Two Brothers Brewery

Hairball Willie to Reunite for Two Shows in Illinois

After 17 years pursuing other passions, Hairball Willie is reuniting for a weekend of shows on May 18th & 19th, 2012.  The first show will be in the ‘burbs on Friday at Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora, IL and the second is at Martyr’s in Chicago.  The band’s full length studio album Just Defying Gravity was released in 1993 and sinc

Old Shoe & Jaik Willis Celebrate Two Brothers Brewery's 15th Anniversary

Beer.  Two Brothers brews it, Old Shoe sings about it.  The sheer appearance of the sphere of beer and a brewery inhabited by beer enthusiasts inspires a severe tear that quickly disappears due to the cheer that surrounds the sound that you hear from music, sweet music.  It was the meeting of two great gears like Venus and Jupiter both visible in the night sky in the open courtyard when Two B

Old Shoe to Help Kick off Two Brothers Brewery 15th Anniversary

For 15 years the passionate pursuit of the perfect pint has been practiced at Two Brothers Brewery.  In honor of this 15 year milestone being met, an anniversary party with local organic foods featuring a buffet, band and beer will take place at the Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora IL on Friday March 16th, 2012.  The buffet will include a house salad, Asian pasta salad, chicken piccata, Puerco Verde and vegan enchiladas along with a brewer’s dip carving station with roast beef, wort jus & cr