Pink Floyd Online (February 2003)

New Pink Floyd DVD and Book
It has now been confirmed the release titled, "Inside Pink Floyd - A Critical Review 1967 - 1996", will be a 2 disc DVD set complete with accompanying book. It is scheduled for release June 14th, 2004 on the Classic Rock label as part of their "Critical Review" series...



Pink Floyd song played on Mars
The Pink Floyd song Eclipse, from the album Dark Side of the Moon was used to wake the Mars probe 'Opportunity' on the 10th of March 2004. The song was chosen in recognition of the transit of the martian moon, Phobos. After the probe finished with the classic song...




Gilmour to Perform at Benefit Concert
It was recently announced that David Gilmour will be one of the guest artists appearing as part of the week long series of Teenage Cancer Trust benefit shows in London. The shows, organist by the remaining members of The Who, will be held at the end of...




Dark Side of the Moon wins 4 Awards
The 2003 Surround Music Award winners were announced at a gala event in Los Angeles yesterday, (December 11th, 2003). The ceremony, organized by UE Media's Surround Professional magazine, recognized the year's outstanding achievements in the field of...




Site: PFO and RWO join forces
I'm pleased to announce Roger Waters Online and Pink Floyd Online have joined forces. Roger Waters Online is the premier site on the web for Roger Waters related news and info, and we are teaming up to bring a more complete service to Pink Floyd and...




Pink Floyd Reunites? UPDATE
It now appears that early reports that Roger Waters performed with Pink Floyd at Steve O' Rourkes funeraI were in fact false, despite this news coming from very reliable sources. Initial reports suggested that Roger Waters was present and reunited with Pink Floyd to play...




'Dark Side' Nominated for Award
Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' SACD is one of six discs nominated for High Fidelity Review's 2003 Surround Music People's Choice Award. Visitors to the High Fidelity Review site can vote for their favourite title of 2003, with the award being presented to the...

Grateful Dread on the Web (January 2003)

On Grace and RWR

 Are you sick of the seemingly nonstop coverage of "national mourning?" Yeah, me too. Thank the goddess for "Elimidate." Funeral? Procession? Watching the plane carrying his remains fly into DeeCee? No thanks, I pass.

As previously stated, I am all for folks injecting truth about Ronald Reagan into the ongoing one-sided lovefest. An accurate portrayal of the man must include good and bad, and if there are those who see more bad than good, well, they have the right and duty to speak their truth.

Into this arena comes commentator and cartoonist Ted Rall. I like much of Rall's work - his published opinions are sometimes incendiary (which is not necessarily a bad thing), and more often than not (such as in the case of his controversial and harsh May 3 take on the granting of "hero" status to football star-turned-friendly-fire-casualty Pat Tillman), he is dead right. Most of the positions in Rall's take on Mr. Iran-Contra are in line with mine. Check out this excerpt from his June 9 commentary, "Reagan's Shameful Legacy":

Reagan's defenders, people who don't know the facts or choose to ignore them, claim that "everybody" admired Reagan's ebullient personality even if some disagreed with his politics. That, like the Gipper's tall tales about welfare queens and "homeless by choice" urban campers, is a lie. Millions of Americans cringed at Reagan's simplistic rhetoric, were terrified that his anti-Soviet "evil empire" posturing would provoke World War III, and thought that his appeal to selfishness and greed - a bastardized blend of Adam Smith and Ayn Rand - brought out the worst in us. We rolled our eyes when Reagan quipped "There you go again"; what the hell did that mean? Given that he made flying a living hell (by firing the air traffic controllers and regulating the airlines), I'm not the only one who refuses to call Washington National Airport by its new name. His clown-like dyed hair and rouged cheeks disgusted us. We hated him during the dark days he made so hideous, and, with all due respect, we hate him still.


Rall had me until the last sentence. While I can't say I liked the man and I certainly didn't admire him or find inspiration or optimism in him, I emphatically do not hate Reagan. Then again, I don't hate any person. Rall, here, is expressing his emotions truthfully; he has that right. But it is important for folks on the Left to stand against hate in any form - trust me, the Right will hold all libs accountable for the publicly expressed hatred of a few, so we must speak against hate.

Listen to O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Carlson, Coulter et al, if you can stomach them: They insist that the Left is all about hatred. Not so. Some so-called progressives indeed hate, but not all do. This lib may hate right-wing policies and actions (and some Democratic ones as well), but that doesn't mean personally hating the Shrub or Rummy or John Effin' Kerry or Ronnie Ray-gun.

If you are opposed to hate, you should oppose it when it comes from the Right and the Left. After all, progressivism is supposed to be about peace and love - the antithesis of hate - isn't it?

Rall defends his criticism of Reagan, and I do not disagree with him a bit on it. As he notes for Conspiracy Planet, "Imagine what would happen when Clinton dies, and they gloss over the fact that he lied under oath. I bet there will be conservative writers there to point that out and say something similar to what I said. And I think it is completely appropriate."

Absolutely right, and not just because I am no fan of Slick Willie. I can deal with folks praising Reagan, but without telling the full story of the man and his deeds, it amounts to nothing more than inane sycophancy. We need the counterpoints.

Still, there is a huge difference between pointing out a dead president's sins and envisioning him burning in Hell.

In a June 6 rant on his blog, Rall really showed the lengths of his hatred:

How Sad...

...that Ronald Reagan didn't die in prison, where he belonged for starting an illegal, laughably unjustifiable war against Grenada under false pretenses (the "besieged" medical students later said they were nothing of the sort) and funneling arms to hostages during Iran-Contra.

Oh, and 9/11? That was his. Osama bin Laden and his fellow Afghan "freedom fighters" got their funding, and nasty weapons, from Reagan.

A real piece of work, Reagan ruined the federal budget, trashed education, alienated our friends and allies and made us a laughing stock around the world.

Hmmmm...sounds familiar.

Anyway, I'm sure he's turning crispy brown right about now.


Again, I'm with him until the very last sentence. Perhaps a lot of libs are saying that sort of thing in private (I'm praying for them). And honesty is indeed the best policy. But speaking for myself, I believe the Creator is a merciful deity. Avoiding hell is based on favor and God's grace, not merit. (If not for this, I trust most of us would end up a crispy brown.) Meaning, if I have a shot of getting into heaven, so should Ronnie Ray-gun. And I have to wish for that, even as I criticize what the 40th president did throughout his hellish reign.

So, please forgive me if I borrow a question from - of all people - El Rushbo: Where's the love, Ted?

ENS - Environmental News Service (October 2003)

The Environment News Service is the original daily international wire service of the environment. Established in 1990 by Editor-in-Chief Sunny Lewis and Managing Editor Jim Crabtree, it is independently owned and operated.

The Environment News Service (ENS) exists to present late-breaking environmental news in a fair and balanced manner.

ENS news reports are indexed by Reuters/Dow Jones Factiva, and the London Financial Times. Over 400 websites feature ENS headlines and story briefs.

ENS contributors around the world cover issues and events that affect the environment such as: legislation, politics, conferences, lawsuits, international agreements, demonstrations, science and technology, public health, air quality, drinking water, oceans and marine life, land use, wildlife, forests, natural disasters, the indoor environment, hazardous materials, toxics, nuclear issues, renewable energy, recycling, transportation, and environmental economics.

Respected, knowledgeable correspondents file stories to the central ENS editorial desk. In addition to being journalists, ENS contributors are often experts in other fields. They may be lawyers, economists, biologists or geographers. Most are based in centers such as Washington, London, Brussels, Moscow, Canberra, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Kathmandu, or Cape Town. Some travel on assignment.

ENS has been first with many stories over the years. An ENS correspondent was on the ground during the first days of the Gulf War and was first to report on the environmental consequences of that conflict. An ENS reporter was first into the Soviet secret nuclear site at Alma Ata. ENS correspondents have covered the ecological effects of conflicts in Croatia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Many news sources in the United States and around the world contact our newsroom well in advance of public announcements and work closely with us on breaking developments.

The Environment News Service maintains editorial offices in Washington, DC; Boulder, Colorado; and Seattle, Washington.

Story inquiries for Environment News Service (ENS) may be directed to: news@ens-news.com.

Impeach Bush (July 2003)

Why Impeach Bush and Cheney?

There is strong evidence that Bush and Cheney have committed numerous impeachable offenses. In order to restore the rule of law in America it is necessary to investigate these charges and, if there is sufficient evidence, to impeach them both.

Summary of Impeachable Offenses

  1. Misled Congress about Threat from Iraq - violated Title 18 USC 371 and 1001
    1. Shaped Intelligence to Justify War with Iraq
    2. Lied about Uranium from Niger
    3. Lied about Aluminum Tubes
    4. Lied about Congress having Same Information as Bush
    5. Bush did not meet the requirements of HJR114 and therefore invaded Iraq without authority.
  2. Illegal Electronic Surveillance - violated FISA laws and 4th amendment
  3. Torture of Prisoners - violated Federal Anti-Torture Laws and Geneva Convention
  4. Violated International Law
  5. Refused to comply with Congressional Subpoenas <== currently a hot issue in Congress!


Other Charges

Enviornmental Protection Agency (December 2003)


Our Mission

Our Mission
The mission of the Environmental Protection Agency is to protect human health and the environment. Since 1970, EPA has been working for a cleaner, healthier environment for the American people. View the Agency's complete strategic plan, annual report, and policy resources.


Our Mission

Our Mission
The mission of the Environmental Protection Agency is to protect human health and the environment. Since 1970, EPA has been working for a cleaner, healthier environment for the American people. View the Agency's complete strategic plan, annual report, and policy resources.

Who We Are
EPA employs 18,000 people across the country, including our headquarters offices in Washington, DC, 10 regional offices, and more than a dozen labs. Our staff are highly educated and technically trained; more than half are engineers, scientists, and policy analysts. In addition, a large number of employees are legal, public affairs, financial, information management and computer specialists. EPA is led by the Administrator, who is appointed by the President of the United States.

What We Do
EPA leads the nation's environmental science, research, education and assessment efforts.

Develop and enforce regulations: EPA works to develop and enforce regulations that implement environmental laws enacted by Congress. EPA is responsible for researching and setting national standards for a variety of environmental programs, and delegates to states and tribes the responsibility for issuing permits and for monitoring and enforcing compliance. Where national standards are not met, EPA can issue sanctions and take other steps to assist the states and tribes in reaching the desired levels of environmental quality. More information

Offer financial assistance:  In recent years, between 40 and 50 percent of EPA's enacted budgets have provided direct support through grants to State environmental programs. EPA grants to States, non-profits and educational institutions support high-quality research that will improve the scientific basis for decisions on national environmental issues and help EPA achieve its goals.

Perform environmental research: At laboratories located throughout the nation, the Agency works to assess environmental conditions and to identify, understand, and solve current and future environmental problems; integrate the work of scientific partners such as nations, private sector organizations, academia and other agencies; and provide leadership in addressing emerging environmental issues and in advancing the science and technology of risk assessment and risk management. More information

Sponsor voluntary partnerships and programs: The Agency works through its headquarters and regional offices with over 10,000 industries, businesses, non-profit organizations, and state and local governments, on over 40 voluntary pollution prevention programs and energy conservation efforts. Partners set voluntary pollution-management goals; examples include conserving water and energy, minimizing greenhouse gases, slashing toxic emissions, re-using solid waste, controlling indoor air pollution, and getting a handle on pesticide risks. In return, EPA provides incentives like vital public recognition and access to emerging information. More information

Further environmental education: EPA advances educational efforts to develop an environmentally conscious and responsible public, and to inspire personal responsibility in caring for the environment. More information

How We Are Organized
Explore the Agency organization chart and access information about specific program offices, regional offices, and labs across the country.

Our Budget and Performance

Access primary budget documents, information about performance measures, EPA's annual report, and various other management reports, including:

Contracting Opportunities
Access documents that describe the specifications and proposal due dates for supplies and services the government requires, information on contract awards, notifications of canceled procurements, and other information about contracting with EPA.

Our History
In July of 1970, the White House and Congress worked together to establish the EPA in response to the growing public demand for cleaner water, air and land. Prior to the establishment of the EPA, the federal government was not structured to make a coordinated attack on the pollutants that harm human health and degrade the environment. The EPA was assigned the daunting task of repairing the damage already done to the natural environment and to establish new criteria to guide Americans in making a cleaner environment a reality. More Information

Howard Dean for America (November 2003)

Democracy for America  is dedicated to supporting candidates for all levels of office and building a grassroots network.

Our goals are:

  1. To have strong, sustained grassroots involvement in the democratic process.
  2. To promote an America where candidates and office holders tell the truth about policy choices and stand up for what they believe. The era when politicians equivocate about matters as fundamental as war and peace must end.
  3. To fight against the influence and agenda of the two pillars of George W. Bush's Washington: the far right-wing and their radical, divisive policies, and the selfish special interests who for too long have dominated politics.
  4. To fight for progressive policies like health care for all; investment in children; equal rights under law; fiscal responsibility; and a national security policy that makes America stronger by advancing progressive values.

Over the next couple of months we will:

  1. Recruit and encourage progressive candidates to run for office at every level. We will help them find the resources to campaign successfully with small donations from grassroots supporters, to begin to break the stranglehold special interests have on the political process.
  2. Raise funds for Congressional candidates for whom financial support could be the key to winning, and whose election will be key to winning back a House of Representatives that has become the tool of the Republican right-wing.
  3. Develop strategic partnerships with other progressive organizations to maximize resources for candidate recruitment, training, and organization.
  4. Build relationships with other political initiatives to focus on the failed, destructive policies of the Bush administration.
  5. Harness the power of the Internet to enlarge and support our grassroots organization committed to taking back America from special interests that control the right wing leadership of our Congress and the White House.

Read Governor Dean's full announcement speech.

Shanti Groove (September 2003)

- for the Grateful Web

Coast to coast, Shanti Groovin' Shanti's groove moves along acoustical and electrical lines, combining the voice of jazz and rock with back porch bluegrass and funktified percussion. Bringing their unique sound to venues nationwide, the band provides a musical celebration of the 'groove' kind. Stepping out with a strong selection of original compositions, Shanti Groove is an amplified acoustic band focusing on live improvisation; traditional Appalachian instrumentation framed by innovative drumming.

The band has shared the stage with an all-star cast of musicians including: Leftover Salmon, Yonder Mountain String Band, Col. Bruce Hampton, Oteil Burbage, Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom, The Big Wu, Acoustic Syndicate, Steve Kimock, and the David Grisman Quintet. Recently recognized by the Denver Post as "a band clearly on the rise," and by Jam Base as one of the twelve bands to watch in 2004, Shanti Groove has spent the past year touring hard, performing nearly 200 successful shows. Inciting high energy dancing, Shanti Groove is renowed for their candid live show which includes interplay between electric improvisation and un-plugged jams with the audience itself. Shanti Groove continues to grow as a band as it enters it's fourth year, maintaining a tour schedule that will take them all over the country, and hopefully to you.

Curious Yellow (August 2003)

- for the Grateful Web

Named after the controversial Swedish film I Am Curious: (the Yellow Film) Denver-based indie-rock quartet, Curious Yellow, had its beginnings in early 2001.

After fronting a couple bands in the mid 90s in California and spending the next several years developing his musical and songwriting talents in Japan and Minneapolis, Adam Lancaster landed in Denver in 2000 and founded the band.

The band took on many formations and seemingly endless lineup changes for about a year until the perfect complimentary additions of Gregg Rosenthal (drums), Josh Eckhoff (guitar), and Matt Novack (bass, vocals) created a sound and style beyond what Adam could have hoped for. This new talented group immediately began writing songs and reworking old songs to create music and a performance that attracts and engages every listening audience. The personal and musical bond between each member deepened quickly and the dedication from everyone to develop the band to its fullest possibilities is evident.

Now that they fill rooms at venues like the Bluebird Theater at home, they've set their sites on a touring schedule to increase national notoriety and label interest. Curious Yellow has independently released one E.P. (1-2-3 Go Go Go) and plans to start work on their second release in May 2004, upon return from a spring tour.

New Monsoon (June 2003)


monsoonLike the effects of a powerful weather system ripping inland from the coast, San Francisco's New Monsoon is taking the country by storm. The septet is well known for its blend of vibrant percussion performed with an eclectic array of acoustic and electric instruments. Melding a world of rhythm, jazz and inventive musical explorations, the outcome is intelligent songcraft and a powerful delivery that is spreading like wildfire. Inspired by Latin, Indian, African, funk and bluegrass styles, New Monsoon spans the globe in their musical influences while consistently shifting their atmosphere with energy and vibe.

Utilizing congas, timbales, tabla, banjo, bongos, Dobro, ghatham, Didgeridoo, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drum kit and keys, the band offers a plethora of textures, rhythms, ideas and moods. New Monsoon absorbs elements of sound indigenous to world culture and incorporates them into a variety of colorful and original rhythmic compositions.

New Monsoon's two studio albums are equally as compelling. Their second album, "Downstream," contains 13 well crafted songs, with strong vocals, intelligent lyrics and is a fan-pleasing follow-up to their eponymous, self-produced debut "Hydrophonic." The band's first CD, released in June 2001, quickly sold out it's first pressing and received radio play nationwide. Downstream, released in March 2003 and distributed by the Home Grown Music Network, carries listeners through innovative world sounds and musical conversations for over 71 minutes. Lyrical melodies resonate with emotion and engaging musicianship are liberally spread throughout the CD. The multi-faceted elements of New Monsoon are expertly molded into an exhilarating and moving musical adventure. An even greater impact is expected from the fresh sound found on "Downstream," which not only highlights the band's unfolding songcraft, but also their aspirations as an evolving and growing outfit.

New Monsoon was originally conceived in 1997 when former Penn State friends Bo Carper and Jeff Miller became re-acquainted in California. With Carper's rootsy acoustic fingerstyle as a foil for Miller's jazz inspired melodies, the pair sowed the seeds of the New Monsoon sound. While searching for a bass player, Canadian drummer Marty Ylitalo was discovered by accident and ultimately joined the band. After increased exposure in the vibrant Bay Area music scene, tabla virtuoso Rajiv Parikh began to sit in. It was soon apparent he would play an important role in the band's developing sonic signature and is now a full-time member. Floridian Conguero Brian Carey arrived in San Francisco in late 2000 to continue his music career and began searching for a "Latin band with horns." The prospect of joining a band that would include three drummers, however, was so enticing that Carey became a New Monsoon member overnight. Finally, during the recording of the band's first album in early 2001, the band tapped long-time friend Phil "The Pianimal" Ferlino for keyboard tracks. Encouraged by the project, Ferlino quickly moved to San Francisco and immediately joined the band on-stage at the 2001 High Sierra Music Festival.

The best way to experience New Monsoon's sound is to hear them live. No two shows are the same and fan recordings of New Monsoon performances have become a favorite among tapers and traders in musical communities throughout the country. At any given performance, you are likely to hear a multitude of genres, since the band does everything from country and bluegrass to Latin and reggae to jazz and rock 'n' roll. There is also a heavy Afro-Cuban and Indian vibe along with a progressive use of melody and rhythm woven into the mix to get people up and dancing. New Monsoon's live energy is unparalleled, and their sound flows are relentlessly upbeat, all the while maintaining an irresistible groove. A live New Monsoon show is all about pushing the positive and connecting with the audience and music, something that keeps live music fans coming back for more and more..

One Way Rider (May 2003)

- for the Grateful Web

One Way Rider is a family band that performs a unique combination of Traditional Bluegrass, Newgrass, Country, Gospel, Acappella & Progressive appalachian. Consisting of mother Valerie Fay, father David Lee, & their children Amanda Lynn, Chittlin', & Bass Boy. Together they create an enchanting spectrum of sound, that sends the listener on a mystical journey through time. With an entertaining and comedic stage show that the entire family is sure to enjoy. "You cant help but feel good listening to One Way Rider! Their musicality draws you in, from their intricate and fast-paced instrumentals, to their smooth vocal harmonies, the talent of this family bluegrass band literally bursts from the stage.

Seeing One Way Rider live is an uplifting and unforgettable musical experience." ~ Catherine Cala, WYSU FM "One Way Rider has taken Nashville by storm! It was an honor to have them perform on the Interstate Radio Network a network of over twenty stations that broadcast from Music City and airs nationwide and in Canada. Locally in Nashville, the IRN broadcast on WSM 650 AM, the home of the Grand Ole Opry. The response was great! We cant wait to have them come back on the air and play for us again. It was so good to be with folks that live and love the bluegrass way, truly a blessed family. David and Valerie are a great example of what a family can accomplish together." ~Marcia Campbell, Interstate Radio Network WSM Nashville, TN "One Way Rider are a throwback to a more simple and wholesome time in American music in which traditional family values and musicianship were more important than image and electronics. One Way Riders music can best be described as Bluegrass, although there is a healthy dose of Country and Appalachian music on their latest disk Guesses River, as well as an amazingly effective "Newgrass" cover of Tom Pettys' "Won't Back Down" which translates wonderfully to the genre. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this disk are the abilities of the two youngest Mayfields, Bass Boy (age 18) and Jessica (age 11). Jessica, nicknamed Chitllin'' by her family (who seem to have a fondness for such things), has a vocal presence that far exceeds her years. She is definitely worth watching over the next decade. Bass Boy is, in so many words, amazing. This 18 year old is a multi-instrumentalist, being equally comfortable on bass, guitar, and mandolin. He also served as this disks producer. This disk is a must have item for anyone with an interest in truly American music -Jon Epstein, Rocklists