Purple Buddah (November 2001)

Submitted by gratefulweb on Fri, 06/11/2004 - 6:00 am

From the front range of the Rocky Mountains hails one of today's most spirited and invigorating acts.  Purple Buddah is a raising a family of dedicated listeners magnetized by the band's infusion of classic psychedlia, intricate improvisation, engaging songwriting, and soulful vocal harmonies. Purple Buddah is pusihing the boundaries of the modern live-music scene from both directions.  - as much as they harken back to the sound and emotion of their musical influences, they are at the same time fresh and innovative... confident and conhesive, yet curious & defiant.  Through it all, their intention is to share this pursuit of musical nirvana with their audience to induce an experience that is meaningful and unique to the moment.

With roots in Oregon, Wisconsic, Maryland, Florida, and Iowa, the five members of Purple Buddah have mixed a motley blend of backgrounds and influences into the their current sound and approach.  The members are constantly exploring one another's inner-most musical thoughts.  But they are careful not to stray too far from the comfort found in a poignant lyric, enticing melody or addictive hook - an often refreshing reminder that there's nothing like the power of a good song.

Purple Buddah is Michael Caprara on bass, Michelle Caponigro on voclas, Jake Wolf on drums, Ted Tilton on keyboards/vocals and Issac Gunther on guitar/vocals.

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tad dinnell (not verified)

Thu, 11/03/2005 - 9:05 pm

I saw purple buddha play at the Fox theater in Boulder CO. in the summer of 2005 and i was floored! I have been trying to find some kind of concert shedual ever since with no luck. Can any one help!?

tami (not verified)

Fri, 08/25/2006 - 8:44 pm

I saw Purple buddah at Cactus Jack's in Evergreen, Colorado late last fall. I was given a free cd by Michelle. Today, i threw in the cd and realized how much I loved that band and their music. Please, Please, Please email me with a scedule of where and when the band will be playing again. I have to go see them again asap.

Thanks -

Karen (not verified)

Mon, 05/11/2009 - 12:16 pm

Boy...those BC girls are babes!!! I bet the blondes sister is a TOTAL babe to : ) She probably should have been there!!!!