Leftover Salmon & moe. Team Up at Red Rocks

Last weekend Colorado's own Red Rocks Amphitheater hosted the dynamic duo of jamgrass pioneers Leftover Salmon and New York rockers moe.  What was supposed to be a night of ugly weather turned out to be clear and pleasant, back dropped by a magnificent full moon.

Leftover Salmon Ends Hiatus, Confirms Festival Appearances

Drew Emmitt @ The Fox in Boulder- for the Grateful Web

Colorado-based Leftover Salmon announces it will return to the stage later this year. Confirmed by a statement today from band manager John Joy the return will mark the end to the band's 27-month hiatus.

Following the band's last live performance on New Year's Eve 2004 in Boulder, audiences nationwide will once again hear the trademark polyethnic-cajun-slamgrass sound that propelled the group from its humble Rocky Mountain beginnings to international critical acclaim.

The returning lineup for Leftover Salmon features Vince Herman (acoustic guitar, vocals), Drew Emmitt (mandolin, guitar, vocals), Jeff Sipe (drums), Greg Garrison (bass, vocals), Bill McKay (keyboards, vocals), and Noam Pikelny (banjo).

The confirmed performances have the band making festival appearances on opposite coasts including the High Sierra Music Festival in Northern California and the All Good Music Festival in West Virginia's hills.

Confirmed 2007 Performances:

High Sierra Music Festival - Quincy, CA  2 performances: Saturday, July 7 and Sunday, July 8

All Good Music Festival - Masontown, WV Sunday, July 15

Leftover Salmon was formed by accident in 1989, when a local band, the Salmon Heads, asked members of the Left Hand String Band to fill some missing spots in its lineup.  The synergy worked and the resulting quintet went on to pioneer its own genre.


After the independent release of Bridges to Bert in 1993 and the 1995 live follow-up Ask The Fish, Leftover Salmon gained a spot on the H.O.R.D.E. festival tour and a contract with Hollywood Records. Their Hollywood debut and second studio album, Euphoria, continued to define their eclectic sound and introduced many songs that would become classics for the band.

vinceOther releases include The Nashville Sessions (1999) featuring scores of famous Nashville artists and session musicians as collaborators; Live (2002) the first recording with the new rhythm section, O Cracker, Where Art Thou? (2003) featuring Cracker members David Lowery and Johnny Hickman with LS as the backing band, and Leftover Salmon (2004) first studio record since the loss of founding member, banjoist Mark Vann.

Each of the band's releases cements its contemporary sound with the solid genre-bending fusion of newgrass, folk and blues. Through the course of the initial 15 years of Leftover Salmon has performed music with such contemporaries as Sam Bush, Bela Fleck, David Grisman, Jerry Douglas, Del McCoury, Peter Rowan, Pete Wernick, Col. Bruce Hampton, Oteil Burbridge, Bill Payne, Darol Anger, Mike Marshall, Pete Sears, Todd Park Mohr, Tony Furtado, Theresa Anderson, along with members of the The String Cheese Incident, Widespread Panic, Yonder Mountain String Band and dozens of additional artists.

The band continues to break new ground with its highly energetic live performances and initiate new fans with each show.

Official Leftover Salmon website:

Leftover Salmon Discography

(release date March 23rd)

The self-titled Leftover Salmon is the band's first studio album where co-founders Drew Emmitt and Vince Herman show off how the beloved Colorado band has evolved since the arrival of banjoist Noam Pikelny, keyboardist Bill McKay, bassist Greg Garrison and drummer Jose Martinez. Recorded at Colorado Sound in Westminster, Colorado in April 2003 and produced by longtime Little Feat keyboardist, Bill Payne.

1) Down in the Hollow
2) Mountain Top
3) Delta Queen
4) Lincoln at Nevada
5) Woody Guthrie
6) Fayetteville Line
7) Everything is Round
8) Whispering Waters
9) Last Days of Autumn
10) Just Keep Walkin'
11) Weary Traveler


Leftover Salmon and alt-rock band Cracker join forces to create 'O CRACKER, WHERE ART THOU?'. Cracker's front man David Lowery and lead guitarist Johnny Hickman join Leftover Salmon in the studio to unveil bluegrass versions of some of Cracker's greatest hits. With Lowey's vocals you'll unmistakably recognize these songs of Cracker while enjoying the sound of Leftover Salmon at the same time.

1) Get Off This
2) Eurotrash Girl
3) Sweet Potato
4) Ms Santa Cruz County
5) Mr Wrong
6) Lonesome Johnny Blues
7) Low
8) Teen Angst
9) How Can I Live Without You
10) Still Waiting For You Girl

'LIVE'  -  2002

Pronounced "Liv," most of this album was recorded in Lesterville, Missouri at Salmonfest in June of 2001, along with a few tracks from the Fillmore in San Francisco and Denver. The album captures the spirit of a festival and features lots of wild banjo by the late Mark Vann. While it is somewhat bittersweet to hear our lost brother play, it brings some comfort to know that his music lives on and can inspire people to "Live" big while we're here on Planet Earth.

1) Let's Give A Party
2) Steam Powered Aereoplane
3) Bill's Boogie
4) Dark Green Thing
5) Out in The Woods
6) Unplug The Telephone
7) Get Me Outta This City
8) Railroad Highway
9) Danger Man


One of the most brilliant compilations of bluegrass, country and rock musicians tied into some of the most beautiful song selections ever. Nashville Sessions excellent production by Randy Scruggs, and the guesting contributions by his father Earl Scruggs and some of Nashville's finest session players, including Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush, Sally Van Meter, John Cowan, and Widespread Panic's John Bell along with Leftover Salmon.

1) Midnight Blues
2) Lovin' in My Baby's Eyes
3) Dance on Your Head
4) Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way
5) Five Alive
6) Breakin' Thru
7) Lines Around You Eyes
8) It's Your World
9) On the Other Side
10) Troubled Times
11) Another Way to Turn
12) Up on the Hill Where We Do the Boogie
13) Nobody's Fault But Mine

'EUPHORIA'  -  1997

This was first release on Hollywood Records and the second studio effort from Leftover Salmon. 'Euphoria' was recorded when the bands line up consisted of Vince Herman, Mark Vann, Drew Emmitt, Tye North, and Michael Wooten. Most of these songs are still played in concert today and many of them ore now considered all time classics.

1) Better
2) Highway Song
3) Baby Hold On
4) River's Rising
5) Mama Boulet
6) Funky Mountain Fogdown
7) Cash On The Barrelhead
8) Muddy Water Home
9) Ain't Gonna Work
10) This Is The Time
11) Euphoria

'ASK THE FISH'  -  1995

'Ask the Fish' was recorded live at the Fox Theater in Boulder, Colorado on October 28th and 29th, 1994. With no overdubs or artificial ingredients added, This was the bands second release in their effort to define "Polyethnic Cajun Slamgrass."

1) Carnival Time
2) Bend In The River
3) Ask The Fish
4) Lonesome Road
5) Two Step
6) Rueben's Train
7) When The Levee Breaks
8) Jokester
9) Stay Away Monday
10) Cactus Flower
11) Hot Corn/Cold Corn
12) Come On Home
13) Rocky Road Blues
14) 70's Lick
15) Headbag

'BRIDGES TO BERT'  -  1993

Bridges to Bert is Leftover Salmon's first studio CD and the introduction of "Polyethnic Cajun Slamgrass" Music. This recording blends Cajun, Zydeco, Bluegrass, rock, Jam and more. In the earliest configuration of Leftover Salmon this recording Features Vince Herman, Drew Emmitt, Mark Vann, Joe Jogerst, Rob Galloway, and Michael Wooten. Produced by Charles Sawtelle.

1) BooBoo
2) Going Through The Motions
3) Head Bag
4) Whiskey Before Breakfast
5) Bridges Of Time
6) Nothing But Time
7) Tu N'as Pas Aller
8) Pasta On The Mountain
9) Just Before The Evening
10) Dark Eyes
11) Zombie Jamboree
12) Bosco Stumble
13) Rodeo Geek

- - - O T H E R   R E L E A S E S - - -

'FREEDOM RIDE'  -  2002

'Freedom Ride' is Drew Emmitt's solo debut. Recorded in Nashville in January 2002 and released on Compass Records, 'Freedom Ride' features Sam Bush, Vassar Clements, Stuart Duncan, Vince Herman, Peter Rowan, Ronnie McCoury, and many more!

1) Freedom Ride
2) Bend In The River
3) Solid Ground
4) Valley Of The Full Moon
5) Paving Eisenhower
6) If You're Ever In Oklahoma
7) Tangled Up In Blue
8) Lonesome Road
9) Rainmaker
10) One Step At A Time
11) Memories Of Mother And Dad


Before there was Leftover Salmon, there was Left Hand String Band, where Mark Vann and Drew Emmitt began a musical adventure together. This CD is rare and beyond expectations of what it was like in the beginning. It's true to the heart and soul of bluegrass.

1) Get Me Outta This City
2) Back Door Romance
3) Just Before The Evening
4) Stop All Your Worrying
5) Dreams
6) Gypsy
7) Time Stands Still
8) Keep Your Mind Open (And Your Mouth Shut)
9) Falling Rock
10) Gold Hill Line
11) Homefires

Leftover Salmon | Fox Theater | Boulder, CO

Leftover Salmon @ their homebase - The Fox in Boulder- for the Grateful Web
Diandra - Happy Birthday! outside the Fox- for the Grateful Web
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Drew JAMMING- for the Grateful Web
''When I paint my masterpiece''- for the Grateful Web
Vince Boulder''s next great politician- for the Grateful Web
four nights of salmon in Boulder- for the Grateful Web
Vince Herman- for the Grateful Web
New Years Run @ The Fox- for the Grateful Web
Leftover Salmon''s living room- for the Grateful Web

Leftover Salmon, since 1989, started their four night run at the Fox in Boulder. Word is from Vince Herman this may be the end of road.  He recently told the Daily Camera he is interested in pursuing politics, but is not ruling out a Salmon reunion. 

From The Daily Camera:

'Yet Herman, who's mulling a post-Salmon career in Boulder County politics, suggests the group's announcement on its Web site last summer — which stressed that "the band is not breaking up, just taking a break" — may have been a little misleading.'

'"Well, you know, in the true Salmon way, when we put that up on our Web site, that was what it looked like we were gonna do — and we just haven't changed it," Herman, the group's frontman, says with a laugh. "But, yeah, I think we're pretty much done."'

'While Herman has done a little solo touring this fall, his immediate plans are non-musical: he and his wife are purchasing, and plan to operate, Nederland's Once Again Books. Still torn up by President Bush's re-election, Herman's also contemplating a career in politics.'

'"Well, I'll probably hold off on the presidency, but as fast as things are changing around here, I may consider running for office," Herman says. "I have some aspirations, but I'd hate to put anything into print that would make me look stupid by not pursuing."'

'And, of course, each is leaving the door open — at least nominally — to a Salmon reunion.'

'"We're stopping on a high note, and that definitely feels great," Emmitt says. "It's not like we've run ourselves into the ground, but 15 years is a long time to be out on the road. We're closing a chapter on our lives. I'm excited about it in a lot of ways.'

'"But remember, it's an open-ended decision."'

For over 15 years, Leftover Salmon has graced us with their polyethnic cajun slamgrass. These last  shows promise lots of special guests and former band members.  Some of the current members, include:


Finally, after nearly two years on the road, the new Leftover Salmon lineup is on record.  The self-titled 'Leftover Salmon' is the band's first studio album where co-founders Drew Emmitt and Vince Herman show off how the beloved Colorado band has evolved since the arrival of banjoist Noam Pikelny, keyboardist Bill McKay, bassist Greg Garrison and drummer Jose Martinez.

"It's really brand new Leftovers," says Herman.  "This is the first record since losing our brother Mark Vann, and it's the first studio recording with our new guys.  We've got three guys with music degrees in the band now!  So we've really been looking forward to doing an album together.  It's really a big step in the evolution of the band."

The album, produced by longtime Little Feat keyboardist Bill Payne, also illustrates how Leftover Salmon have progressed.  "I've been saying that this is our first record for grown-ups," Herman laughs.  "It definitely reflects how the band's sound has matured.  There's less schtick.  We still have a lot of fun, and there's still a lot of joy in our music.  But there's also a serious aspect to what we're doing now, especially in the musical ability of the members and what we try to put across in the arrangements."

Indeed, the band has undergone immense changes since 1999's groundbreaking The Nashville Sessions.  The death of banjoist and beloved co-founder Mark Vann and the addition of four new band members inherently brought on a new sound, especially for an improvisational band that derives so much of its creativity from the personalities of its musicians.

"It's definitely a new era," says Noam Pikelny, the newest and youngest member of the band.  "This band has been an institution. I think anyone who has seen the band in the past will still recognize that a lot of the same elements are still there.  But I also think they'll hear the difference."

As Herman puts it, "The band probably isn't as crazy and off-the-wall as it used to be.  We still have a great time onstage, and the sheer joy of making music is still a big part of what we're about.  But we're more focused on being musicians and on the arrangements now.  We're still as fun and as eclectic as ever, but we're also more mature and more capable, too."

For this album, the band broke its pattern of inviting scores of musical guests to participate.  This time, Leftover Salmon decided to focus on their own special ensemble play.  The only instrumental guest is the producer, who adds a spicy piano track to "Whispering Waters". "How could you have Bill Payne in the studio and pass up the chance to get him to play on your record," Herman points out. Singer K.C. Groves adds harmony on "Woody Guthrie", but otherwise the band goes it alone.

"We purposely kept the guests down to a minimum," Herman says.  "We've always enjoyed the chance to play with other musicians that we admire.  But we're also real proud of this band and how it sounds, so we decided to keep the focus on the group this time."

The new album provides proof of how the band remains eclectic and adventurous as well as how it has evolved musically.  Five of the six band members contribute songs, from Pikelny's newgrass instrumental "Lincoln & Nevada" to Bill McKay's blues-rock vamp "Just Keep Walkin'", and from Drew Emmitt's New Orleans-inspired, jaunty rocker "Delta Queen" to Emmitt's folk-based "Weary Traveler".

"We're definitely still chameleon-like in that regard," Herman explains.  "All of us grew up loving different kinds of music, and we all love that we're in a band that allows us the chance to play different kinds of music.  We're basically a rock 'n' roll bluegrass band, but that means we can play everything from folk and bluegrass songs to anything that falls under the big banner of rock."

In talking about growth, Herman mentions the new song "Woody Guthrie," an unusual foray into political and social commentary by the band.  "It's such a departure from what we've done," says Herman, who wrote the song. "I had second thoughts about putting it on the album, but the guys talked me into it.  We've been doing it live, at least during our more acoustic shows, and it goes across real well."

Herman's reference to "acoustic shows" indicates another aspect of the band's breadth. In 2003, the band took part in a critically acclaimed tour with bluegrass giants the Del McCoury Band and released an album with the rock band Cracker.  Similarly, the band plays both folk and rock festivals, and they've performed in elegant theaters and in grungy rock clubs.  Leftover Salmon is the rare band with a broad enough sound and a large enough repertoire to shape its set list to fit the crowd and the venue.

"We're a little strange that way, but we know that there are live settings where some songs work better than others for us," Herman says.  "When we're playing a theater, we can bring our more folk-based side.  But when we're in a rock club, and the crowd is grooving along having a good time, you don't want to break the mood and sing a song about agriculture policy."

Still, the earthy quality and back-to-nature character of the band's music continues to shine through.  That aspect of the group is evident in the song titles, including "Mountain Top," "Down in the Hollow," "Whispering Waters" and "Last Days of Autumn."  "We didn't realize we had this outdoors theme running through the album until we were finished," Herman says.  "It wasn't intentional, but it's one of the threads running through the album.  It fits our personality – after all, Salmon are out there in the wild world."

As the first album since signing with Compendia Records, Leftover Salmon are eager for fans and for new listeners to hear how the band has evolved.  "We're still just as delirious as ever at having the opportunity to make music for a living," Herman says.  "But we've grown up a bit, and we've learned a lot about the music business and what works for us.  We still believe that live music is as essential as ever, that it can change lives and save the world.  We're certainly having as much as we've ever had."

Check out Leftover Salmon's Discography.

Leftover Salmon is breaking up or taking a break?

Leftover Salmon- for the Grateful Web

Hi Yall - Tis some very bad news but yes it is true after 15 years the boys are calling it quits I wanted to keep all the rumors from flying I am very sad about this the band has been a big part of my life from playing my wedding in 94 to being on the road with them for 5or6 hundred shows or so. Since Mark passed nothing has really ever been the same musically they have done a great job but the feeling of family and adventure has never been the same Mark really was the glue that held things together and boy do I miss him .Vince called me a few weeks ago and broke the news. He is sad and a little nervous about what the future will bring. He is also excited about the fact that he will be able to spend time with Kimba and Sylas. his boy is growing up fast.The last shows will be a three day run for new years at the boulder theater I hope the boys dont get mad at me for talking out of school here but they know I love all of them like brothers and as they say all good things must pass so get out there and see them while you can !!!