The Crystal Method Announce US Dates

As they continue to crisscross the country bringing their Divided By Night live show to the masses, THE CRYSTAL METHOD have announced the addition of several new dates for late July and early August.  The duo of Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland will also take their live show across the Atlantic, where for the first time ever they will perform at the U.K.’s two leading music festivals: Leeds on August 29 and Reading on August 30.

methodTheir additional U.S. dates commence on July 30 in Detroit and have the pair traveling through the Southeast into such markets as Columbus, Norfolk, Charlotte, Nashville, Little Rock, Tulsa and Albuquerque. They’ll then head to the northeast for DJ sets in Afton, NY and Washington D.C. and then return to Southern California for another DJ set in San Diego.  Tickets for all U.S. dates are on sale now.

Upon its release on May 12, Divided By Night hit #1 on iTunes' Electronic Music chart and #1 on Amazon. It also debuted on various Billboard charts including: #38 Top 200 Albums, #2 Top Electronic Albums, #3 Top Digital Albums and #4 Top Independent Albums.  It features a vast array of guests including vocalists Emily Haines of Metric, Justin Warfield of She Wants Revenge and his wife Stefanie King Warfield, Jason Lytle of Grandaddy, rappers LMFAO plus players like bassist Peter Hook (New Order) and drummer extraordinaire Samantha Maloney (Peaches, Hole). The album was launched with the momentous first single “Drown in the Now,” their infectious collaboration with mic master Matisyahu.  Watch the video for the song here.

THE CRYSTAL METHOD’s current tour routing is as follows:

DATE                          CITY                                       VENUE                      

Wed    6/17                 San Francisco, CA                 Grand Ballroom

Sat       6/27                 Los Angeles, CA                  Electric Daisy Carnival

Thu      7/30                 Pontiac, MI                         The Crofoot

Fri        7/31                 Columbus, OH                      Boma

Sat       8/1                   Norfolk, VA                         The Norva

Sun      8/2                   Charlotte, NC                       Amos’ Southend

Mon     8/3                   Nashville, TN                         Limelight

Tue      8/4                   Little Rock, AR                      Juanita’s Cantina

Wed    8/5                   Tulsa, OK                              Cain’s Ballroom

Thu      8/6                   Albuquerque, NM                   Sunshine Theatre

Fri        8/7                   Afton, NY                              The New Echo Lake (DJ set)

Sat       8/8                   Washington D.C.                    Fur (DJ set)

Sun      8/9                   San Diego, CA                        Hard Rock Hotel (DJ set)

The Charlatans UK Announce US 2009 Tour

The Charlatans’ tenth studio album, ‘You Cross My Path’, is nothing less than a masterpiece – only the latest triumph, in a career which has been positively stuffed with them.

It was one of the most talked-about records in recent years, before anyone had even heard a note of it. It was first released in early March in MP3 format, via alternative radio station Xfm’s website. In a revolutionary move, The Charlatans were charging their fans not a penny to own and enjoy their latest music.

charlatans“I know some people have given their music away free before, like Throbbing Gristle, and Pete Doherty,” says Tim Burgess, the band’s singer, proudly, “but we’re the first to give a brand new album away free. The idea was just to get the music into people’s iPods. We came to the conclusion that we didn’t really care how people got it, just as long as they got it.”

On that score, mission accomplished: within a week, ‘You Cross My Path’ had been downloaded no less than 60,000 times. Had those transactions taken place within “official” channels, it would’ve been sufficient to send the album to Number Two in the UK charts. Another week later, the album was posted for download on the band’s own website, , again for free. At the last count, approximately 90,000 MP3 copies of the album were out in the world.

For those many happy owners of ‘You Cross My Path’, this hasn’t been some bizarre virtual twist on the money/old rope equation. Without having their minds made up for them by the media, they’ve come to realise that the album is amongst The Charlatans’ very best, if not the finest of all.

“The idea actually came up about two years ago,” says Tim, “soon after I asked Alan McGee to manage the band. I was really looking for a fresh start in a lot of ways. I decided to give up drinking and taking drugs, just to see where that takes me. It was a really painful time, because I loved drinking and taking drugs so much, but after about three months I really began to feel the benefit.

“Anyway, after we had that idea, personally I felt really inspired, and I think it helped the whole band. You try to get up in the morning and write a new record, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen all the time. You need something inspiring to fuel your energy. Lots of things seemed to start happening, it was really invigorating.”

At home in Los Angeles through the latter half of 2006, Tim had been submerging himself in his huge and ever-expanding record collection. As ever, the tunes he was listening to in that period provided the starting point for, and became a shaping influence on, the music that he and the band created over the ensuing months.

Tim: “We’ve been influenced by Motown, punk, 60’s psyche and we’ve been through Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Gram Parsons and Curtis Mayfield… I wanted a different thing this time. I was listening to Brian Eno a lot, which triggered thoughts of Joy Division, who I found out were really inspired by Eno and Bowie, and that set me off listening to all the records I was listening to in 1981-86 – Section 25, The Wake, Royal Family And The Poor, and all those obscure Factory bands.

“Plus, my wife, Michelle, discovered ‘The Head On The Door’ by The Cure. When that originaly came out, I was working in a chemical factory in manchester; at the weekend, I’d go to the pub, drink bad cider and get pissed. They were times of optimism for me, hope for the future. I’d got to clubs and dance to Grandmaster Flash, D.A.F ‘The Cutter’ by Echo & The Bunnymen, ‘Temptation’ by New Order and ‘Felicity’ by Orange Juice – all in a row. In the same way, all that stuff blended into one over the two years of making the record.”

For the first time, Burgess wrote his initial song ideas using the Apple programme Logic. This enabled him to send them instantly to Tony Rogers, the band’s keyboard player and in-house computer wizard, “to get my ideas more fully realised”. In February ’07, Rogers and Mark Collins, the Charlies’ guitarist, joined Tim in LA for preliminary sessions.

The trio then reconvened for a couple more sessions at Tony’s house in Ireland, in April and October, before the remaining parts were completed, with bassist Martin Blunt and drummer Jon Brookes, at the band’s studio HQ in Cheshire, Big Mushroom. The album was then mixed by Alan Moulder, revered for his work with, amongst others, The Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and The Cure.

‘You Cross My Path’ includes some of the most euphoric music the Charlatans have ever made – some of the most disturbed, too. Like on a classic Cure or New Order record, Blunt’s basslines lead from the front, for a driving, danceable sound, which is both nostalgic and fiercely contemporary. Burgess was keen to cut against the music’s polished upfulness in his lyrics. The first song he worked on was ‘Oh! Vanity’, which he says is “about nostalgia, and not a warm nostalgia – I wanted it to have quite a cold atmosphere.” You Cross My Path’, meanwhile, is “angry – someone had backed me into a corner, and I came out fighting”.

Those two tunes set him off trying to strike a new and different lyrical vibe. His wife suggested he try the cut-up technique originated by William Burroughs, and transposed to the pop world by David Bowie.

“I was like, I did that when I was 21 years old! I was at home one day, and I ended up writing four sets of lyrics for an Italian disco record I’d got by Doris Norton – one about the band, one about my childhood, one a weird essay on Diane Arbus, this photographer I really love, and one about a bad acid trip in a hotel. Eventually, I cut it all up, but I didn’t just throw it altogether, I just took all bits I needed. That became ‘The Misbegotten’.”

Tim laughs. “It might seem like I had too much time on my hands, but if LA’s been good for me in one way, it’s that I’ve got time on my hands. I come down to the room where I’ve got all my records, and just get inspired by music, which to me is what it’s all about.”

As The Charlatans approach their twentieth anniversary, their music continues to be just as inspirational to hundreds of thousands of fans. They first appeared in 1989 with the self-financed ‘Indian Rope’ single, and quickly followed it with ‘The Only One I Know’, which is to this day amongst the most beloved hits from that exciting era in British music.

The Charlatans themselves have proved every bit as enduring as that signature song, in the face of often tragic circumstances. Their history encompasses imprisonment, a fatal car accident, testicular cancer and the embezzlement of half a million quid by their accountant, not to mention the passing of countless musical trends.

As a result, they have often been cast as “survivors” – a rather grim and unflattering image for a band, who have scored nine UK Top Ten albums (not including ‘You Cross My Path’, as yet), and 22 Top 40 singles. Burgess singles out ‘Tellin’ Stories’ (1996), ‘Us & Us Only’ (1999) and ‘Wonderland’ (2001) as what he calls “our championship title-winning records”, but their music continues to evolve, excite and excel, both in the studio, and as an unstoppable touring combo.

For this, Burgess and his cohorts have lately found themselves adopted as godfathers by a new generation of bands for whom they have been literally a lifelong obsession. When Mark Ronson included a rendition of ‘The Only One I Know’ on his ‘Version’ album (sung by Robbie Williams, no less), it soon became clear that he’d done so out of immense reverence for the original, and its makers. Burgess has since sung it onstage with Ronson.

“He introduces me as the person that got him into music,” says Tim, “which is quite humbling, really. The first time we ever played in New York, he snuck out to see us. He was only 13 years old, and then did a paper [at school] about his favourite band, which was us.”

Similarly, a list of admirers that includes The Klaxons, The Horrors, Carl Barât and The Twang, as well as rising acts like Electricty In Our Homes and Glasvegas, have been welcomed into the ever-growing, music-obsessed Charlatans social whirl. Another group, Hatcham Social, recently enlisted Tim to produce their single, ‘Till The Dawn’. “They’re really into Orange Juice,” he enthuses, before launching into a lengthy discourse on the producer responsible for many of Factory’s early masterpieces, Martin Hannett.

…Which brings us back to ‘You Cross My Path’. “This’ll probably sound fucked-up,” says Tim, “but every day, I used to walk to the gym, because I thought I needed to get into training to make this record. In the final song, ‘This Is The End’, there’s the line, ‘I look at all the amputees on the Strip’, because on my walk I noticed all these guys who’d come home from the War [in Iraq] and were homeless, starting to live on [Sunset] Strip.

“I just wanted to put all that stuff in,” he continues. “Everything! The whole record came out as one complete thought – like ‘Power Corruption & Lies’, or ‘Electric Ladyland’, or ‘Kollaps’ by Einstürzende Neubauten. Everything’s in there, as one big flow of ideas.”

There is, perhaps, a strong sense of irony about such an incorrigible vinyl junkie, who takes so much guiding light from his records, suddenly becoming a spokesman for the digital revolution. The irony wasn’t lost on him, right from the beginning. “When WE were first talking about [the free download], “I secretly knew I’d want it on vinyl as well”. So, the album now arrives physically, in 33 territories, on deluxe double CD, single CD and trusty vinyl, courtesy of Cooking Vinyl.

“It feels like a great idea – to release it again!” Tim concludes. “We’re learning as we go along. We’ll just see where it takes us. But the whole thing has been invigorating. It really feels like the band have been reborn, like we’ve got a whole new lease of life.”

Bonnaroo & Conscious Alliance Announce the 6th Annual Bonnaroo Food Drive

Bonnaroo Music Festival and non-profit organization Conscious Alliance announce the 6th Annual Bonnaroo Food Drive benefitting the Good Samaritan Food Pantry of Manchester, Tennessee.

Last year's Food Drive brought in 7,000 pounds of food donations for Tennessee's Coffee County.  This year's goal is to collect 10,000 pounds or more.

With America's food banks experiencing an all-time inventory low, there has never been a better time to participate in the Bonnaroo Food Drive.  Bonnaroo and Conscious Alliance are calling on all festival attendees to donate to this important cause. As an incentive, the first 2,000 patrons who donate 10 non-perishable food items will receive a free limited-edition Bonnaroo poster created by renowned rock artist, Michael Everett (

Food Drive collection tents will be located outside of the main entrances to the concert area and will be depicted on the Bonnaroo guide map, given to all attendees upon arriving at the festival grounds. At these locations, Food Drive volunteers will trade the first 2000 participants "poster redemption vouchers" for food donations.  The vouchers can be exchanged for this year's poster at the Conscious Alliance "Art That Feeds" galleries located inside the Planet Roo vending area and just outside of the Archway entrance into the main stage area.

Conscious Alliance always encourages food donations to be low-sodium and health food oriented products. "Organic" food donations are especially encouraged. Ramen Noodles cannot be accepted for the free poster.

For more information about the charitable efforts of Conscious Alliance, please visit

For more information about the Bonnaroo Music Festival, please visit

Akron/Family Announce May Tour Dates, Summer Festivals & River Free MP3

Akron/Family's Dead Oceans' debut, Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free, arrives May 5, but a free download from the band's third proper LP, "River," is available now. Fans who pre-order Set 'Em Wild now will receive immediate access to an MP3 download of the entire album.

Download the mp3 of "River" here:

To order Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free in North America visit Dead Oceans here:

Akron/Family will perform an all ages show at The Bowery Ballroom Wednesday, May 6 to celebrate the album release, with additional album release shows in Boston and Burlington.

Akron/Family will follow up their dates in  the Northeast U.S. with performances in the UK, France, Italy, Netherlands and Belgium and a tour of Spain supporting Wilco. The band will then embark on their first headlining tour of Japan in June, which will also include co-headlining shows with Deerhunter. Details of Akron/Family's full North American tour are forthcoming, however, select North American festivals are already in place including All Tomorrow's Parties, Calgary Folk Festival, 10,000 Lakes Music Festival and All Points West Festival.

Akron/Family's Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free album art, plus new and preferred hi-res jpegs featuring the current Akron/Family line-up by Sebastian Mlynarski can be downloaded here:

Akron/Family Tour Dates:
05/05/09 - Cambridge, MA @ Middle East
05/06/09 - New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
05/07/09 - Burlington, VT @ Metronome
05/08/09 - Bennington, VT @ Bennington College
05/16/09 - Brussels, Belgium  Orangerie 'Nuits Botanique'
05/17/09 - Amsterdam, Holland @ Melkweg Old Room
05/18/09 - Nijmegen, Holland @ Doornroosje
05/19/09 - Paris, France @ Nouveau Casino 'Custom'
05/20/09 - London, UK @ ICA
05/22/09 - Glasgow, UK @ Captains Rest
05/23/09 - Machester, UK @ Ruby Lounge
05/24/09 - Bristol, UK @ Fiddlers (with Omar Souleyman and Group Doueh)
05/25/09 - Malaga, Spain @ Teatro Cervantes w/ Wilco
05/26/09 - Madrid, Spain @ Teatro Calderon w/ Wilco
05/27/09 - Granada, Spain @ Congress Palace w/ Wilco
05/29/09 - Seville, Spain @ La Cartuja Monastery, Contemporary Arts Museum w/ Wilco (Territorios Fest)
05/31/09 - Bologna, Italy @ Locomotiv
06/01/09 - Ravenna, Italy @ Hana-bi
06/02/09 - Verona, Italy @ Interzona
06/03/09 - Milan, Italy @ Casa 139
06/04/09 - Torino, Italy @ Spazio 211
06/05/09 - Rome, Italy @ Init
06/08/09 - Shibuya, Tokyo @ O-West w/ Deerhunter
06/09/09 - Osaka, Jyuso @ Fandango w/ Deerhunter
06/10/09 - Nagoya, Aichi @ Apollo Theater
06/11/09 - Kyoto, Kyoto @ Metro
06/12/09 - Shindaita, Tokyo @ Fever
07/23/09 - Detroit Lakes, MN @ 10,000 Lakes Music Festival
07/25/09 - 07/26/09 - Calgary, AB @ Calgary Folk Festival
08/02/09 - Liberty State Park, NJ @ All Points West Festival
09/12/09 - Monticello, NY @ All Tomorrow's Parties Festival

The Bridge Announce Spring Tour Dates

The Bridge have announced new Spring tour dates and festival appearances.  Fresh off an eight week, coast to coast U.S. tour behind their latest release Blind Man's Hill on Hyena Records, the Baltimore-based band is right back at it playing shows in the coming months with The Derek Trucks Band and Papa Grows Funk, headlining their own dates on the East Coast and Midwest and appearing at festivals such as All Good, Summer Camp, Starscape, Blossom Blast, Treehuggers Ball and Buffalo Creek Music Festival.

The Bridge's upcoming tour dates are:

April 2 | Virginia Beach, VA | Jewish Mother
April 3 | Richmond, VA | Capital Ale House
April 5 | Burgettstown, PA | Pepsi Cola Roadhouse (w/ Derek Trucks Band)
April 8 | College Park, MD | Santa Fe Cafe
April 10 | Charlottesville, VA | Is
April 11 | Frostburg, MD | Dante's
April 15 | College Park, MD | Santa Fe Cafe
April 16 | Charlotte, NC | Double Door
April 17 | Charleston, SC | Charleston Pour House
April 18 | Raleigh, NC | Pour House Music Hall (To be broadcast live by
April 22 | College Park, MD | Santa Fe Cafe
April 23 | Clarksburg, WV | PJ Kellys
April 24 | Morgantown, WV | 123 Pleasant St.
April 25 | Garrettsville, OH | Blossom Blast Festival at Nelson Ledges     
April 28 | Tuscaloosa, AL | Mellow Mushroom
May 1 | New Orleans, LA | The Blue Nile
May 4 | New Orleans, LA | The Maple Leaf  (w/ Papa Grows Funk)
May 9 | Terra Alta, WV | Treehuggers Ball at Sunshine Daydream
May 22 | Chillicothe, IL | Summer Camp
May 23 | Lexington, VA | Buffalo Creek Music Festival at Zollman's Pavilion
May 29 | Asheville, NC | Mountain Sports Weekend
May 30 | Atlanta, GA | Smith's Olde Bar
June 6 | Baltimore, MD | Starscape
June 9 | Asheville, NC | Emerald Lounge (post-Phish show)
June 16 | St. Louis, MO | Off Broadway
July 10 | Masontown, WV | All Good

Meat Puppets Announce Spring US Tour Dates

meatPerfection in art is for subjective fools.  The goal of any real artist is purity, and purity is a state of mind.  Hamlet knew and told us.  To thine own self, be true. In 2007, with the wayward absence of bassist Cris Kirkwood a hiccup since passed, the Meat Puppets simultaneously reformed and pledged a singular ferIn 2007, with the wayward absence of bassist Cris Kirkwood a hiccup since passed, the Meat Puppets simultaneously reformed and pledged a singular fervent purpose.  Complete resurrection.   That's no small order.  This is, after all, a band that stands out as one of the most illuminous sparks highlighting the first, and most overtly accomplished, coming of American indie rock, those golden and precious years lying roughly between 1979 and 1985.  An era so filled with purity, it reigns supreme to this day with an embarrassment of musical riches.   Many of them straight from the fingers of Kirkwood/Kirkwood/ Bostrom.

Always recognized as an extremely dexterous and deft live act, the Puppets used 2008 to continue to stretch out the new line up (with Ted Marcus now a full time replacement for founding drummer Derrick Bostrom).   The band joined Built to Spill, and later, Stone Temple Pilots, for well received jaunts across the U.S. The Puppets also toured Europe, and took part in each of the 2008 All Tomorrow's Parties festivals, performing Meat Puppets II as part of ATP's Dont Look Back series.  By year's end, the shows were "almost" 100% acoustic.  "Almost" because Curt was playing a Gibson Hummingbird plugged into his pedal board, allowing him to work his eboard, allowing him to work his effects just like an electric guitar.  The simplicity of the set up belied the sort of arresting dynamics that Muse and Radiohead aim to capture, albeit by spending tens of thousands of quid in arena production.

Signed in early 2008 to ultra-artist friendly Megaforce Records, the Puppets found themselves once again at work exploring the vast creative landscape that has defined the band since it burst forth with its majestic debut for SST, Meat Puppets.  In between '08 tours, the Puppets wrote and recorded a new album, Sewn Together, the trio's second full length since 2007. Sewn Together began with the band laboring under all sorts of questions as to what artistic and sonic direction it would strike.

Afterall, band leader Curt Kirkwood openly acknowledged the rather brusque approach he chose in crafting the one-off made for Anodyne Records, "Rise To Your Knees":

"In the ‘80s, we used to just crap this stuff out," he notes.  "Those SST records cost, like, five grand apiece, if that much, and those are the records that made people like us.  Later, when we got into a position to work in bigger studios with outside people, we'd wind up spending a whole bunch of money and having to satisfy the people who gave us that money.  We did that all through the ‘90s, and I'm just not interested in doing that anymore."

"Now, if I can get away with it, I'll make a record as cheap as I can and put as little work as I can into it, which is what we did with this one.  I don't like putting a lot time into it.  We cut a track, and if we've played it halfway right, we're done with it."

Of course, none of Curt's ideas about how to effectively make a record degrade the music he crafts.  Integrity grips him as if a Viking vise.   Like Dylan, he is merely determined to streamline, to avoid overthinking and obsessing with studio elements.  He has delivered a living catalogue of historical records, using close to primitive tools.  It is a lesson in technique that today's too-pimped up pop "artists" ought to study, and thankfully, there are a few bands that do.

In the case of the new album, Curt and Cris chose a home town studio that oIn the case of the new album, Curt and Cris chose a home town studio that offered analog process.  To help add purity.   And with production helmed by Curt, creative freedom arrived du jour.  With no contrived map to follow, the best friend of artistry -spontaneity- governed.  Indeed, going into the studio, only Curt knew what songs he planned to cut.  The label didn't ask and neither did the band.  When the guiding minstrel is as honed and proven as Curt, it is both easy and incumbent to roll with the pitch.

True to his vows not to beat down a session, in less than two weeks' time Curt had effectively corralled his necessary and sufficient musical elements: the songs, the band, his son Elmo, the compatible recording team at the Salt Mine Studio in Mesa, and Phoenix-based pianist William Joseph.  Joseph's role illustrates how spontaneity is a giving gift.  He was initially invited into the studio to help with some fills, yet by day's end, was contributing a bounty of beautiful passages that bespeak a mature flushing out of Curt's deeply embedded genetic sense of melody.  Witness "Sapphire," "Clone," and "Smoke." At first listen, one is tempted with an impression of experimental Pink Floyd "Wall" like channeling here, but accuracy's sake will note that the operatic idiom behind these songs has been exhibited at least as far back as 1995's "No Joke", and subsequent trials from Curt's solo master piece, "Snow", and the texturally generous "Rise To Your Knees".

Now, however, the breadth of instrumentation is no longer in the back seat. It's right there in the guts of the entire record. And while it is not overstatement to declare a connection here to the heights of the E Street Band, the results from last summer's sessions clearly continue the Puppets' trademark forging of subtle yet iconoclastic lyrical sweetness and remarkable musicianship.  Were a short description required, confidence is the defining term and attitude. This is a record that is brilliantly framed by the band's sometimes folksy, always fluid wanderings. The Puppets gladly let the material step out as first fiddle, content with understanding songs this strong only come along once in a great while, and better to serve them than the other way around.

It is what makes the Puppets musings so difficult to classify.  They ambitiously dart the melodic spectrum between buoyant pop structure like album-opener Sewn Together and the grand sweep of "Clone", two of the precision-perfect gems that will come to represent this record as a keeper.   The album rides to close in pure pop fashion.  The infectious "Love Mountain", a song that harkens back better than a decade, at last weaving itself free of Curt's inner aware-ness, emerges taut yet jangly enough to please George Harrison and George Martin.  That's no exaggeration, either.  Sure, absolutely, Springsteen and the Beatles and Pink Floyd are mighty comparisons, but let's face it, what is due is due. Beatles and Pink Floyd are mighty comparisons, but let's face it, what is due is due.

Looking ahead, to May '09, the Puppets start the first leg of extensive road work celebrating the new record, but as with every Puppets' tour, the show will be certain to range over the course of performance afforded it by the Puppets' endearingly adventurous career . The Sewn Together tour kicks off May 12th in Los Angeles at the Mint.

Ben Harper & Relentless7 announce North American Tour

harperWe are proud to announce Ben Harper & Relentless7's headlining North American tour. Pre-sale tickets will be offered at Ben Harper & Relentless7 Ticketing starting March 25th at 12:00pm Noon (Local Venue Time). The pre-sale password is shimmer. Venue links below will provide general on-sale information.


04.30.09 - New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival New Orleans, LA, USA
05.01.09 - Beale Street Music Festival Memphis, TN, USA
05.02.09 - Variety Playhouse Atlanta, GA, USA *NEW*
05.04.09 - 9:30 Club Washington, DC, USA *NEW*
05.05.09 - Webster Hall New York, NY, USA *NEW*
05.08.09 - Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY, USA *NEW*
05.09.09 - Theatre of Living Arts Philadelphia, PA, USA *NEW*
05.10.09 - Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA, USA *NEW*
05.12.09 - Metropolis Montreal, QC, Canada *NEW*
05.13.09 - Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto, ON, Canada *NEW*
05.15.09 - Saint Andrews Hall Detroit, MI, USA *NEW*
05.16.09 - Vic Theatre Chicago, IL, USA *NEW*
05.25.09 - Sasquatch Music Festival George, WA, USA
05.27.09 - The Fillmore San Francisco, CA, USA *NEW*
05.28.09 - Wiltern Theatre Los Angeles, CA, USA *NEW*
06.13.09 - Bonnaroo Music Festival Manchester, TN, USA
07.11.09 - All Good Festival Masontown, WV, USA


04.09.09 - Metro Theatre Sydney, NSW, Australia
04.11.09 - Byron Bay Bluesfest Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
04.13.09 - Byron Bay Bluesfest Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
04.19.09 - The Forum London, UK
04.21.09 - Le Printemps de Bourges Bourges, France
06.19.09 - Southside Festival Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany
06.20.09 - Hurricane Festival Scheessel, Germany
06.22.09 - Columbiahalle Berlin, Germany
06.23.09 - Tonhalle Munich, Germany
06.25.09 - Paradiso Amsterdam, Netherlands
06.27.09 - Hard Rock Calling Festival London, UK

The Walkmen Announce US Tour With Kings Of Leon

Kings of Leon - photos by Phil Emma- for the Grateful Web

The Walkmen Announce US Tour With Kings Of Leon - Their new album, You and Me Out Now On Gigantic Music

4/19: Agannis Arena, Boston, MA
4/20: La Sala Rossa, Montreal (Solo Headline)
4/21: Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON
4/22: Palumbo, Pittsburgh, PA
4/24: Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA
4/25: Spectrum, Philadelphia
4/27: Constant Convocation Center, Norfolk, Va
4/28: Koka Booth Ampitheatre, Raleigh, NC
4/30: Bojangles Coliseum, Charlotte, NC
5/04: St Augustine Ampitheater, St, Augustine, FL
5/05: UCF Arena, Orlando, FL
5/07: Bank United Center, Miami, FL
5/08: Sundome, Tampa, FL
5/10: North Charleston Coliseum, Charleston, SC
5/12: National City Pavillion, Cincinnati, OH
5/13: Tower City, Cleveland, OH
5/19: Mesa Ampitheatre, Phoenix, AZ
5/21: Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA


Above & Beyond- for the Grateful Web

This February, ABOVE & BEYOND—who are Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness and Paavo Slijamaki—will return to the U.S. for a club tour in support of their compilation album Anjunadeep:01.  Set for release via ULTRA Records on February 16, the double-disc set encompasses a variety of tracks from their respected Anjunadeep imprint.

On this tour, where they will be joined by support act Jaytech,  ABOVE & BEYOND will showcase the Anjunadeep sound in the early part of their sets and before progressing to the quality melodic trance sound for which they are best known.  In a short space of time, Anjunadeep has grown from being a promising sibling to the Anjunabeats label, to a dynamic and influential imprint in its own right, pioneering a sound somewhere between house and trance.  The tour kicks off February 12 in Atlanta and will take the trio throughout many key markets in the U.S. including Houston, Denver, New York, Washington D.C. and Las Vegas, as well as into Canada with stops in Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton.

Winning fans such as James Zabiela, Desyn Masiello, Eric Prydz and Laurent Garnier along the way, Anjunadeep received a nomination for "Best Record Label" at DJ Magazine's Best of British Awards 2008. ABOVE & BEYOND's Tony McGuinness said: "The road between house and trance used to be a dusty, barren path, visited by only the truly brave, but in the last few years it has become an exciting, bustling place with constant traffic going both ways. Anjunadeep is that lovely, shiny building on the left with all the people looking in the window."

The label's debut compilation features Anjunadeep stalwarts Jaytech, Michael Cassette (aka Komytea), Interplay, Joonas Hahmo and recent high profile addition 16 Bit Lolitas.  They are joined by newer faces like Colombia's Liluca, Russia's Proff and Canadian Paul Keeley, as ABOVE & BEYOND conjure up two CD's of spirited melodic house music. A special treat comes in the form of ABOVE & BEYOND's own remix of Radiohead's "Reckoner" officially licensed via XL Recordings for the physical format only.

The So So Glos Announce US Tour Dates

photo by Eddie Brannan- for the Grateful Web

The SO SO GLOS are four brothers who play the punk rock and roll that they believe in. Originally from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, they now live at the Market Hotel in Bushwick- a space they founded that is both their home and community. Brews, smokes and music blasting, the J train crushing along the tracks outside, non-stop. That is their music: aggressive, urgent, and immediate- political and poetic because it has to be. But these Brooklyn kids aren't just touting the same old punk; Graced with electro MPC breaks, surf sounds, gang vox, and a little tambo it sounds fresh. Still though, after the rubble settles and the smoke clears, its unmistakenly punk rock in its spirit.

They started the infamous Market Hotel venue with promoter Todd P because they felt, with the DIY scene getting stronger; Brooklyn needed a larger all ages DIY venue. They were right- The Hotel has gone to host some of the best bands of now (No Age, The Black Lips, Dan Deacon) and some of the most legendary NYC parties in recent memory. Never content to play hometown heroes The SO SO GLOS self-released their S/T full length in 2007 and supported it with DIY touring at house parties and punk clubs all around the US.

In August The SO SO GLOS recorded "TOURISM/TERRORISM" at Staten Islands SOR studios with Adam Reich producing and mixing done by Spidey (Ghostface Killah). At 27 minutes long, the record is somewhere between an EP and an album. It was made a shortplayer "for the trigger happy iPod generation" half-jokes 21 year old lead singer Alex Levine with a grin. These guys are for real.

The SO SO GLOS will begin a new tour in January, with dates lasting until everyone f@cking gets it.

Sun.  1/11 @ ZEITGEIST - New Orleans, LA
Mon.  1/12 @ INSOMKNEEACKS - Baton Rouge, LA
Tues. 1/13 @ EMO'S - Austin, TX
Thur. 1/15 @ DRY RIVER - Tucson, AZ
Fri.  1/16 @ KING MUSIC - Lemon Grove, CA
Sat.  1/17 @ house show - El Centro, CA
Mon.  1/19 @ HOMEWORK MONDAYS @ CRANE'S TAVERN - Los Angeles, CA
Tues. 1/20 @ outdoor inauguration jam (stay tuned) - Los Angeles, CA
Wed.  1/21 @ house show - Claremont, CA
Thur. 1/22 @ THE SMELL - Los Angeles, CA
Fri.  1/23 @ tba - Phoenix, AZ
Sun.  1/25 @ tba - Fort Worth, TX
Tues. 1/27 @ tba - Athens, GA
Wed.  1/28 @ SNUG HARBOR - Charlotte, NC
Thur. 1/29 @ HAMMER HILL - Richmond, VA
Fri.  1/30 @ tba - Washington DC
Sat.  1/31 @ tba - New York, NY