him 3 days ago in st. louis he is on tour but i have no idea where to find the dates he has other bands all over back him up the show i saw was spookie hoochie pride if you can find him check him out hes awesome also call and request him on sirius on jam on im trying to get em to play spookie i call everyday everyone else should too

A.J. Moscoso's picture

Spookie daly pride was the shiznit, it was the sadest and most beautiful thing at the same time to see him playing with madahoochie (who also kick ass). Long live spookie hoochie pride. peace, love, fun, and unity

Mike DiStaula's picture

One of the best live perormances that I've ever seen. They got the entire club involved, everyone was dancing around, and somehow seemlessly pulled a crowd member on stage and let him do a 10 minute reggae freestyle while they played their instraments. If I haden't known that he was with my party, I would have thought it was planned.

Bonnie's picture

i read a comment on my space that they were playing in Springfield on the 21st. Can someone provide me some info?

jess-a-roe's picture

i love spookie i can't believe that they missed spookstock this year that is their thing i was so sad that i didnt see them there well maybe next time around

corey mackin's picture

I know spook and he still playing alot in St. Louis. He's not playing with the rest of the guys from Spookie daly Pride, but he is playing with madahochie. If you want to see them get there early because they sell out fast.

amber starr's picture


Kyle's picture

I just saw them this weekend and they are still rockin out.

Pwater's picture

I never heard of Spookie until Schwagstock 29 here in Missouri....they were simply awesome and unexpected...an energy like no other...what can I say, it was a trip!!!


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