Beastie Boys' LICENSED TO ILL TOUR Exhibition Premieres on October 8 at Hold Up Art

Hold Up Art presents Boys and Dogs, a collection of works by world renowned photographer Sunny Bak. Her photos of the Beastie Boys and the “Licensed to Ill” tour solidified Sunny’s place as a serious rock and celebrity photographer. Simultaneously, her love of animals, especially dogs, led to the creation of the best selling People Magazine parody, Pupple. These two diverse collections of images represent the work that have defined Sunny’s career.

Tell President Obama to protect our oceans, coasts & Great Lakes

We've known for years that our oceans are in trouble, struggling under the strain of oil drilling, pollution and overfishing. More recently, scientists have learned that rising amounts of carbon dioxide from burning fuels reacts with seawater to form an acid that dissolves sea shells. This process, called ocean acidification, makes it more difficult for any shelled creature in the ocean to survive and threatens the stability of marine food webs worldwide.

Healthy marine and Great Lakes systems regulate our climate and provide us with food, jobs and recreational opportunities. Protecting and restoring them to health now is made all the more urgent because of global warming: the healthier these systems are, the better able they will be to withstand the additional stress imposed by ocean acidification and other harmful effects from global warming pollution.

Part of the challenge in addressing the various problems facing our oceans, coasts and Great Lakes is that they are currently governed by more than 140 laws and 20 different agencies, each with different goals and often conflicting mandates. Like the Clean Air Act for our air, and the Clean Water Act for our water, we need a national policy for our oceans, coasts and Great Lakes.

Earlier this summer, the Obama administration announced that it would develop a unifying national policy and framework to effectively manage the increasing amount of industrial pressure on our seas, coasts and Great Lakes, and is now collecting public comment on what that policy should look like. Protecting, maintaining and restoring the health of our oceans, coasts and Great Lakes must be the core focus of a national policy, which should be formalized in an executive order from the president.

What to do:
Send a message urging President Obama to issue an executive order formally establishing a national policy to protect, maintain and restore the health of our oceans, coasts and Great Lakes.

Tell Congress to vote Yes for President Obama's clean energy budget

In the coming days and weeks, Congress will consider a budget resolution based on President Obama's proposed federal budget for fiscal year 2010. The president's proposal is a blueprint for major visionary investments that would direct billions of dollars toward the development of clean energy technologies and green jobs.

It is particularly important for Congress to pass a budget resolution that reflects the president's commitment to solving global warming. Capping global warming pollution is the cornerstone of the comprehensive effort we need to create jobs, improve our national security and protect our planet. Every year the auction and allocation of global warming pollution permits would generate billions of dollars, which would then be used for middle class tax cuts and clean energy technology research and development.

The president's proposed budget also includes important funding increases across a broad spectrum of environmental programs, many of which were slashed during the Bush administration. Specific proposals include investments in clean energy, clean water and public transportation; increasing the Environmental Protection Agency's budget; and cleaning up the nation's worst hazardous waste sites.

What to do
Send a message urging your senators and representative to vote YES on a budget resolution that provides the resources necessary to cap global warming pollution and invest in clean energy solutions and other environmental priorities.

Tell President Obama to save Alaska's Rainforest

say no to clearcutting- for the Grateful Web

The inauguration of President Obama could mean the end of an eight-year assault on America's last pristine forests. We need your help to make sure the Obama administration makes a new commitment to protecting these remaining wild lands for generations to come.

Please go here to and urge President Obama to take immediate action to preserve the old growth wilderness of Alaska's Tongass National Forest.

In its final days, the Bush administration set in motion a plan to start clearcutting the ancient, majestic trees of the Tongass, our nation's largest intact rainforest.

Unless the Obama administration reverses this disastrous policy, chainsaws will start cutting through the Tongass as early as this spring, with logging in many of our nation's other pristine forests likely to follow.

When the Roadless Area Conservation Rule was first adopted, millions of Americans cheered its historic passing, which protected 58.5 million acres of wild national forest lands from development.

Over the past eight years, however, the Bush administration repeatedly attempted to dismantle the Roadless Rule. It refused to defend the rule in court, worked to rescind the rule one state at a time, and even went so far as to "exempt" the Tongass rainforest from roadless protections.

The Bush administration's final plan for the Tongass would increase logging fivefold, and create logging roads through priceless habitat for grizzly bears, thriving salmon runs, bald eagles, and the elusive Alexander Archipelago wolf.

Please send a message to President Obama  and urge him to uphold the historic Roadless Rule for our country's remaining pristine forests, including the Tongass rainforest.

Thank you for standing up to protect the Tongass National Forest.

Gov. Ritter Applauds President Obama's Inaugural Address

President Obama | 1.20.09- for the Grateful Web

Gov. Ritter issued the following statement after witnessing President Obama's historic inaugural address:

"This has been a spectacular event. Everyone I've talked to has described a deep emotional connection to Barack Obama as well as a passion for the kind of hope, change and promise he represents. President Obama was extremely articulate, honest and direct about the country's economic challenges, while also noting that we are a country whose character is marked and defined by resilience. He urged us to rediscover that core just as we have found it time and again over the course of American history.

"I was also struck by his message to the rest of the world. Under President Obama's leadership, we will rebuild a bridge between the United States and other nations. To our enemies, he vowed that we will not back down, and to those who wish to work with us, we will move forward together.

"I look forward to strengthening the federal-state partnership with the new Obama administration as we set about the difficult work of rebuilding our economy and overcoming the many other challenges facing America today and in the years to come

Michelle Obama Speaks in Boulder

photos by Sam Holloway- for the Grateful Web

Earlier this afternoon (Editors Note: 10.1.08), several thousand people gathered on Farrand Field at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and it wasn't even to get together and smoke pot (like they do on 4/20).  Today, it was because future First Lady Michelle Obama was coming to speak on behalf of her other half, presidential hopeful Barack Obama.  Gates to the field opened to the public, who was allowed in on a first come, first served basis, at 10 am, with Michelle being due to speak at 11:45.  I got to the field at 11, and it was already starting to fill up, no way could I bustle my way through to the front at this point.  I decided to make a go at the press platforms, but all I had in terms of press creds was my camera and a Grateful Web business card.  But transparency is the name of the game for the Obama campaign, and after I put my name down on a sign-in sheet, they gave me a wristband and let me in.  They're not in the business of turning the press away, any press is good press after all, but I can't help but feel that if it had been a McCain event, I would have been beat up and had my camera taken away, and possibly destroyed.  That's just the feeling I get from Johnny Boy, he doesn't really seem to like anyone anymore, and I'm certain he wouldn't like me.

By now you've probably realize that I'm not a typical member of the so-called Liberal Media, whose definition of fair and balanced has turned into pathetic and cowardly.  I understand why it's necessary to avoid taking sides, people trust the media after all, and when opinion is presented as fact, that's when there is serious trouble.  But is it not also biased when you fail to point out when someone, especially a political candidate, is lying through his or her teeth?  Is in not biased to cover that lie simply by saying that the other side disagrees?  I think so, and I won't do it.  Certainly both candidates are guilty of stretching the truth, but only one candidate is guilty of out and out lying, and that candidate is John McCain.  Doing your homework on the subject is no where near as difficult as it used to be, thanks to the Internet, you just have to make sure your sources are credible.  Skip the McCain and Obama website for fact checking and go to a site like factcheck.org, a non-partisan database that has closely scrutinized both candidates over the last year.  What you will find will astonish you.

But enough about Mr. McCain.  Today was about Barack Obama, and what change really means for this country.  Change is Obama's main talking point, but unlike McCain, who co-opted the term and consistently fails to clarify what he means by it, Barack Obama presents an actual plan for HOW he means to bring about change, and at least in my state, is the only candidate with a television commercial talking about his plan rather than simply badmouthing the other guy.  Obama's got ads like that too, make no mistake, but when there is so much there to badmouth, who can blame him?  And as far as McCain's ability to change Washington Politics, well, as he's said many times, he's been doing it for years, but he must not be very good at it, because Washington politics have been getting worse and more corrupt over the last few decade, and the "change" that McCain and those like him have supposedly been enacting on The Hill has brought us to where we are today: to the verge of economic collapse, and mired in not one, but two seemingly wars.  Maybe McCain should steal a line of Kang and Kodos's political playbook (these are the slimy green aliens on The Simpsons, in case you were wondering): "The politics of failure have failed! Its time to make them work again!"

But seriously, enough about McCain.

Boulder-based band Meniskus opened the ceremonies, entertaining the ever-growing crowd, and probably picking up a few new fans along the way as well.  The political portion of the rally on the University of Colorado began with a brief address by the university's democratic candidate for regent, Joe Neguse, who himself graduated from CU several years ago.  He, like many others who would come after him, stressed the importance of voting, and the youth vote in particular.  Neguse was followed by democratic congressional candidate Jared Polis, who won the congressional primaries in Colorado largely because of the youth vote.  "Change doesn't come from Washington," Polis said, echoing Obama's sentiments almost exactly, "change goes to Washington, and it's our job to send it there!"

smithRod Smith, former Denver Broncos wide receiver, was the next to speak, and next to Michelle's speech, his was the highlight of the rally.  He stressed what an honor and a privilege it is to vote, especially for him, since his ancestors fought and died so that he would have the right.  Smith recounted how in all the years he's been eligible to vote, he never had until the 2004 presidential election.  "I'm ashamed of myself," he said, "but now I know that I don't have any right to complain if I don't vote."  Here here!  "For many of you, this might be your first opportunity to vote in a presidential election," he said, appealing directly to the student population in attendance, which was huge, incidentally (who says young people don't care about the issues?).  "My daughter just turned 18, and she will vote this year, I guarantee it!"  Smith went on to say that he had put off registering to vote this year specifically so he could do so then and there, at the voter registration table set up on the north side of Farrand Field.  "I hope anyone out there who isn't registered will come and join me."  Leave us not forget that the last two presidential elections have been devilishly close, and the youth vote could have made all the difference in those few states that ultimately decided the outcome.

Maggie Fox, the wife of Senatorial candidate Mark Udall, spoke at the rally as well, encouraging people not only to vote for Barack Obama, but also to vote Mark Udall into the U.S. Senate.  "My husband has been working to change Washington since he was elected to congress in 1996," she said, "and was working to pass renewable energy legislation since before it became popular to do so."  The bill she was referring to passed the House when it was introduced, but fell one vote short in the Senate, a mistake that would not be made again, she said, after her husband was elected.

By the time Michelle Obama came on stage, the crowd filled the field, and spilled out in all directions – into the streets and onto the steps of the dormitories that surround the field.  Mothers, fathers, and students of all creeds and colors were in attendance, sporting more varieties of Barack Obama tee shirts (Editor's Note:  Grateful Web Make Love Not War tshirts on sale now!), buttons, and stickers than there are hipsters at an Indie Rock music festival.  Blue signs reading "Change We Can Believe In," filled the air directly above the heads in the crowd, and there were more than a few homemade banners in hand as well.

michelleMichelle is, in my opinion, as good a speaker as her husband, but while Barack's speeches are lofty and filled with rock star energy, hers are based on a deep and emotional connection between herself and the audience, drawing the eye to the similarities between all of us.  Not that a rock star speech is a bad thing, anything that gets the populace excited about being involved in the political process is a good thing in my opinion.  I would much prefer to elect a rock star than a maverick, someone filled with positive energy, hope, and intellectual charisma rather than a fear-mongering John Everyman whose intellect goes no farther than the battlefield.  But maybe that's just me.

Pushing once again the importance of the youth vote, Michelle said it was her goal to register 4100 new voters on the CU campus.  "We're half way there," she said, and reminded everyone that registering to vote is only half the battle, the other half is to actually get out there and vote.  And Michelle Obama gave us every reason to vote, and to vote for Barack Obama.

Connection was the main theme of Michelle's speech, that and change for the better, but that's almost a given by this point in the campaign.  Michelle spoke to the audience as a mother who wants only what's best for her children and all other children too.  She spoke as a wife who knows more about Barack Obama than anyone else in the world, and who believes in his abilities down to her very core.  She spoke as a daughter who knows how bad it can be when a parent, her father, is diagnosed with an incurable disease and is unable to pay the sky-high medical bills, while her mother selflessly shouldered the burden, working all her life to support the children.  She spoke as a student, swimming in a sea of student loans, who was only able to pay them off because her husband happened to write and publish two best-selling books.  Most of all, she spoke as a patriot, someone who believed in her country so much that she was not afraid to criticize those who were ruining it.  She charged that change should be more than just a slogan, and there is only one candidate who has it in him bring it about.

CUAs far as Michelle Obama is concerned, there is only one candidate for president.  To paraphrase: There is only one candidate who knows what it is like to grow up in a single parent home, and to see a loved one survive off food stamps and welfare.  There is only one candidate who knows what it means to be working class.  There is only one candidate who knows what it is like to be over your head in student loan debt, and only one candidate who knows that public service is more rewarding than having your future planned out for you, only one candidate who knows what it's like in the inner cities where families can barely make ends meet.  There is only one candidate who "gets it," and that candidate is Barack Obama.  "Don't we want a president who brings perspective?" Michelle asked the crowd.  Roughly 8000 people screaming an enthusiastic "yes!" greeted her.  By providing the context behind Obama's goals of helping the working class, Michelle was directly tackling one of the biggest criticisms of Barack Obama levied by those who cannot be bothered to get to know him – that he is nothing more than a stuck up elitist.  By showing the people that Barack is more like them than they may have known, she sought to build up the sort of mutual empathy that Barack Obama's campaign thrives upon.  I think she succeeded.

"We can change our future," Michelle Obama said to immense applause, "and perhaps we can change the world!"

Yes we can!

To see more photos from the Obama rally in Boulder, please visit the Gallery, and check out my Flickr page too!


Vote for Obama!- for the Grateful Web

ITS EASY: To purchase tickets simply click HERE.  You will be directed to the campaign contribution page.  Simply enter all required information and then click on the red PROCESS CONTRIBUTION button at the bottom.  In order to purchase multiple tickets simultaneously, just click on 'other' and enter the total dollar amount.  Then include a note stating the number/kind of tickets desired in the designated 'send a note...' box below, just above the red button.  Your name will be held at the door (tickets will not be mailed), but you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase/contribution within 24 hrs.  All proceeds benefit the Obama for America Presidential campaign.

YOU WANT MORE: If you wish to contribute a higher amount than the sum total of your ticket price, the Obama campaign will be very grateful!  Simply donate as much as you can, and then include a note stating the number of tickets desired in the designated 'send a note...' box on the contribution page just above the red button, or email us at the address below with your ticket needs.  

TELL YOUR FRIENDS: After your contribution/ticket purchase is processed, you will be asked by the campaign website to email a pre-set invitation to your contacts asking them to contribute to the Obama campaign as well.  This is a general invitation to support Barack, but you may easily transform it into a concert invitation as well!  If you would like to use this opportunity to invite anyone to the Jazz for Obama concert in particular (and we hope you will), just be sure to include a note about the concert in your email, and most importantly include our weblink jazzforobama.com so that your friends can purchase tickets just as you did!


   ...and special guests

OCTOBER 1 - 7:30pm
The 92nd Street Y Kaufmann Concert Hall
 Lexington Avenue at 92nd Street
(Doors open 6:30 pm)


Clare & The Reasons Release Song For Obama

Clare and the Reasons- for the Grateful Web

As the world enjoys the last days of summer, Clare & the Reasons are headed back to the UK for a tour that is still adding dates. The tour includes stops at landmark UK festivals, such as Fringe, Connect and End of the Road. The group will join up with My Brightest Diamond halfway through for a co-headlining European leg.

Fargo Records, the French label boasting such artists as Andrew Bird, Jesse Sykes, Against Me, and Ron Sexmith, will be proudly re-releasing The Movie in all European territories excluding the UK. On October 7th at La Cigale, Chris Garneau, My Brightest Diamond and Clare & the Reasons will join forces to celebrate Fargo Records.

Clare and the Reasons were recently added to the Dublin Fringe Fest playing a night of music with Duke Special. They'll be performing the songs that Manchon and Special have co-written for the upcoming Duke Special release.

After the European dates, Clare & the Reasons will be announcing more exciting news for the States, and eventually will be settling into the studio to record their sophomore album.


Aug 25- EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL-Club Voltaire- Edinburgh, Scotland
Aug 27- ABERDEEN- Café Drummonds
Aug 28- INVERNESS- Madhatters/Hootananny's
            - Nevis Radio- Fort Williams- Scotland, playing live.
Aug 29- FORT WILLIAMS- Fired Arts
Aug 30- CONNECT FESTIVAL- Club Noir stage
Aug 31- DUNDEE- Fat Sam's
Sep 2- GLASGOW- King Tuts
Sep 3- YORK- The Duchess
Sep 4- MANCHESTER- Night & Day
Sep 5- BIRMINGHAM- Glee Club
Sep 6 - "Loose Ends" on BBC Radio 4.
Sep 6- NOTTINGHAM- The Bodega Social Club
Sep 8- NORWICH- Norwich Arts Centre
Sep 9- LONDON- Borderline
Sep 10- DUBLIN- Spiegeltent Dublin Fringe Fest with DUKE SPECIAL
Sep 11- OXFORD- Bullington


Sep 21 – AMSTERDAM-Melkweg
Sep 22- HAMBURG- Molotow
Sep 23 – BERLIN- Lido
Sep 24- SCHORNDORF- Manufaktur
Sep 26- VIENNA- B72
Sep 28- ZURICH- Rote Fabrik
Sep 29- MILAN- MusicDrome
Oct 1-BRUSSELS- Le Botanique
Oct 4- GRONINGEN- Take Roots Festival
Oct 5- NIJMEGEN- Doornroosje
Oct 6- TOURCOING- le Grand Mix
Oct 7- PARIS- LA CIGALE- Fargo All Stars
Oct 8- STRASBOURG- Laiterie Club
Oct 10- EVREAX- Abordage Club
Oct 11- LE HAVRE- Cabaret Electric