Halloween with Leftover Salmon at the Fillmore Auditorium

photos by Mike Moran- for the Grateful Web

Live Nation proudly presents LEFTOVER SALMON at the Fillmore Auditorium on Friday, October 31st.   Showtime is 7:00 PM. Doors open at 6:00 PM. Our fan ticketing will go on sale (HERE) today August 7th starting at 10am MST. The remaining tickets will be available thru ticketmaster starting Saturday August 9th.

After a four year hiatus, Leftover Salmon will again return to the Fillmore in Denver for its once traditional Halloween blowout. Following a summer full of festival dates, Leftover Salmon's Halloween show will mark one of the very few stand alone performances by the band since taking a break at the end of 2004.

The band is also offering music downloads to fans signed up on the Leftover Salmon email list. The downloads feature tunes recorded during recent live performances. The current download is from the Salmon set at the Mile High Music Fest in Denver, which went down just last month. GO HERE to download.


Kimock with the Everyone Orchestra in San Francisco on 8.9.08

The Everyone Orchestra with Kimock- for the Grateful Web

Steve Kimock will be joining the Everyone Orchestra on August 9th, 2008 at the Great American Music Hall.  Matt Butler will conduct, with Kimock, Dan Lebowitz, Audio Angel, members of Jambay, Legendary Nigerian percussionist Sikiru Adepoju and many special guests.

THE EVERYONE ORCHESTRA is a revolving cast of stellar musicians brought together by drummer/conductor Matt Butler for concerts, festival super jams and special benefit events. EO performances are designed to create space for each performer's musical personality to shine, engage the audience as participants in the jam and to facilitate a massive celebratory coming together featuring a conductor directing both musicians and audience alike.

"We pass the musical talking stick around the collective group of players and take turns leading the stage, much like sharing music around a campfire. We also play musical improv games that I sometimes refer to as 'music sports.' Then we culminate in moments with everyone is on stage at once, playing conducted improvisations together, says Butler, who is also the founder of the group.

The list of Everyone Orchestra alumni reads like a who's who of jam band music and beyond including members of The Grateful Dead, Phish, moe., String Cheese Incident, Derek Trucks Band, Railroad Earth, Hot Buttered Rum, Tea Leaf Green and Jimmy Herring, Darol Anger, Adrian Belew, Taj Mahal, Maria Muldaur, live painters, dancers, hula hoopers, firespinners, stiltwalkers, activists, a presidential candidate, storytellers and hundreds of others among a growing legion of other performers (See list on the left).

Butler's version of breaking down the barriers between musician and audience derives in part from desert art festival Burning Man's 'no spectators, only participants' ethic and is undoubtedly influenced by his old friend and mentor Ken Kesey, the king of the Merry Pranksters.

While Butler is the primary conductor, the Orchestra has also been conducted by former Jamie Janover, Leftover Salmon bassman Tye North, Jon Fishman, SCI's Michael Travis, ALO's Dan Lebowitz and Zach Gill, other musicians and members of the audience.

Through the events and work of The Everyone Orchestra, more than $100,000 has been raised for contributions to non-profit and environmental organizations around the nation.

Cameron Tapp: A Mate with a Big Heart

Cameron Tapp - photos by Janie Franz- for the Grateful Web

Last week, Australian singer/songwriter Cameron Tapp made his US solo debut, not in a coffeehouse or intimate club, but as the processional singer at a fan's wedding. He flew almost 10,000 miles to sing his hit song as Jesse Ihry walked down the aisle of a Fargo, ND church.

Jesse had discovered Tapp's song, "The Guide," on iTunes well before she and her fiance had made their commitment to each other. The song had been recorded in 2006 on Loss of Signal, a CD by Tapp and his band mates under the name Borne. That song had also been licensed and featured on the television program Friday Night Lights and on October Road. "The Guide" became a Single of the Week on iTunes and earned the band a slot at SXSW last year, marking the band's first appearance ever in the States.  Last year, Borne won four Music Oz awards in Australia, including Artist of the Year, and Tapp was tapped as Best Singer/Songwriter.

When Jesse and her fiancé became engaged last June, they began the search for sheet music for "The Guide" because the church didn't permit recorded music during the wedding service. "We looked and looked online everywhere and could not find it," Jesse said. Out of desperation, she went to the Borne website, and emailed every contact person she found there, asking for sheet music.

But there was a problem. Tapp didn't have any sheet music. In fact, he didn't know how to write musical notation. Tapp explained that in a personal email to Jesse and made a few suggestions. One was to have a singer with a good ear listen to the song and learn it; another was to do some sort of video over the internet and show how he approached the song, explaining chords, bridges, and vocal treatments. A third was simply to fly him to Fargo. Jesse's reaction was unbelief. "I thought he was joking," she recalled. "Then, we realized he was serious." That's when the wedding couple decided to consolidate their student loans and give up their honeymoon to get Tapp on a plane to Fargo.

"The thing with this song is so surreal," Jesse said. It was more than just having the singer of a famous band coming to her wedding. "It is the meaning behind the song and having the actual singer here. It's something that you'll never forget."

And for Cameron Tapp, it is just as special. "I'm a sucker for a love story," he said in a phone interview last week and repeated during a relaxed lunch in Fargo the day after the wedding. "It's such an honor to be asked to sing....To be asked to play a song that you've written at someone's wedding is such a beautiful thing. It is a wonderful thing for any artist to be asked that because it means that your song has done what it was supposed to do, which was to reach people, to talk to people. That's what music is for. It's not for bank accounts."

As Tapp, his publicist Christian Quilici, Grand Forks ND singer/songwriter Ron Franz, and I lingered over drinks, we were very aware how much this remarkable story had brought strangers together, not just Tapp and the bridal couple, but all of us. "It's a beautiful story and people love to hear beautiful fairy tales," he said.  "The song was born (pardon the pun) out of love.  Jesse's life is about how she's found pure love again...These kinds of stories just don't come along very often."

But even more strangers got into the act. Tourism Tasmania organized a $10,000 honeymoon package for the couple. It will cover airfare and high-end resort accommodations. The costs are being covered partly by the Tasmanian tourism bureau, which is a government entity, and by airlines, car rentals, and other hospitality industries.

Though the wedding is over, Tapp, however, is not flying back home immediately. He is using this trip to strike out with some material as a solo performer. Some of the live radio spots he did in Fargo, especially at a country station, proved to him and to some new fans that his new material was more universal that the pop genre pigeonhole Borne had been put into.

Tapp is comfortable playing acoustic guitar, but it wasn't his first instrument. Surprisingly, it was the harmonica. And, not blues, but straight harp. "My father played a beautiful mouth organ," Tapp said. "We use to go camping a lot as children with my parents. We'd always have a campfire, and we'd sit around it and sing songs. Dad would play the harmonica and tell us stories of his past... I had a beautiful, wholesome childhood." Later, Tapp picked up drums and then guitar when he was about ten.

Tapp's father, Paul Tapp, today is an author of children's fiction and adult non-fiction books. When Cam Tapp was a boy, his father also wrote songs. "I used to sit around and listen to my Dad play his songs on the acoustic guitar."

Songwriting came naturally to young Tapp. That carried through to his work with the pop entity called Borne. But Tapp quickly asserted, "Borne primarily is me," Tapp said. "It's a Moby-type situation. I've always had the inspiration to write songs. I take them to my producer, and we work the songs. Then the boys come in and play the material with me and we compile the tracks. And when the time comes, we'll go out and play the music."

While Tapp was in Fargo, he brought some new tunes with him. "Winter Chill" tells the tender story of when his father and mother were apart when the elder Tapp served in the Vietnam war and how their letters and the moon they both watched every night kept them connected. This was one story he heard a lot around the campfire. It's a tune that fit very nicely aired on a country station live.

Another song, Tapp is showcasing is "Dacridium franklinii." It was a song his father wrote about the Huon pine, the Dacridium franklinii (now called Lagarostrobos franklinii). "The Huon pine tree grows only in my native state, which is Tasmania," Tapp said. "It's the oldest and slowest growing tree in the world." Individual trees have lived for almost 2,000 years and whole forests stands have survived uncut for over 10,000 years. "When my father wrote this song, they were chopping down these trees to make a dam," Tapp recalled. "That song had a huge impact on my life."

Tapp wrote of the song, "Dacrydium Fanklinii is a lullaby, a lullaby that was sung to me at bedtime as a child. As I fell asleep the verses took me to cool and tranquil Gondwanic forests where the Huon pine tree lives. It was in these forests that I spent the better part of my childhood."

He decided to record it on a compilation CD called Forests Forever that was released this year by the Wilderness Society Initiative to raise money and awareness for the continued destruction of old growth forests. That CD included cuts by two other well-known Australians, Xavier Rudd and John Butler.  Though the Huon pine is now protected, its plight is similar to what else is happening in the country. "Quite recently, there has been a massive debate in my home state of Tasmania about a wood chip mill they are trying to build," Tapp explained. "They are trying to log areas that have vast tracts of old growth forests." Not only is this of concern to Tasmanians but it also can impact the rest of the world.  "These big huge tracts of forest store massive banks of carbon," Tapp said. When the trees are cut, this carbon is released. "So it would be a great global warming crime if they don't stop doing this to wood chip these trees for paper."

It is a plaintive song that makes good use of Tapp's vocal range, his passion, and his crisp acoustic guitar playing. "I went down to Tasmania quite recently," Tapp said, "and I went into the bush to one of these areas that they are going to log and I played that song in the wilderness." That helped launch the CD. (You can catch a youtube video of the song).

These stripped down tunes like others he will showcase this week in CA rely on Tapp's unusual finger and plectrum combo style on his Australian Maton guitar. He demonstrated that for Grand Forks singer/songwriter Ron Franz and then let Franz have a go at his favorite guitar.

Tapp's guitar work is clean and rootsy.  But the strength of each of these new songs hangs on the power of Tapp's vocals that sometimes whisper and sometimes erupt from the heart in a mourning cry. Both skills uplift lyrics that speak of relationships between people and between people and their environment.

On the coattails of his generous, unpretentious hands-across-the-waters gesture, Cameron Tapp will put his foot into the waters of the American acoustic music scene when he brings his solo show to the Plush Cafe in Fullerton CA on Tuesday June 17 at 7 pm and to the Hotel Cafe (unplugged) in LA Wednesday June 18 at 8 pm. Check him out. There are depths Cameron Tapp hasn't fathomed yet in his songwriting career. Let's hope he continues to bring his talents to American shores.

The Duhks Return with Fast Paced World

The Duhks- for the Grateful Web

Hailed by the New York Times as one of the artists at the forefront of the neo-folk movement, the Duhks continue the evolution with their fourth album, 'Fast Paced World,' (August 12th / Sugar Hill Records). "We traveled from Winnipeg, locked ourselves in a Nashville basement, pooled our ideas together and invented a new sound," says new frontwoman and bilingual, budding soul queen, Sarah Dugas (she replaced Jessee Havey in 2007).

Produced by Jay Joyce, who joins an impressive line of producers (Béla Fleck, Tim O'Brien) before him, the Duhks have created their most energetic, fully realized, unearthly album to date.   Seriously. "Jay's basement studio was like something out of the Star Trek Enterprise," adds founder and clawhammer banjoist, Leonard Podolak, who, in the past, "traditionally stuck close to the acoustic sound of our instruments.   This record is a beautiful mosaic of different ideas and soundscapes."

Leonard, Sarah, Tania Elizabeth (fiddle, mandolin), guitarist Jordan McConnell and new worldbeat drummer Christian Dugas (Sarah's brother) have melded French lounge pop ("Toujours Vouloir") and scratchy soul meditations on the Galveston flood in 1900 ("Mighty Storm") and sleeping ("Sleepin' Is All I Wanna Do") with the soundtrack of the weirdest 1930s Marlene Dietrich movie you never saw ("This Fall"), and beyond.    "We're all proud of this record and can't wait to release it to the world," adds Sarah.

In the space between the Grammy-nominated 'Migrations' (2006, Sugar Hill Records) and now, the Juno-winning band has gained critical love ("overall virtuosity that could make them stars" - Boston Globe), toured the world and earned a solid fan base - no doubt due to their manic, spirited live shows. (Check YouTube for John Paul Jones joining the band for "Whole Lotta Love").

Environmental issues have always been a passion for the band, inspiring them to launch The Duhks Sustainability Project (www.greenduhks.com).

The goal is to "tour as sustainably as possible - Biodiesel, local organic farmers, sustainable eco-conscious clothing," says Tania, who was invited by Bonnaroo to speak about sustainability during the festival on June 13th.    In addition, Bonnaroo has chosen the Duhks to perform on the Solar Stage on June 14th.

Catch the Duhks on tour throughout 2008

6/6/2008            Enterprise, AL - Bamajam Festival
6/7/2008            Jacksonville Beach, FL - Freebird Live
6/8/2008            Tampa, FL - Skipper's Smokehouse
6/13/2008           Manchester, TN - Bonnaroo
6/21/2008           Telluride, CO - Fly Me to the Moon Saloon
6/22/2008           Telluride, CO - Telluride BGF
7/19/2008           Marquette, MI - Hiawatha Music Co-op
7/24/2008           Calgary, AB - Prince's Island Park Downtown
7/25/2008           Calgary, AB - Prince's Island Park Downtown
7/26/2008           Calgary, AB - Prince's Island Park Downtown
7/27/2008           Calgary, AB - Prince's Island Park Downtown
8/2/2008            Canmore, AB - Canmore Folk Festival
8/3/2008            Canmore, AB - Canmore Folk Festival
8/4/2008            Canmore, AB - Canmore Folk Festival
8/9/2008            Edmonton, AB - Gallagher Park
8/10/2008           Edmonton, AB - Gallagher Park
8/16/2008           Huntington, VT - Valley Stage
8/17/2008           Ottawa, ON - Ottawa Folk Festival
8/23/2008           Shropshire, UK - Shrewsbury Folk Festival

Ben Harper with The Nightwatchman May 1st!

photos by Amanda Bell- for the Grateful Web

Ben Harper will join The Nightwatchman (Tom Morello acoustic) along with special guests Perry Farrell, Sen Dog of Cypress Hill and more on Thursday, May 1st at Park West in Chicago for the Justice '08 Tour!  He'll play a special three-piece set backed by Innocent Criminals Juan Nelson on bass and Oliver Charles on drums.

Tickets are on sale now for only $10 at Ticketmaster.  All proceeds go to the Justice Fund.

Visit www.benharper.net and www.nightwatchmanmusic.com for more info.

Coming Soon: An Evening With Hot Tuna!

Go see Hot Tuna!- for the Grateful Web

Few musicians living or dead have reached the sort of legendary status reached by Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady, the founding members and heart and soul of Hot Tuna.  And if they have, they probably don't look so good doing it (think Keith Richards).  Friends and collaborators for over 50 years now, including a little thing in the 60's known as The Jefferson Airplane, Jorma and Jack have built between them the sort of musical symbiosis that most relationships don't last long enough to attain.

Jorma and Jack played music together as children, with Jack on lead guitar and Jorma on rhythm.  Even after being separated by miles and circumstances early in adulthood, Jorma and Jack reunited to play together, each dabbling in new instruments and styles. Jack Casady started playing electric bass at a time when it was unpopular to do so, and Jorma Kaukonen honed his skills with elaborate finger-picking.  In the mid 60's they joined a band forming in San Francisco, and thus was born The Jefferson Airplane.  Jorma and Jack continued to work on their own side project, which became Hot Tuna sometime after their first album was recorded.  Known at one time in their careers for playing three to six hour sets, uninterrupted, Hot Tuna has had huge success as both a large, loud and electric act, and as an acoustic duo.  This side project has been going strong for more than 35 years.

On Thursday, May 8th, Hot Tuna will be stopping by the Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado, with shows in Apsen and Denver on the 9th and 10th.  These special acoustic and electric shows are not to be missed, and its only every so often that one gets to find one's self in the presence of living legends.  And it won't even cost an arm or a leg (think Keith Richards again)!  Regarded by many as some of the best guitar and bass players in existence, Jorma and Jack are certain to rock you until your ears hurt, but it might be one of the best hurts you'll ever have.

Oh, and it probably won't last six hours. Probably.

For more information and tour dates please visit: www.hottuna.com

Sam Holloway,

The Grateful Web

An Evening with Eels in Boulder, Colorado

Not every rock star could get away with showing a movie about themselves and calling it the opening act, but then again, not every rock star is Mark Oliver Everett, songwriter and front man for the Eels.  Everett, or E as he is affectionately known, is the son of the world-renowned quantum physicist Hugh Everett III, who, since his death, has been raised to a sort of cult status among physicists and lay people alike for his t

Bob Gruen's Back On The Bowery with 'Rockers'

photo by Bob Gruen- for the Grateful Web

The Morrison Hotel Gallery, the world's leading purveyor of fine art music photography, is proud to present 'Rockers,' the largest-ever installation by one of the most respected photographers in rock & roll, Bob Gruen.  Totaling some 280 photographs, many of them never before exhibited in the U.S. - from John Lennon to John Lydon, Bob Dylan to Bob Marley - 'Rockers' opens April 24 at the Morrison's new 313 Bowery space, former home to CBGB's Gallery.

'Rockers' was originally presented in 2007 at the FAAP University Museum in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where it drew over 40,000 visitors.  The Morrison has commissioned acclaimed architect Tito Ficarelli, who designed the 'Rockers' exhibit in Brazil, to transform the new 313 Bowery space as well.

Bob Gruen's work has shaped the iconography of rock & roll.  A native New Yorker, he served as John Lennon and Yoko Ono's personal photographer in the 1970s, a position that would yield two of his best known, and best loved, images - of John Lennon wearing a New York City t-shirt, and flashing apeace sign while standing in front of the Statue of Liberty.  During that time Gruen was also chief photographer for Rock Scene Magazine, where he specialized in candid, behind the scenes photo features. He toured extensively with emerging punk and new wave bands including The New York Dolls, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Ramones, Patti Smith Group and Blondie, while also photographing the biggest artists of the era, including Led Zeppelin, The Who, David Bowie, KISS, Elton John and Alice Cooper.  Gruen still carries a camera wherever he goes, and continues to add to a body of work that spans over forty years.

WHAT:       Rockers - The Photography Of Bob Gruen

WHERE:      Morrison Hotel Gallery, 313 Bowery, NYC, 212.677.2253

WHEN:       April 24 - XX
            noon - 7pm (Sun - Wed)
            noon - 9pm (Thurs - Sat)
            Closed on Mondays


All Good Music Festival Partners With HeadCount

Walther Productions and the All Good Music Festival are proud to become the largest event to pledge support to HeadCount by donating $.50 from every ticket sold to support the organization's "Cents for Sense" campaign.  The partnership serves to introduce this new campaign set to be a significant industry-wide program to fund HeadCount's voter registration efforts at over 1,000 concerts and festivals nationwide before the 2008 election.

Bonerama Teams Up With OK Go for "You're Not Alone"

photo courtesy of Madison House- for the Grateful Web

This Mardi Gras (February 5th), Bonerama and OK Go will release You're Not Alone, a five-song digital EP.  Bonerama and OK Go spent the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina recording at Piety Street Studios deep in the city's Upper 9th Ward.  One hundred percent of the proceeds from the EP – available exclusively at iTunes – will benefit members of New Orleans' music community such as R&B legend Al Johnson, who are still struggling to rebuild their homes and their lives in the aftermath of the flood.

"New Orleans is one of the last places in America where music is truly a fundamental part of everyday life," says OK Go singer Damian Kulash. "People get together on the weekends and parade through the streets just playing songs; 12-year-old-kids learn funk on the tuba; everyone dances.  Life elsewhere in the world simply isn't as celebratory.  If we allow the culture of New Orleans to die by leaving its musicians marooned around the country, America will have lost one of its great treasures."

This weekend, OK Go and Bonerama will finish up the second of two benefit shows: a January 11 th gig at New Orleans' Tipitina's (as part of the legendary club's 30th anniversary celebration) and upcoming February 2nd show at The 9:30 Club in Washington, DC, which will be streamed and podcast by NPR. Bonerama will open the DC show, then play material from You're Not Alone with OK Go, who will close the evening with a full set.

On Monday, February 11 th, Bonerama and Kulash will perform " A Million Ways " on CBS' Late Show with David Letterman.

Engineered by Mark Nevers (Bobby Bare Sr., Calexico, Bonnie "Prince" Billy), You're Not Alone is an astonishing collaboration, with Bonerama lending its loud, trombone-and-tuba New Orleans swagger to OK Go's bombastic rock.  Together, they re-interpret three tracks from OK Go's most recent album, Oh No: " A Million Ways," "It's A Disaster" and "Oh Lately It's So Quiet."   A pair of covers – David Bowie's "Rock 'n' Roll Suicide" and Bob Dylan's "I Shall Be Released" – round out the collection. Al "Carnival Time" Johnson, who wrote "Carnival Time," the unofficial anthem of Mardi Gras, contributes haunting vocals to the latter.

Johnson's Lower 9 th Ward home was washed off its foundation by the levee failures during Hurricane Katrina and later demolished by the city without his knowledge or consent.  He has been living in Houston, TX for the past two years.  Proceeds from You're Not Alone will go towards building a new Habitat For Humanity home for him as well as to Sweet Home New Orleans, an organization dedicated to helping repatriate and support the thousands of local musicians who were scattered by Katrina.

Enthusiasm for the project has proved contagious.  iTunes has agreed to donate all proceeds from EP sales, and digital distribution powerhouse IODA is servicing and promoting it free of charge.  In addition, free freight shipping was provided by EFM Worldwide/Horizon Cargo, and Music Travel Management contributed free airfare for the two benefit shows.

About Bonerama:

Bonerama carries the brass-band concept to places unknown.  Hailed by Rolling Stone's David Fricke as "The ultimate in brass balls" last Fall, the band served as the House Band for the live all-star comedy event COMIC RELIEF.  The 2006 event, which featured a long list of A-talent including hosts Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams, was recorded live from Ceasar's Palace last November. Recently, Bonerama snagged the coveted "Best Rock Band" honor from the 2007 Big Easy Awards.

The current list of confirmed Bonerama tour dates is as follows:

February 01 8x10 Club Baltimore MD

February 02 9:30 Club Washington DC Benefit performance with OK Go

February 04 Howling Wolf New Orleans LA

February 07 The Pour House Charleston SC

February 09 Berkeley Cafe Raleigh NC

February 10 The Garage @ The Biltmore Asheville NC

February 13 Smith's Olde Bar Atlanta GA

March 08 The Gretna Jubilee Gretna LA

March 26 Iowa City Yacht Club Atlanta GA

March 27 Cabooze Minneapolis MN

March 28 Overture Center For the Arts Madison WI

March 29 Martyrs' Chicago IL

April 04 First Energy Berks Jazz Fest Wyomissing PA

April 05 The Swamp Thing and Crawfish Festival Austin TX

May 02 Mid City Lanes New Orleans LA

May 20 Bourbon Street Music Club Sco Paulo Brazil

May 29 Chans Woonsocket RI

June 01 Mike Arnones Crawfish Festival Wakefield RI

July 05 Iowa City Jazz Festival Iowa City IA

More dates will be announced.