STIL (Songs that I Like) is a new original rock band showcasing the music of notorious kelowna musician Jim Le Guilloux. Formed in Jan.'05, this all-star line-up consists of some of kelowna's most talented players.

  • Curtis Savoie (Bass,Vocals) 
  • Vytas Sincevicius (keyboards)
  • Dean Morris (drums).

The band was formed to promote Jim's new C.D. titled "SONGS THAT I LIKE".  The first single "Mystery girl" was added to regular rotation on "Kelowna's best rock Power104" and the popular FM radio station co-sponsored the dual C.D. release concert titled

"2 bands 2gether" with fellow indie artists "Ten2nine".

STIL playing music goes without question for Jim. He has played shows as far away as New Zealand and the U.K. while remaining content to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that the okanagan has to offer. When asked about his most memorable experiences, he speaks fondly of his former band "Who's on Bass?" and their trips to the U.S. and eastern Canada.

Jim can STIL be found playing clubs with his cover band "Vicious Fishes" at Kelowna hotspots like Roses waterfront pub and Whiski-jacks in Westbank.  He enjoys playing cover music and says it keeps his musical edge happening while looking forward to upcoming shows and writing songs with the newly formed STIL.

STIL "Songs that I like" can be purchased online thru HMV canada and on Jim's website stilmusic.com as well as many retail outlets in the Kelowna area.


Murry Samuelson's picture

I say STIL for the first time at 2 bands 2gether. Excellent concert. Both Ten2Nine & STIL are great bands. Bought both thier CD's and still listening to them today.

Good to see Jim get the soptlight for his fine effort. Good article!

B.D.- Kel Resident's picture

Heard the STIL cd. It rocks! So many "different" songs that I like. (Is that a pun?) Waste of Space is chanted throughout my car by passengers of all ages.

Its cool to hear great local music played by 104.7. STIL listening for more STIL...

T-Rae's picture

I thing Jim is a musical God.....

I proudly own Stil's CD...and have had it stollen 3 times.....I love no regrets and The good life

Tori J.'s picture

Great BOM pick! Love the pic! STIL puts on a fantastic concert no matter where they play. They seem to have a huge following. Great song writer! My fav's on the cd, in order, Insult to Injury, Mystery Girl, Waste of Space, Is this the End, Porn Song(funny) ...AND all the other songs too!

Hope to see another show soon...

JBR.C's picture

Jimmy not only is a terriffic musician but a great person as well. His honesty and passion shine through his music.

On another note, its really great to see Kelowna and Power 104 get behind local talent.

Congrats Jim, on a wonderfully diverse album. I look forward to seeing you perform live with your original band more often.

Darin's picture

Hey ba-baby hows it ba goin?

I love you man

Jimmy's picture

Thanx 4 all the great comments you guys!-Jimmy(STIL)

Gideon's picture

Ya jimmy, lost your cd on the move to AB, But ill be back to get anotha. Miss rockin down at Whiskey's to your tunes and hope to hear more. G


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