EOTO Unleashes 6th Annual Live Collection

EOTO just unleashed their 6th annual live compilation K-Turns & U-Turns Vol. 6, Best of 2013, featuring 3½ hours of live uninhibited music from their 2013 tour. Arranged and produced to have the feel of a live show, the album slides effortlessly from track to track bringing the listener through some of EOTO’s best live performances last year. A snapshot into the undeniable creativity the band possesses from night to night, the annual live release is a true celebration of the live experience that is, EOTO.

From the first lines of bass to the soaring overtones of guitar, infectious live drums, and added hooks from keyboards, and multi-effected vocals, each song is produced live before the audience as it builds, and builds, into a salacious dance frenzy. True pioneers of the craft of live digital producing, the electronic duo is one of the first acts of its kind to incorporate live producing, with the mastery of live instrumentation. Since 2006, no performance has ever been the same twice, and each song has its own unique voice.

A historical timeline outlining the twists and turns of the bands nightly experience, K-Turns & U-Turns Vol. 6, Best of 2013, showcases EOTO’s unique production like no other collection on the market. Featuring 40 live improvisational tracks, the album is the perfect aperitif to get the party started and ideal for serious audio collectors alike. 

All based in the spirit of improvisation even the album artwork carries the signature of EOTO’s ravenous fan base. With artwork submissions accepted from fans from all over the country the 6th annual release continues to support the growing community of electronic music lovers nationwide by paying homage to its corresponding art culture. This year’s design contest winner features an artwork by Taylor Morgan, whose legacy will live in the catalogs of EOTO’s musical treasury for years to come.

K-Turns & U-Turns Vol. 6, Best of 2013 is now available and ready for consumption following the download link below with more information about the production process and the fan contest also available at www.eotomusic.com

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