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Check out Kan'Nal's latest album, Myth Magic.  If you have yet to hear it, you can order the cd or download the mp3's directly from their website:

And remaining scheduled tour dates for the year include:

* Friday, September 26 - Denver, CO *

Cervantes' Masterpiece Theater

(special guests to be announced)

* Saturday, September 27 - Fort Collins, CO *

Mishawaka Amphitheatre

(special guests to be announced)

* October 3-5 - Eureka Springs, AR *

Coalessence Festival

Lake Leatherwood

3 Days of Music, Consciousness & Health

Upcoming Kan'Nal Tour Dates

photos by Amanda Bell- for the Grateful Web

Kan'Nal is an authentic Rock & Roll band. Formed through natural evolution across 4 countries, 6 years, and 10's of thousands of miles traveled. The sound is rock & roll infused with a primal tribal core. Tribal Psychedelic Rock.

The core 5 members of Kan'Nal came together over a 2 year period between 2002 - 2004. All were on solo backpacking missions though Mexico and Central America when their paths crossed. First Lead Singer/Songwriter TZOL met TIERRO (lead guitarist) in a small town in Guatemala. Cut off from the outside world, San Marco, Atitlan was the perfect spot for the two to work on their musical direction. The 1st CD was conceived and later that year delivered in a studio in Toronto Canada.

Tzol and Tierro returned to that same town in Guatemala almost 1 year later to the day and met Rodolfo (BASS) and Teresita (Performance act/vocals) soon to be core members of the growing tribe. Later that year the 4 headed to the states for a small tour and recruited Rodolfo's life time friend Gilly Gonzalez from San Antonio, TX for drums. Aaron Jerad joined up in the Yucatan Mexico as a didgeridoo.

The band was set... Traveling by foot, hitching, car, jeep, van, bus and plane, the group has now played over 500 concerts since their inception. Highlighted by performances in the ancient Mayan city of Tikal in Guatemala, river side in the jungle palace of Palenque Mexico and high profile rock festivals across America including SXSW, High Sierra, Wakarusa, Earthdance, Burning Man and many more.

Their talent, drive and potential was recognized by Colorado producer Dik Darnell (John Denver, Earth, Wind and Fire, Caribou records) in 2005, and his contributions helped push Kan'Nal up to the next level. New CDs were made, and bigger and better tours were taken on. That same year Akayate (performance artist, dancer and costume designer) joined the crew and the bands stage presence was now at seven performers.

Today in 2007 the band Kan'Nal has a hungry passionate fan base across 15 states. Over 10,000 CD's sold, a 6000 plus true fan mailing list, and supporters from all walks of life. The group is about to launch a new CD, a DVD, and a summer tour to back both. All 100% independent. 100% authentic. 100% true to creativity. 100% passionate for music. 100% passionate for life.



2008 Tourdates - Kan'Nal


~Sunday, May 25 - Santa Barbara, CA~


Lightning in a Bottle Festival

~Friday, June 6 - Boulder, CO~  


The MYTH MAGICK Masquerade Ball

Boulder Theater

With special guests:

LionVibes  ~ 9-piece Reggae/Funk/Dub &

Green Spirit Produce ~ P.A. set

~Friday, June 20 - Fort Collins, CO~


Mishawaka Amphitheater

Special guests: Tuatha  ~ Tribal fusion

~Friday, August 1 - Pomeroy, OH~


Wisteria Cornstalk Festival

~Saturday, August 2 - Eugene, OR~


Faerieworlds Festival


Other shows by Members of Kan'Nal

~Friday, May 30 - Albuquerque, NM~

Members of Kan'Nal & Master African drummers Kobianah and Mali


~Saturday, May 31 - Albuquerque, NM~

LUNAR FIRE, Buddhabomb, Future Simple and more!

tix/info for weekend event @ 

~Saturday, June 14 - Denver, CO~ 


Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

~Saturday, June 21 - Berthoud, CO~

LUNAR FIRE & Solo Acoustic set by TZOL

SolFest 2008: A Summer Solstice Tribal Celebration

24 hours of Live Music, Dancing, Fire-Spinning, Drumming

~Sunday, August 3 - Eugene, OR~


Faerieworlds Festival

Kan'Nal News & Upcoming Shows

photos by Amanda Bell- for the Grateful Web

Kan'Nal has been hard at work adding songs finalizing their new CD. Kan'Nal knows this new album will reach many people from many cultures so they thank you for your patience. In the meantime, please join the dancers and musicians of Kan'Nal as they continue to contribute to the artistic and healing communities of the Denver Boulder area with exciting performances throughout October.

Everyone is showing their support for the kind generous owners of Herbs and Arts in Denver this Thursday, Oct. 4 at Quixotes, next door to Cervantes. The Cosmic Puppy Costume Party starts at 9 pm with live music and djs. All the money from the $10 cover goes to the shop owners to help heal an injured Tucker, the famous flying dog of Herbs and Arts.


FRI/SAT Oct 5/6 - Outdoors @ 7th and Santa Fe

Denver City Arts Week kicks off a Super First Friday with (full fire) Lunar Fire shows from 8-10 pm both Friday and Sat. All performers are participating free of charge in support of the Santa Fe Arts District. So bring extra support cash to tip the fire dancers, buy cds, and purchase hand crafted masks and crowns from Tiffany of Artsmyths (802 Santa Fe). Plus take home an amazing work of art by Stevon Lucero (CHAC Gallery 772 Santa Fe).

SAT OCT 27 - Mercury cafe - 2199 California Street  Join us for The Ultimate Witches Ball.  Doors 9pm, Cover $15. For more info (303)294-9281.

In Boulder, Colorado come participate in a Journey to the Underworld for the Wizards and Warriors amongst us Oct. 31, 7pm start. Featuring Lunar Fire (6 members of Kan'Nal) Buddha Bomb, GSP, Tuatha, & The Didgeridoo Experiment. Presented by Lunar Fire, The Dreamtime Festival, Gypsy Nation, The Gemini Project and Herbs & Arts. A gathering of the TRIBE.  For more info/tix check the link: 

Kan'Nal's lead guitarist, Tierro, is now offering his audio production skills to the public in Boulder CO. This is a rare opportunity to work with Tierro on your musical project. Let his 20 years of experience and easy going yet professional attitude take your recording project to the next level.

*Rock, pop, electronic, classical, folk, tribal

*Audio landscapes for your web site

*CD audio mastering

*Recording strategies to fit your budget

*In-house grand piano

*5.1 surround

*Customized original compositions

For a free consultation on your next project contact:

Tierro in the studio with European recording artist KIM CURLY.

The Kan'Nal family thanks you. They have big plans and lots of surprises coming up (and yes the new CD) so stay tuned!

Kan'nal Celebrates DVD Release at Boulder Theater

Kan''Nal - for the Grateful Web

While dancing amongst the sold out crowd at the Boulder Theater it became clear to me…..why haven't I seen this band before?  This relatively unknown band performs like a veteran group, with a commanding visual presence and an amazing display of musicianship to back it up.

It was on this night fans gathered to hear the band and celebrate the release of Kan'nal's first ever DVD, Live at The Boulder Theater.  This film showcases one of the group's amazing live performances at the hometown theater last year.

This tribal rock group from Colorado blends elements of Latin, Mediterranean, and new age rock that remind one of Santana, Rusted Root or Los Lonely Boys, but with a more authentic appeal.  Members of Kan'nal originally formed in Guatemala, and were drawn together by their love for international music.  Fans of this group appreciate their unique, organic sound and are treated to a true world music experience.

This multicultural ensemble comprised of singer/guitarist Tzol, guitarist Tierro, bassist Roldolfo Escobar, performance artist Teresita Hinojoso, drummer Gilly Gonzalez, didgeridoo player/percussionist Aaron Jerad, and performance artist Akayate took to the stage last Friday night to perform many of the songs captured on Live at the Boulder Theater, as well as new songs that have been written along the way.  From song one the band had managed to captivate the audience with their earthy good looks, exceptional musical talent, and stunning theater performance.

bellThe band ripped through favorites, lead by the psychedelic guitar work of Tierro and Tzol's silky vocals; all back dropped by a stunning light show.  Already known for their accompanying dancers, midway through the set fans were treated to authentic Aztec dancers and instrumentalists, who were donned with giant headdresses and body paint.

Featured percussion solos highlighted many of the jams throughout the evening, as Gonzalez pounded rhythmic beats and Jerad's multi-didgeridoo set added textured vibrato.

The symbiotic energy between the audience and the band was strong.  Even those not familiar with the band (such as me) felt a spiritual connection within the music.  These artists speak of community and world peace, and use beautiful music to share that vision.  Music is the universal language, and this group reiterates that truth by blending elements from every continent.

The new age of world music has come to Colorado.  Although this band is not widely popular, that will likely soon change.  They have a very devoted fan base that shares their artistic vision and humanistic approach to life.

Watch for the inevitable cosmic rise of Kan'nal.

Boulder's Performing Arts Collective Kan'Nal

Kan''Nal- for the Grateful Web

Boulder, CO – An international phenomenon and hometown favorite, Kan'Nal performs the Boulder Theater Friday, April 20 celebrating the release of Live at the Boulder Theater, its first ever Live DVD. In addition to the DVD, the band is also set to release its new studio album entitled A Myth Magik early this June.

A boundless canvas for its musicians, performers and artists, Live at the Boulder Theater is the first release from Kan'Nal to fully capture the entirety of its vigorous and hypnotic multi-sensual performance. The DVD is culled from live footage from last year's extensive global touring giving an understanding as to how Kan'Nal has been winning over audiences all across the western hemisphere.

Reaching out from a core of tribal psychedelia, Kan'Nal mixes the unconventional elements of Spanish gypsy, Bedouin rhythms and indigenous trance creating an enveloping sound.  Beyond the music, the band's live performance features spouting fire and tribal dancing enhanced through a dynamic multimedia presentation that has been winning over critics and fans all over the North American continent.

"Tribal-rock blasts plunge a hand into your chest and grab onto the part of your being that swung from trees a few million years ago. Find another band that does that."

Washington Post

"A spicy, groove-oriented acoustic fusion of Latin and Middle Eastern rhythms that combines elements of spoken word, electronica, new-age and soft metallic drone"


kannnalFormed through a natural evolution over the course of six years and thousands of miles traveled, the core members of Kan'Nal's tribe came together quite coincidentally through their individual backpacking trips through Central America. Originating in a small Guatemalan town in 2001, group songwriter Tzol met fellow wandering guitarist Tierro. Cut off from the outside world, Lake Atitlan in Guatemala was the perfect spot to work on what would become Kan'Nal's musical foundation.

Tzol and Tierro returned to the same small Guatemalan town almost a year later to the day and met another pair of musicians, bass player Rodolofo and singer Teresita. Developing the communal sound even further the quartet headed back to the states for a small tour where they rounded off the core of the tribe by adding Rodolfo's friend Gilly from San Antonio on drums and Arron from the Yucatan Peninsula as a didgeridoo player/percussionist.

To this day Kan'Nal has sold over 10,000 CDs and performed over 500 concerts including high profile music festivals across the US including Wakarusa, High Sierra, Earthdance, Burning Man and more. International performance highlights include playing the ancient Mayan city of Tikal in Guatemala, riverside at the jungle palace of Palenque in Mexico and numerous other gigs throughout the core of Central America.

Perform Live DVD Release Party at Boulder Theater Friday, April 20

2032 14th Street | 303-449-9830 | Ages 21+ | 8 PM | $15 | Special Guests TBA

* Every advance ticket purchased through receives one free copy of Live at the Boulder Theater and a free download of A Journey to the Underworld Recorded 10/20/06 In Boulder, CO *