Sanofi-aventis Jazzfest 2009

Despite the demise of the JVC Jazz Festival, there will still be a major jazz festival in the New York area – the sanofi-aventis Jazzfest. Originally started as part of the Newport Jazz Festival New York, Jazzfest has been presented by the New Jersey Jazz Society for 34 years. This popular jazz festival will take place on the campus of Drew University in Madison, New Jersey on June 5 and 6 and is now the region’s only true straight ahead jazz festival.

jazzfestJazzfest kicks off with a free concert sponsored by Jazzmobile and the Madison Downtown Development Commission on Friday at 7:00. Featuring three of New Jersey’s best student jazz bands, the concert has become a New Jersey Jazz Society tradition of celebrating jazz education and young talented musicians.

On Saturday, the gates open at 11:00 am and the music begins at noon and runs until 10:00 PM. In the afternoon, four bands will alternate sets on three stages both indoors in the Dorothy Young Performing Arts Center and outdoors under the jazz tent. Those bands include a tribute to the great Benny Goodman with the Allan Vache Benny Goodman Tribute Big Band, the Houston Person Quartet, Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks, Trio da Paz and the Generations of Jazz with Pam Purvis.

In the evening, three groups take the main stage with the Rio Clemente Trio and vocalist Laura Hull kicking things off at 5:30 pm. At 7:00 pm, jazz singer Curtis Stigers takes the stage followed by Sherrie Maricle and the DIVA Jazz Orchestra.

·       The Benny Goodman Tribute Big Band is one of the official bands approved by the great clarinetist’s estate to celebrate the centennial of his birth. Led by Allen Vache, the band features some of the swingingest musicians in jazz, including Warren Vache, Terry Blaine, Randy Reinhart, Tom Artin, Mark Shane and Joe Ascione.

·       Complimenting the swing of the Goodman band will be Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks whose recreation of hot jazz from the twenties and thirties have made them one of the most sought after ensembles in the country, with many guest appearances in film and on radio.

·       Trio da Paz brings together three of Brazil’s top jazz musicians, Romero Lubambo, Nilson Matta and Duduka deFonseca. Their brand of infectious South American jazz has given them a worldwide audience.

·       Saxophonist Houston Person is riding a new wave of popularity as a younger generation is discovering his soulful, bluesy style. Although he has recorded more that 75 albums, he has never lost his creative, swinging edge.

·       In the evening, Jazzfest will feature the locally popular Rio Clemente Trio with singer Laura Hull from 5:30 to 7:00. They will be followed by singer Curtis Stigers who has made the transition from pop star in the 1980s to jazz star today. He has appeared with Eric Clapton, Herbie Hancock, Diana Krall and Wynton Marsalis, to name a few of the great artists who love his style. He has been called the “best male jazz singer of his generation” by the critics.

·       The evening concludes with one of the best big bands on the scene today, the all-woman big band Sherrie Maricle & the DIVA Jazz Orchestra. Leading critic and reader polls consistently rank them as one of the best big bands in the world and for good reason. Following in the tradition of the Buddy Rich Big Band, DIVA blends a contemporary sound with a big band tradition. Their performances are uniquely spontaneous, energetic and lots of fun.

The sanofi-aventis Jazzfest co-sponsored by RXR will also feature great food and many vendors all day on Saturday, including a special Southern Barbecue, sales of rare CDs and vinyl records, jazz related art and jewelry as well as many craft and retail vendors. The festival is also made possible by the generous support of corporations and local organizations, including JazzMobile, Riker Danzig, Madison Downtown Development Commission, Toyota of Morristown, WBGO Jazz88FM and JazzTimes Magazine. The Best Western Morristown Inn is the official festival hotel and offers a special discount room rate for attendees of the festival. The Morristown Inn is located just two miles from the Drew campus in historic Morristown.

The New Jersey Jazz Society will also take time out to honor Bill Hyland, for many years the legal and music advisor for Benny Goodman, Todd Rechler whose company RSR Realty is a champion of the arts in the region, and sanofi-aventis which has supported Jazzfest for the past five years.

Tickets are only $50.00 in advance, but will be $65.00 at the gate on June 6. New Jersey Jazz Society members enjoy even larger savings. For more information, advance sale discount tickets, membership information and hotel reservations log onto http://www.njjs.org/ or call 800-303-6557. Students are $10.00 at the gate and kids 16 and under are free. Drew University is conveniently located on Route 124 in Madison and parking is free. The university is also easily accessible by public transportation.

The Charlatans UK Announce US 2009 Tour

The Charlatans’ tenth studio album, ‘You Cross My Path’, is nothing less than a masterpiece – only the latest triumph, in a career which has been positively stuffed with them.

It was one of the most talked-about records in recent years, before anyone had even heard a note of it. It was first released in early March in MP3 format, via alternative radio station Xfm’s website. In a revolutionary move, The Charlatans were charging their fans not a penny to own and enjoy their latest music.

charlatans“I know some people have given their music away free before, like Throbbing Gristle, and Pete Doherty,” says Tim Burgess, the band’s singer, proudly, “but we’re the first to give a brand new album away free. The idea was just to get the music into people’s iPods. We came to the conclusion that we didn’t really care how people got it, just as long as they got it.”

On that score, mission accomplished: within a week, ‘You Cross My Path’ had been downloaded no less than 60,000 times. Had those transactions taken place within “official” channels, it would’ve been sufficient to send the album to Number Two in the UK charts. Another week later, the album was posted for download on the band’s own website, www.thecharlatans.net , again for free. At the last count, approximately 90,000 MP3 copies of the album were out in the world.

For those many happy owners of ‘You Cross My Path’, this hasn’t been some bizarre virtual twist on the money/old rope equation. Without having their minds made up for them by the media, they’ve come to realise that the album is amongst The Charlatans’ very best, if not the finest of all.

“The idea actually came up about two years ago,” says Tim, “soon after I asked Alan McGee to manage the band. I was really looking for a fresh start in a lot of ways. I decided to give up drinking and taking drugs, just to see where that takes me. It was a really painful time, because I loved drinking and taking drugs so much, but after about three months I really began to feel the benefit.

“Anyway, after we had that idea, personally I felt really inspired, and I think it helped the whole band. You try to get up in the morning and write a new record, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen all the time. You need something inspiring to fuel your energy. Lots of things seemed to start happening, it was really invigorating.”

At home in Los Angeles through the latter half of 2006, Tim had been submerging himself in his huge and ever-expanding record collection. As ever, the tunes he was listening to in that period provided the starting point for, and became a shaping influence on, the music that he and the band created over the ensuing months.

Tim: “We’ve been influenced by Motown, punk, 60’s psyche and we’ve been through Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Gram Parsons and Curtis Mayfield… I wanted a different thing this time. I was listening to Brian Eno a lot, which triggered thoughts of Joy Division, who I found out were really inspired by Eno and Bowie, and that set me off listening to all the records I was listening to in 1981-86 – Section 25, The Wake, Royal Family And The Poor, and all those obscure Factory bands.

“Plus, my wife, Michelle, discovered ‘The Head On The Door’ by The Cure. When that originaly came out, I was working in a chemical factory in manchester; at the weekend, I’d go to the pub, drink bad cider and get pissed. They were times of optimism for me, hope for the future. I’d got to clubs and dance to Grandmaster Flash, D.A.F ‘The Cutter’ by Echo & The Bunnymen, ‘Temptation’ by New Order and ‘Felicity’ by Orange Juice – all in a row. In the same way, all that stuff blended into one over the two years of making the record.”

For the first time, Burgess wrote his initial song ideas using the Apple programme Logic. This enabled him to send them instantly to Tony Rogers, the band’s keyboard player and in-house computer wizard, “to get my ideas more fully realised”. In February ’07, Rogers and Mark Collins, the Charlies’ guitarist, joined Tim in LA for preliminary sessions.

The trio then reconvened for a couple more sessions at Tony’s house in Ireland, in April and October, before the remaining parts were completed, with bassist Martin Blunt and drummer Jon Brookes, at the band’s studio HQ in Cheshire, Big Mushroom. The album was then mixed by Alan Moulder, revered for his work with, amongst others, The Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and The Cure.

‘You Cross My Path’ includes some of the most euphoric music the Charlatans have ever made – some of the most disturbed, too. Like on a classic Cure or New Order record, Blunt’s basslines lead from the front, for a driving, danceable sound, which is both nostalgic and fiercely contemporary. Burgess was keen to cut against the music’s polished upfulness in his lyrics. The first song he worked on was ‘Oh! Vanity’, which he says is “about nostalgia, and not a warm nostalgia – I wanted it to have quite a cold atmosphere.” You Cross My Path’, meanwhile, is “angry – someone had backed me into a corner, and I came out fighting”.

Those two tunes set him off trying to strike a new and different lyrical vibe. His wife suggested he try the cut-up technique originated by William Burroughs, and transposed to the pop world by David Bowie.

“I was like, I did that when I was 21 years old! I was at home one day, and I ended up writing four sets of lyrics for an Italian disco record I’d got by Doris Norton – one about the band, one about my childhood, one a weird essay on Diane Arbus, this photographer I really love, and one about a bad acid trip in a hotel. Eventually, I cut it all up, but I didn’t just throw it altogether, I just took all bits I needed. That became ‘The Misbegotten’.”

Tim laughs. “It might seem like I had too much time on my hands, but if LA’s been good for me in one way, it’s that I’ve got time on my hands. I come down to the room where I’ve got all my records, and just get inspired by music, which to me is what it’s all about.”

As The Charlatans approach their twentieth anniversary, their music continues to be just as inspirational to hundreds of thousands of fans. They first appeared in 1989 with the self-financed ‘Indian Rope’ single, and quickly followed it with ‘The Only One I Know’, which is to this day amongst the most beloved hits from that exciting era in British music.

The Charlatans themselves have proved every bit as enduring as that signature song, in the face of often tragic circumstances. Their history encompasses imprisonment, a fatal car accident, testicular cancer and the embezzlement of half a million quid by their accountant, not to mention the passing of countless musical trends.

As a result, they have often been cast as “survivors” – a rather grim and unflattering image for a band, who have scored nine UK Top Ten albums (not including ‘You Cross My Path’, as yet), and 22 Top 40 singles. Burgess singles out ‘Tellin’ Stories’ (1996), ‘Us & Us Only’ (1999) and ‘Wonderland’ (2001) as what he calls “our championship title-winning records”, but their music continues to evolve, excite and excel, both in the studio, and as an unstoppable touring combo.

For this, Burgess and his cohorts have lately found themselves adopted as godfathers by a new generation of bands for whom they have been literally a lifelong obsession. When Mark Ronson included a rendition of ‘The Only One I Know’ on his ‘Version’ album (sung by Robbie Williams, no less), it soon became clear that he’d done so out of immense reverence for the original, and its makers. Burgess has since sung it onstage with Ronson.

“He introduces me as the person that got him into music,” says Tim, “which is quite humbling, really. The first time we ever played in New York, he snuck out to see us. He was only 13 years old, and then did a paper [at school] about his favourite band, which was us.”

Similarly, a list of admirers that includes The Klaxons, The Horrors, Carl Barât and The Twang, as well as rising acts like Electricty In Our Homes and Glasvegas, have been welcomed into the ever-growing, music-obsessed Charlatans social whirl. Another group, Hatcham Social, recently enlisted Tim to produce their single, ‘Till The Dawn’. “They’re really into Orange Juice,” he enthuses, before launching into a lengthy discourse on the producer responsible for many of Factory’s early masterpieces, Martin Hannett.

…Which brings us back to ‘You Cross My Path’. “This’ll probably sound fucked-up,” says Tim, “but every day, I used to walk to the gym, because I thought I needed to get into training to make this record. In the final song, ‘This Is The End’, there’s the line, ‘I look at all the amputees on the Strip’, because on my walk I noticed all these guys who’d come home from the War [in Iraq] and were homeless, starting to live on [Sunset] Strip.

“I just wanted to put all that stuff in,” he continues. “Everything! The whole record came out as one complete thought – like ‘Power Corruption & Lies’, or ‘Electric Ladyland’, or ‘Kollaps’ by Einstürzende Neubauten. Everything’s in there, as one big flow of ideas.”

There is, perhaps, a strong sense of irony about such an incorrigible vinyl junkie, who takes so much guiding light from his records, suddenly becoming a spokesman for the digital revolution. The irony wasn’t lost on him, right from the beginning. “When WE were first talking about [the free download], “I secretly knew I’d want it on vinyl as well”. So, the album now arrives physically, in 33 territories, on deluxe double CD, single CD and trusty vinyl, courtesy of Cooking Vinyl.

“It feels like a great idea – to release it again!” Tim concludes. “We’re learning as we go along. We’ll just see where it takes us. But the whole thing has been invigorating. It really feels like the band have been reborn, like we’ve got a whole new lease of life.”

'Made In The UK' 2009 Concert Series

Rochester and New York City will play host to the largest ever series of UK jazz concerts in June 2008. Arts Council England have agreed to support the British artists programmed at this year’s Rochester International Jazz Festival, New York (RIJF), as part of their international concert series ‘Made in the UK’.

Produced by ESIP, the artists selected for the nine RIJF concerts from 12 – 20 June are The Peter King Quartet, Liane Carroll Trio, the Neil Cowley Trio, Tessa Souter Quartet, Tony Kofi Quartet, Norma Winstone with Gareth Williams & Tim Garland’s Lighthouse Trio. Huw Warren and the Paula Gardiner Trio will also be performing at the festival to represent ‘Welsh Jazz’.

Additional concerts in NYC will be launched with a double bill of BBC Jazz award winning singer-pianist, Liane Carroll, and legendary saxophonist Peter King at Dizzy's Club Coca Cola, Lincoln Center on 8 June. Neil Cowley is also confirmed for ‘Joe’s’ Pub in New York on 16 June with Grammy nominated singer Norma Winstone pairing up for a double bill with NYC-based Tessa Souter on 20 June, while saxophonists Tony KofiTim Garland pair up at the same venue on Sunday 21st. and

Tim Garland's Lighthouse Trio continue their tour with a concert at the Kennedy Center in Washington on 23 June before heading to Chicago, and then finishing up at the Catalina in LA on 29 June. Neil Cowley's Trio will play a date at Boston's Cafe 939 on 12 June.

RIJF has become one of the USA’s leading jazz festivals in the six years of its existence.  As well as presenting legendary artists from the jazz community such as Wynton Marsalis and Dave Brubeck the RIJF places strong emphasis on presenting the emerging artists from around the world. John Nugent, RIJF Producer and Artistic Director, said, “We’ve been impressed with jazz musicians coming from the UK for many years now and after the success of the pilot last year we have made ‘Made in the UK’ a regular part of the festival.”

ESIP has been programming cutting-edge concerts, tours and festivals for a variety of UK and international clients. “We’ve been given the opportunity to present British artists at one of the most prestigious jazz festivals in the world and introduce their music to a wider audience.  We are honoured to be working with John Nugent and his team in Rochester and grateful to Arts Council England & Welsh Arts International for supporting our concert series.”  John Ellson, Director of ESIP.
Made In The UK Concert Schedule

Dizzy's Club Coca Cola, Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York -- Monday 8th June   Peter King Quartet / Liane Carroll Trio

Rochester Jazz Festival
Christ Church, Rochester – 6.45pm/8.45pm
Friday 12th June   Peter King Quartet
Saturday 13th June   Liane Carroll Trio
Sunday 14th June   Neil Cowley Trio
Monday 15th June   Huw Warren
Tuesday 16th June   Paula Gardiner Trio with Huw Warren
Wednesday 17th June   Tessa Souter Quartet
Thursday 18th June   Tony Kofi Quartet
Friday 19th June   Norma Winstone with Gareth Williams
Saturday 20th June   Tim Garland’s Lighthouse Trio
Sweet Rhythm, New York

Saturday 20th June   Norma Winstone with Gareth Williams / Tessa Souter Quartet
Sunday 21st June   Tim Garland’s Lighthouse Trio / Tony Kofi Quartet
Cafe 939, Boston
Friday 12th June   Neil Cowley Trio
Joe's Pub, New York
Tuesday 16th June   Neil Cowley Trio
Kennedy Center, Washington
Tuesday 23rd June   Tim Garland’s Lighthouse Trio
Catalina Bar & Grill, Los Angeles
Monday 29th June   Tim Garland’s Lighthouse Trio
For Further information

Rochester International Jazz Festival – www.rochesterjazz.com

ESIP Limitedwww.esip.co.uk
For more information about the ‘Made in the UK’ international concert series please contact: John Ellson – john@esip.co.uk / tel: + 44 118 940 6812
Jazz Serviceswww.jazzservices.org.uk
For press enquiries, please contact: Joe Paice - info@jazzservices.org.uk / tel: + 44 207 928 9089

Produced by ESIP in association with Jazz Services Supported by the Arts Council of England

Artist Biographies

With Martin Drew (Drums), Steve Melling (piano) & Geoff Gascoyne (Bass)
For nearly forty years saxophonist Peter King has been internationally recognised as Europe's leading Parker-disciple. His virtuosity as a bebop player led him to play in small groups alongside Bud Powell, Max Roach and Milt Jackson and with the big bands of Count Basie, Ray Charles and Johnny Dankworth. His immensely powerful playing technique has continued to evolve drawing on more recent harmonic innovations, while never losing innate swing. King continues to tour regularly in Europe and is a regular soloist with the Charlie Watts Quintet.
Singer/pianist Liane Carroll is one of the most popular figures on the UK jazz scene. A beautiful singer, her shows lead an audience through soulful blues, powerful funk, and heart-rending ballads all delivered with wit and charm. She has worked with a huge variety of artists from Sir Paul McCartney and Gerry Rafferty to Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Since 2007 Carroll has won a number of awards including 'Best Vocalist' and 'Best of Jazz' categories at the BBC Jazz Awards and 'Musician of the Year' at the Parliamentary Jazz Awards 2008.
Fizzing with the energy of rock and the surging dynamics of dance music, the Neil Cowley Trio have been placed at the forefront of the British ‘Post-Jazz’ movement – a scene driven by simple musical curiosity, a post ipod, everything fits aesthetic that says the old certainties of form and genre are increasingly redundant. Classically trained, Cowley is a dazzling pianist and outstanding composer; indeed, his beautiful, sometimes forceful melodies and thrilling climaxes earned his trio’s debut recording, Displaced, a BBC Jazz Award for Best Album. Helped by Cowley's “mischievous humour” and “marvellously English wit”, the trio have built a reputation for their captivating, exciting live shows and remarkable rapport with their audience.
Pianist and composer Huw Warren is known as one of the UK's most individual and versatile creative forces with work crossing the divides between Jazz, Contemporary Music and World Music. Along with solo performances and commissions, he has collaborated internationally with Mark Feldman, Peter Herbert, Maria Pia De Vito and Theo Bleckmann amongst others. Huw is also known to many as co-founder of cult Brit jazzers "Perfect Houseplants" and regular arranger/musical director for folk singer June Tabor. As a composer Huw has been commissioned by the BBC, Piano Circus, RSC, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Welsh Chamber Orchestra, Tango Siempre, LPO Renga Ensemble, ABRSM, Palladian Ensemble, Koch Ensemble, Elena Riu, and numerous festivals worldwide.
Paula Gardiner’s presence on the Welsh Jazz scene has been an inspiring one for a long time. As well as heading up the Jazz course at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, Paula is the Honorary President of the Swansea-based organisation, Women in Jazz. In fact, Paula has been so active around the region that it is surprising that she has yet to achieve the wider recognition in Britain and Europe that she so richly deserves. One of Britain’s most lyrical and melodic bass players, Paula Gardiner is also an accomplished classical guitarist and flautist. Her first influences from the Jazz world came from European players like Eberhard Weber, highly melodic musicians and composers, who draw on a European heritage, as well as on Jazz.
With Jason Ennis (guitar), Gary Wang (bass), Conor Meehan (drums)
Born in the UK, the daughter of Trinidadian and English parents, now New York-based vocalist, composer, and lyricist Tessa Souter imbues a mix of jazz and stunning originals with the soul and passion of flamenco, Indian and Middle Eastern music. New York Sun critic Will Friedwald. The Philadelphia Inquirer raved about her "amazing" debut CD Listen Love and "crystal-clear voice with diamond-cut phrasing.” Drum legend Joe La Barbera says: "Tessa is a unique voice in jazz." She moved to New York in the late 90’s where she started sitting in at jazz jams. Following a brief spell at New York's Manhattan School of Music, she studied privately with jazz vocal legend Mark Murphy, who says of her, ‘She’s a complete musician - extraordinary and moving’.
Born in London, Norma Winstone first attracted attention in the late sixties when she shared the bill at Ronnie Scott's Club with Roland Kirk. Although she began her career singing jazz standards, she became involved in the avant garde movement, exploring the use of the voice in an experimental way and evolving her own wordless approach to improvisation. She continues in the forefront of British jazz and was nominated again in the 2007 BBC Jazz Awards for best vocalist as well as being awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List in the same year. Norma performed her debut concert as a featured artist in New York in June 2008 at Joe’s Pub with great audience reaction and critical success. In 2009, she received a Grammy nomination, and the presigious Skoda Jazz Prize for her contribution to European Jazz. Gareth Williams is one of the most intensely creative, dynamic and exciting performers on the UK scene. He has been receiving increasing critical and public acclaim since becoming a professional musician in the early 90s. Described as “a jewel of a player... spinning out luminous introductions and codas” by Jazziz Magazine (USA), he has dazzled audiences not only by his virtuoso approach to the piano, but also by his multi-instrumentalist talents on guitar and vocals.
Kofi plays soprano, alto, and baritone saxophone with equal dexterity and accomplishment; his soprano has a Coltrane-like fluidity; his alto agile and peppery: his baritone dark toned, sonorous and bold. After studying at Berklee on a full scholarship, Kofi went on to be a member of two of British jazz's most influential groups in the 1990s - the Jazz Warriors and Gary Crosby's Nu Troop. He has since appeared with Branford Marsalis, Courtney Pine, Queen Latifah, Ralph Moore, Andrew Hill, Sam Rivers and was recently invited to join the World Saxophone Quartet alongside David Murray, Oliver Lake and Hamiet Bluiett. His quartet features his own compositions drawing on the blues, Gospel, Jazz, funk, Latin, African rhythms, Be-bop and infused with his love of Thelonious Monk.
Tim Garland is widely known as one of the UK’s most successful musical exports working in jazz. He first made international waves playing saxophone, bass clarinet and flute with Chick Corea, and has also toured and recorded extensively with Vibes player Joe Locke and drum legend Bill Bruford. He has orchestrated five of Chick’s best loved pieces for the Grammy Award winning "The New Crystal Silence" album - described by Pat Metheny as "magnificent and creative arrangements". The Lighthouse Trio features award-winning pianist Gwilym Simcock, described by Chick Corea as "...an original - a creative genius", and the incredible Israeli percussionist, Asaf Sirkis. They will be performing music from Tim’s new album Libra (Global Mix).

Jazz Fest At Sea 2009

jazzatseaThe year 2009 marks the 100th birthday of jazz legend Benny Goodman. We are very proud to announce that clarinetist Allan Vache has been given permission by the Goodman Estate and Bill Hyland, its executor, to present "A Benny Goodman Centennial Tribute" show. In addition to the Tribute show, Banu Gibson and her New Orleans Hot Jazz band will be headlining our jazz cruise. And our special guests from the West Coast, BED will be on board for your listening pleasure. We will be departing from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to the Southern Caribbean on the MSC Poesia for 10-nights of jazz and fun. Not only will you have your choice of amazing performances each evening, but you are also invited to the afternoon sessions on days at sea. Take a look at the fantastic schedule! But remember, only those who book with Cruise & Vacation Depot will be allowed to participate!

Our JazzFest at Sea promises to be the Ultimate Jazz Cruise of the year for all Classic and Dixieland Jazz fans. Don't miss the boat! Our staterooms are in limited supply. Simply call 1-800-654-8090 or email JazzFest at Sea for more information.

The schedule is subject to change. Check back often or call us at 1-800-654-8090 for updates!

Monday - November 30

Le Moulin Rouge (Pigalle) Lounge - Deck 7 Aft
8:00 PM - Banu Gibson & The New Orleans Hot Jazz featuring Banu Gibson, Randy Reinhart, Marc Phaneuf, David Sager, David Boeddinghaus, Frank Tate and Jeff Hamilton
9:00 PM - A Benny Goodman Centennial Tribute featuring Allan Vaché, David Jones, Bill Allred, Matt Hoffmann, Mark Shane, Bob Leary, Charlie Silva, Ed Metz Jr. and Terry Blaine
10:00 PM - B.E.D. featuring Rebecca Kilgore, Eddie Erickson, Dan Barrett and Joel Forbes

Tuesday - December 1

Le Moulin Rouge (Pigalle) Lounge - Deck 7 Aft
1:00 PM - "Meet the Musicians" Cocktail Party
2:00 PM - Diva Duos featuring Rebecca Kilgore & Eddie Erickson, Terry Blaine & Mark Shane, Banu Gibson & David Boeddinghaus
8:00 PM - Dem Bones featuring Bill Allred, Dan Barrett, David Sager, Mark Shane, Joel Forbes, Bob Leary and Jeff Hamilton
9:00 PM - Allan Vaché's Swingtet featuring Allan Vaché, Randy Reinhart, Frank Tate, Matt Hoffmann, Eddie Erickson and Ed Metz Jr.
10:00 PM - Chicago Jazz featuring David Jones, Marc Phaneuf, Dan Barrett, David Boeddinghaus, Charlie Silva and Jeff Hamilton

Wednesday - December 2

Le Moulin Rouge (Pigalle) Lounge - Deck 7 Aft
1:00 PM - Musical Memories featuring Ed Clute on the piano playing your requests
2:00 PM - Allan Vaché's Big 4 featuring Allan Vaché, David Jones, Bob Leary and Charlie Silva
3:00 PM - 3 Girls 3 featuring Terry Blaine, Banu Gibson, Rebecca Kilgore, Mark Shane, Eddie Erickson, Joel Forbes and Ed Metz Jr.
8:00 PM - B.E.D. featuring Rebecca Kilgore, Eddie Erickson, Dan Barrett and Joel Forbes
9:00 PM - Banu Gibson & The New Orleans Hot Jazz featuring Banu Gibson, Randy Reinhart, Marc Phaneuf, David Sager, David Boeddinghaus, Frank Tate and Jeff Hamilton
10:00 PM - A Benny Goodman Centennial Tribute featuring Allan Vaché, David Jones, Bill Allred, Matt Hoffmann, Mark Shane, Bob Leary, Charlie Silva, Ed Metz Jr. and Terry Blaine

Thursday - December 3

Le Moulin Rouge (Pigalle) Lounge - Deck 7 Aft
8:00 PM - Cornet Chop Suey featuring Randy Reinhart, Dan Barrett,David Jones, David Boeddinghaus, Frank Tate amd Jeff Hamilton with guest Banu Gibson
9:00 PM  - With Benny in Mind featuring Allan Vaché, Matt Hoffman, Mark Shane, Bob Leary, Charlie Silva and Ed Metz Jr. with guest Terry Blaine
10:00 PM - Bill's Classic Jazz featuring Bill Allred, Randy Reinhart, Mark Phaneuf, Eddie Erikson, Joel Forbes and Ed Metz Jr. with guest Rebecca Kilgore

Friday - December 4

Le Moulin Rouge (Pigalle) Lounge - Deck 7 Aft
8:00 PM - A Benny Goodman Centennial Tribute featuring Allan Vaché, David Jones, Bill Allred, Matt Hoffmann, Mark Shane, Bob Leary, Charlie Silva, Ed Metz Jr. and Terry Blaine  
9:00 PM - B.E.D. featuring Rebecca Kilgore, Eddie Erickson, Dan Barrett and Joel Forbes
10:00 PM - Mostly Mercer - A Johnny Mercer Centennial Tribute featuring Banu Gibson, Randy Reinhart, Marc Phaneuf, David Sager, David Boeddinghaus, Frank Tate and Jeff Hamilton

Saturday - December 5

Le Moulin Rouge (Pigalle) Lounge - Deck 7 Aft
8:00 PM - The Matt Hoffmann Quartet featuring Matt Hoffmann, Mark Shane, Joel Forbes and Jeff Hamilton with guest Terry Blaine  
9:00 PM - Switch Hitters featuring Dan Barrett (cornet & trombone), Randy Reinhart (cornet & trombone), David Boeddinghaus, Frank Tate,
Bob Leary and Ed Metz Jr. with guest Banu Gibson
10:00 PM - Dixieland USA featuring Allan Vaché, David Jones, Bill Allred, Mark Phaneuf (saxophone), Mark Shane, Eddie Erikson (banjo), Charlie Silva and Jeff Hamilton with guest Rebecca Kilgore

Sunday - December 6

Le Moulin Rouge (Pigalle) Lounge - Deck 7 Aft
8:00 PM - B.E.D. featuring Rebecca Kilgore, Eddie Erickson, Dan Barrett and Joel Forbes
9:00 PM - Banu Gibson & The New Orleans Hot Jazz featuring Banu Gibson, Randy Reinhart, Marc Phaneuf, David Sager, David Boeddinghaus, Frank Tate and Jeff Hamilton
10:00 PM - A Benny Goodman Centennial Tribute featuring Allan Vaché, David Jones, Bill Allred, Matt Hoffmann, Mark Shane, Bob Leary, Charlie Silva, Ed Metz Jr. and Terry Blaine

Monday - December 7

Le Moulin Rouge (Pigalle) Lounge - Deck 7 Aft
8:00 PM - Reedmen featuring Allan Vaché, Mark Phaneuf, David Boeddinghaus, Joel Forbes, Eddie Erikson and Ed Metz Jr.
9:00 PM - Brass Masters featuring Randy Reinhart, Bill Allred, David Sager, Dan Barrett, David Jones, Mark Shane, Frank Tate and Jeff Hamilton
10:00 PM - Ladies Sing (and play) the Blues featuring Banu Gibson (banjo & vocal), Terry Blaine (flute & vocal) and Rebecca Kilgore (guitar & vocal) with guests Bob Leary, Charlie Silva and Ed Metz Jr.

Tuesday - December 8

Le Moulin Rouge (Pigalle) Lounge - Deck 7 Aft
1:00 PM - The Bob & Eddie Show featuring Bob Leary (banjo, guitar & vocal), Eddie Erikson (banjo, guitar & vocal), Charlie Silva and Jeff Hamilton
2:00 PM - The Piano Men featuring Mark Shane and David Boeddinghaus
3:00 PM - CD Signing and Autograph Session with personal photo opportunities
8:00 PM - Banu Gibson & The New Orleans Hot Jazz featuring Banu Gibson, Randy Reinhart, Marc Phaneuf, David Sager, David Boeddinghaus, Frank Tate and Jeff Hamilton
9:00 PM - B.E.D. featuring Rebecca Kilgore, Eddie Erickson, Dan Barrett and Joel Forbes
10:00 PM - A Benny Goodman Centennial Tribute featuring Allan Vaché, David Jones, Bill Allred, Matt Hoffmann, Mark Shane, Bob Leary, Charlie Silva, Ed Metz Jr. and Terry Blaine

Wednesday - December 9

Le Moulin Rouge (Pigalle) Lounge - Deck 7 Aft
8:00 PM - B.E.D. featuring Rebecca Kilgore, Eddie Erickson, Dan Barrett and Joel Forbes
9:00 PM - Final All-Star Jam Session featuring Allan Vaché, David Jones, Bill Allred, Matt Hoffmann, Mark Shane, Bob Leary, Charlie Silva, Ed Metz Jr., Terry Blaine, Banu Gibson, Randy Reinhart, Marc Phaneuf, David Sager, David Boeddinghaus, Frank Tate, Jeff Hamilton, Rebecca Kilgore, Eddie Erickson, Dan Barrett and Joel Forbes (Bring your Ax if you want to join in!)

Salmon's Initial 2009 Summer Dates

Leftover Salmon announces the first part of its summer festivals for 2009. The band has been playing only a limited amount of shows each year since reuniting in 2007. This summer Salmon will hit some of its favorite festivals including a few new ones. Confirmed dates as of now are Del Fest, Denver Botanic Gardens, Chili and Brew Fest, and High Sierra.

vinceMemorial Day weekend will kick of the festival season for Leftover Salmon, performing twice. On May 23rd at Del McCoury's 2nd annual festival in Cumberland, MD. We are excited to join so many good friends at this event. Please check out www.delfest.com for complete line up and details.

On Memorial Day its self we will return to our home state of Colorado to perform for the first time at the beautiful Denver Botanic Gardens. Enjoy the sounds of Leftover Salmon in this unique setting performing a full 2 ½ hour set in the company of your friends and thousands of blooming plants. Tickets go on sale to the general public on May 5th. http://concerts.botanicgardens.org

On June 5th Salmon will head to Snowmass Colorado for the Chili and Brew Fest. Headlining Friday night with a full 2 set show. Karl Denson will be joining the band as a special guest. moe. headlines Saturday along with Particle featuring Michael Kang. Tickets are available now through Leftover Salmon Ticketing. Complete line up, details, and discount hotel packages at www.snowmasschiliandbrew.com 

Forth of July weekend we will once again return to the High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy, CA. This event has become a home away from home for Salmon, playing it many of it's 19 years as a festival. What a great line up they have this year and anyone who's been to High Sierra knows that no matter who's playing it's always a great vibe all around.

We hope to see many of you at these events this summer. We will be announcing a few more dates soon so stay tuned. Thanks for all the support over the years!

May 23 Del Fest - Cumberland, MD
May 25 Botanic Gardens - Denver, CO
June 5 Chili and Brew Fest - Snowmass, CO
July 3 & 4 High Sierra Music Fest - Quincy, CA

Vince's band Great American Taxi is staying busy on the road and also has a new CD coming out in 2009. A complimentary download from the new album, with guest appearance by Matt Flinner will be available directly from the band website this week: http://www.greatamericantaxi.com

See Great American Taxi this week in the North West and Montana. Complete summer tour dates are list on their website HERE.

April  2009
Wed  29   Silver Moon Brewing Co. - Bend, OR
Thurs 30   Goodfoot Lounge - Portland, OR

May  2009
 Fri   1      The Top Hat - Missoula, MT
 Sat  2      Zebra Cocktail Lounge - Bozeman, MT
 Wed 20   The Bottleneck - Lawrence, KS - w/ Oakhurst
 Thur  21   Schwagstock 40 - Camp Zoe - Salem, MO
 Fri    22   Hookahville - Frontier Ranch - Pataskala, OH
 Sat   23   DELFEST - Cumberland, MD 
 Sun  24   SUMMER CAMP - Chillicothe, IL

emitttDrew Emmitt will also be touring with both the Drew Emmitt Band and the Emmitt-Nershi Band this summer.  More dates to be announced soon, keep and eye on www.drewemmitt.com or www.emmittnershiband.com for more info and new dates.

Sat Jun 06  Chattanooga TN RIVERBEND FESTIVAL Emmitt-Nershi Band
Fri Jun 12   Bellvue CO MISHAWAKA Emmitt-Nershi Band
Thu Jul 23   Floyd VA FLOYD FEST Emmitt-Nershi Band
Sat Aug 29  Nederland CO NEDFEST Drew Emmitt Band
Sun Aug 30  Nederland CO NEDFEST Emmitt-Nershi Band

The Emmitt-Nershi Band recently finished recording their first album in Dec of 2008 at Sleeping Giant Studios in CO. Look for the album out this fall, more info on the release coming soon.  Drew Emmitt's third solo album, LONG ROAD is out now. 

Get your copy online, at a show or in stores everywhere!


Colorado-based environmental organization Rock the Earth has announced its 2009 Planet Defender Awards, in conjunction with their national Rock the Earth Day celebration. Grammy-nominated rock band Incubus, Green For All Founder Van Jones, and Jessy Tolkan, Executive Director of the Energy Action Coalition, were selected as the winners in three categories. Planet Defender recipients are nominated by Rock the Earth members and chosen by Rock the Earth's National Volunteer Staff.

This year's winner in the ARTIST category, Grammy-nominated Incubus, funds the Make Yourself Foundation , which has raised over One Million dollars to date. The band funds the foundation by donating a portion of the proceeds generated from touring, record royalties, online auctions of concert tickets and memorabilia, and special events, to support various causes and charities both locally and around the world.  Fueling their tour buses with clean-burning biodiesel, printing posters and flyers on 100-percent post-consumer recycled paper with soy ink, serving organic food backstage, offering fans organic cotton T-shirts and working with venues to increase recycling are just a few of the other steps the band has taken to ensure it stays green.


Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd said: "We are so fortunate to have this amazing opportunity to share music with so many people! And we are very proud to share Earth consciousness with those who come and listen. Thank you very much! And may this be just another rung in the ladder towards a brighter, more aware planet."


Van Jones is thefounder of Green For All.  He is also a TIME Magazine 2008 Environmental Hero and one of Fast Company's 12 Most Creative Minds of 2008. The author of The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Solve Our Two Biggest Problems, Van was recently appointed Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality.  Green For All is a U.S. organization that promotes green-collar jobs and opportunities for the disadvantaged. Its mission is to build an inclusive, green economy - strong enough to resolve the ecological crisis and lift millions of people out of poverty.  A tireless advocate, his commitment to creating "green pathways out of poverty" and expanding the coalition fighting global warming, has earned Van our Planet Defender award as COMMUNITY LEADER.


Jessy Tolkan, Executive Director of the Energy Action Coalition is this year's Planet Defender award winner for GRASSROOTS ACTIVISM. Led by and for young people, the 50 leading organizations, 700 local groups, and hundreds of thousands of supporters that make up the Energy Action Coalition leverage their collective resources to create a clean and equitable energy future. The Energy Action Coalition is winning clean energy victories at the local, state, national, and international level - all while growing and strengthening the clean energy movement among young people from all walks of life in the United States and Canada.


Says Jessy Tolkan, "Young people are building a powerful grassroots movement that is leading the way towards the more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future we deserve. We started by making our campuses and communities living models of sustainability and possibility. Now we are redefining what is politically possible in order to pass bold federal climate and energy legislation this year."


This year's Planet Defenders join last year's winners: Dave Matthews Band; Author and businessman Andrew Winston of Winston Eco-Strategies and Karen Cragnolin, Executive Director of Riverlink- as we continue to honor those individuals we feel embody Rock the Earth's drive to Defend the Planet One Beat at a Time .  Each Planet Defender recipient will receive a one-of-a-kind award collectively created by artists Joe Benvenuto, Jason Garrett and Chico Raskey (Chico Artglass).


Planet Defender Awards - Past Winners



Community Leader

Grassroots Activism


Dave Matthews Band

Andrew Winston

Karen Cragnolin


Barenaked Ladies

Carl Safina

Karen Dolan


Jack Johnson

Rocky Anderson

Jason Rutledge


Rock the Earth is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, national public interest environmental advocacy organization, committed to protecting and defending America 's natural resources through partnerships with the music industry and the worldwide environmental community. Rock the Earth represents those individuals and communities whose environment or natural surroundings are directly and adversely affected by the actions of others. Through partnerships with diverse musical artists such as Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Bonnie Raitt, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, Michael Franti, Sheryl Crow and Bon Jovi, Rock the Earth educates and activates fans to pursue a vision of global sustainability and environmental responsibility. We will continue to honor those individuals we feel embody Rock the Earth's drive to Defend the Planet One Beat at a Time.


Legendary Composer, Arranger, Pianist March 14 and 15, 2009 At Saint Peter’s Church, 54th and Lexington, New York City

Billy Strayhorn… the biggest human being who ever lived, a man with the greatest courage, the most majestic stature, a highly skilled musician whose impeccable taste commanded the respect of all musicians and the admiration of all listeners. —Duke Ellington
Saturday, March 14

3:00 PM Two-hour listening session of Billy Strayhorn recordings

Sunday, March 15


4:00 PM   David Hajdu, author of Lush Life, presents
                                             “Dancing Without Duke: Strayhorn’s Work Away from Ellington”

5:00 PM Jazz Vespers with Junior Mance / Hide Tanaka Duo
Freewill Offering

7:00 PM CONCERT with Randy Weston, Billy Taylor, Jeb Patton, David Wong, Winard Harper, Valerie Capers, John Robinson, Earl Williams, Aaron Diehl, Gene Bertoncini, Sara Caswell, Alan Ferber, Dan Pratt, Nate Radley, Gary Wang, Jimmy Owens, Mike Howell, Mike Hashim, Ehud Asherie, Darius deHaas, 18-piece Jazz Band Classic directed by Chris Winans, The Ellington Legacy Band (with Edward Ellington, Norman Simmons, Virginia Mayhew, Nancy Reed, Jami Dauber, Paul Wells, Tom DiCarlo, Noah Bless) and Jimmy Owens will be the emcee
$20 Suggested Donation-- tickets at http://www.saintpeters.org/jazz

An exhibit of Billy Strayhorn memorabilia will be an important part of the tribute.

Produced by the Jazz Ministry at Saint Peter’s Church and The Duke Ellington Society, TDES, Inc.
More information at http://www.saintpeters.org/jazz or 212 935 2200
Take the “E” train to Lexington Avenue or “#6” to 51st Street


photo by Amanda Bell- for the Grateful Web

Rising electronic heroes STS9 announce a busy first half of 2009, including a Spring Tour in March that brings the band to parts of the west coast, Midwest, and southeast. Also this year, STS9's boutique digital record label, 1320 Records, continues to generate buzz as a tastemakers in today's new music culture, offering digital delivery of new releases by Prefuse 73, Count Bass D, Eliot Lipp, Calmer, and others.


1320 Recordsis STS9's passion for music manifested, and it is quickly becoming the go-to digital delivery store for in-the-know music addicts in search of new listening, and for underground indie artists looking to be heard.  On the heels of buzzed-about 2008 releases including STS9's own critically acclaimed studio statement, Peaceblaster, and L7 by hip hop pioneer Count Bass, 1320 Records promises more cutting edge offerings hand picked by the members of STS9.


First up for 1320 Records in 2009: Prefuse 73 vs STS9 (Megaloid MPC VET Mixxx).  For this 7-minute megamix of tracks, beloved producer/DJ Prefuse 73 returns to his roots on the ubiqutous MPC beat machine, offering up classic Prefuse 73 treatment of new STS9 favorites "Squishface," "Shock Doctrine" and "Metameme."


Also new on 1320 Records is Eliot Lipp's Peace Love Weed 3D (in partnership with Old Tacoma Records), Past is Present by Brooklyn percussionist/composer Collin M Palmer aka Calmer, DubConscious' new release Nonviolent, new material by Lowpro Lounge collective's The Flying Skulls, and more.  Download these releases and others at www.1320Records.com. And while you are there, listen to the new 1320 Music Player - a "showcase" streaming full tracks of choice selections from the label's catalog, as well as live STS9 and 1320 podcasts.


Much of the music that STS9 chooses to feature on 1320 Records is inspired by the band's life on the road.  Catch STS9 on tour beginning late February. The complete list spring tour dates is as follows:

February 26        The Fillmore              San Francisco, CA
February 27        The Fillmore              San Francisco, CA
February 28        The Fillmore              San Francisco, CA
March 1            The Fillmore              San Francisco, CA
March 5            McDonald Theatre          Eugene, OR
March 6            Roseland Theater          Portland, OR
March 7            Roseland Theater          Portland, OR
March 12           Orpheum Theater           Madison, WI
March 13           Congress Theatre          Chicago, IL
March 14           The Pageant               St. Louis, MO  
March 17           Orange Peel               Asheville, NC
March 18           Orange Peel               Asheville, NC
March 19           Georgia Theatre           Athens, GA
March 20           Georgia Theatre           Athens, GA
March 21           Georgia Theatre           Athens, GA


Giving back to the communities they visit has always been a priority for STS9. For over a decade the band has rallied their community of fans around important causes, and in the past 18 months alone the band donated over $150,000.00 to a variety of charities including Rock Against Cancer, Make It Right Foundation, Yellow Ribbon Fund, Conscious Alliance, Global Education Fund, New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity, Mariposa's Art, Headcount, Samaritan House, and others.  For 2009, look for 100% of STS9's charity work to benefit the Make It Right Foundation.  It is the band's goal - with the support of their fan community and the involvement of the Make It Right Foundation - to build a home in New Orleans, raising money via $1 ticket charity taxes, Charity Raffles, and other STS9 initiatives. Check out www.peaceblaster.com for daily posts on band's political, social, and environmental muses of the moment.

DEADMAU5 Spring 2009 Tour

photos by Sam Holloway- for the Grateful Web

Days away from the Grammy Awards where he's nominated in the 'Best Remixed Recording' (non-classical) category for his remix of Morgan Page's "The Longest Road" (Nettwerk), DEADMAU5 has landed two nominations from Canada's Juno Awards. The highly popular electronic music producer and performer has also announced dates for his North American spring tour with Late of the Pier and The Whip.

The Juno Award nominations land him in the "Dance Recording Of The Year" category for his ULTRA EMI single "Move For Me" (Deadmau5 vs. Kaskade) and 2008 debut album release, Random Album Title.  This marks his third and fourth nominations for this award.  Last year, DEADMAU5 was also nominated in the same category for the Play Records tracks "After Hours" (Melleefresh vs. Deadmau5) and "All U Ever Want" (Billy Newton-Davis vs. Deadmau5), with the latter garnering the prize.

Following his massive 'World Tour' in 2008 which took him around the globe, DEADMAU5 will return to North America for several high-profile appearances including SXSW and performance spots on each day of the Ultra Music Festival in Miami March 27 and 28.  He'll also team up with fellow live electronic acts Late of the Pier and The Whip for several key East Coast dates which include stops in Nashville, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Boston, Toronto, Chicago and Montreal.  The tour will support his new EP of which details will be announced at a later date.

DEADMAU5 began his meteoric rise by turning out original productions and instant hits, gaining notoriety at digital DJ portal, Beatport. Tracks like "Faxing Berlin" and "Not Exactly" showcased his distinctly innovative sound, which appealed across the plethora of dance genres.  He continues to deliver quality tunes such as "Brazil," "Arguru," "Sometimes Things Get, Whatever," all of which were released on Random Album Title.  Wrote Jim Fusilli of the Wall Street Journal (12/26/08) in his 'Best Of' roundup of 2008  "Deadmau5 is a producer renowned for making electronic dance music, but his Random Album Title (Ultra) reveals the depth of his vision. It's an 80-minute suite that surprises and delights as it blends trance, disco, New Age, Europop and Tangerine Dream-like soundscapes. As if rejecting the notion that his music is only for raves, he lets the tempo sag by adding tender interludes, shifts the mood while keeping up the beat, and alters accent notes on percussion and keyboards so wickedly that you have to stop and listen. Surrender to his wit and surprising musicality and you're transported."

DEADMAU5's spring tour dates are as follows:

*indicates dates with Late Of The Pier and The Whip.

Date:                       City:                          Venue:
Fri    3/13/09            Magna, Utah                The Great Salt Air

Wed    3/18/09         Austin                        La Zona Rosa

Thurs  3/19/09          San Antonio               Club Rio

Fri    3/20/09            Houston                     Bar Rio

Sat    3/21/09           Dallas                         Lizard Lounge

Fri    3/27/09             Miami                        Ultra Music Festival, Bicentennial Park

Sat    3/28/09           Miami                         Ultra Music Festival, Bicentennial Park

*Tue   3/31/09          Nashville                    Lime Light

*Fri   4/3/09              New York                  Roseland

*Sat   4/4/09            Philadelphia                 TLA

*Tue   4/7/09           Washington                TBA

*Wed   4/8/09           Boston                     TBA

*Fri   4/10/09            Toronto                    TBA

*Sat   4/11/09          Chicago                      TBA

*Sun   4/12/09          Montreal                   Bal en Blanc

Toubab Krewe Winter 2009 Dates

photos by Sam Holloway- for the Grateful Web

Toubab Krewe is touring close to home over the next couple weeks, playing some of their favorite venues in the Southeast. Toubab Krewe caps off their regional run with a show at the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville and a Valentine's Day party at Smith's Olde Bar in Atlanta. From there, Toubab Krewe heads westward, circling through the Midwest and Rockies. Look for the band to add more dates soon, including some exciting festivals.



DATE      CITY               VENUE                   Special Guests

1-30      Greensboro, NC     The Blind Tiger         Agobi Project

2-5       Wilmington. NC     Soapbox                 Jar-E

2-6       Carrboro, NC       Cat's Cradle            Jar-E

2-7       Charlotte, NC      Neighborhood Theatre    Jar-E

2-13      Knoxville, TN      Bijou Theatre           Co-bill w/ Dubconscious

2-14      Atlanta, GA        Smith's Olde Bar        Eastern Standard

2-18      Nashville, TN      Exit In

2-19      Bloomington, IN    Bluebird Nightclub

2-20      Champaign, IL      Cowboy Monkey           Mhondoro Rhythm Success

2-21      Kansas City, MO    Crosstown Station 

2-26      Boulder, CO        Fox Theatre             Co-bill w/ B-Side Players

2-27      Denver, CO         Cervantes               Co-bill w/ B-Side Players

2-28      Dillon, CO         Arapahoe Basin Ski & Snowboard Area (2 p.m.)

2-28      Breckenridge, CO   Three20South (10 p.m.)

3-3       Lincoln, NE        Box Awesome

3-4       Iowa City, IA      Yacht Club

3-5       Minneapolis, MN    Cabooze

3-6       Madison, WI        Majestic Theatre 

3-7       Chicago, IL        Martyrs