DeadPhish Orchestra: Seamlessly weaving the music of Grateful Dead & Phish

DeadPhish Orchestra seamlessly weaves the music of The Grateful Dead and Phish, and features members of Great American Taxi, Phix and Mason's Children

DeadPhish Orchestra will play Quixote's in Denver, Colorado this Friday at 9:00pm.  The official lubrication party before 4 nights of madness in Broomfield! DPO will play two full sets outside on the patio....with UltraViolet Hippopotamus on the inside stage!

Also, be sure to check out DeadPhish Orchestra when they headline Quixote's on October 22nd.


DPO is:

Chris Sheldon - Drums/Vocals
Paul Murin - Guitar/Vocals
Brian Adams - Bass/ Vocals
Ted Tilton - Keyboards/Vocals

PHIX to play TWO shows in Denver this weekend

Paul from Phix- for the Grateful Web

Ever since Phish announced their reunion, our heads have been FILLED with Phishy thoughts.  We've been digging back through our collections and listening to all of the old shows with a renewed love for the music.  And though rumors abound regarding some Phish shows in Colorado this summer, nothing has been announced yet.  And we are well aware that, as lucky as a couple of us are to be going to Hampton next month, MOST folks here in Colorado didn't get so lucky and will have to miss out.  So we thought, what the hell, let's play a couple of PHIX shows here in'll be a little warm-up for the reunion shows and the summer tour, a little Phix for those who can't be there for whatever reason.  And it'll most definitely be a blast, and a great chance to get together with all of our friends who we don't see so often these days...

We should also add that we have opening acts on both nights, both of which feature Phix bass beeyotch Brian Adams, the hardest-working bassist in Colorado.  On Friday 2/13, the band is Ethereal Plane, featuring Patrick Latella on guitar and some outstanding funky, fusiony jams.  On Sat. 2/14, the opener is Magnolia Row, a wonderful bluegrass band featuring excellent musicianship and beautiful vocal harmonies.  We think you'll really enjoy both bands, and we hope you'll get there early both nights to hear them play.  Music will get going by 9:30, if not earlier, and Phix will take the stage by 10:45 or so both evenings.

We look forward to seeing our Colorado friends and family at these shows, and we thank everyone for all the support you have given us over the years.  It'll probably be a while before you get another e-mail from us, since these are the only Phix shows we have on the calendar.  We don't know what the future holds for Phix, but we have been very thankful for the opportunities we have had to get back together over the last year or so, and it may still happen again in the future...but meanwhile, we're all looking forward to getting out to see the real deal this spring and summer, and we hope to bump into some of you at the shows.  

Phix's 500th Show at the Boulder Theater

"It doesn't get any easier than this" gushed Paul Murin on stage at Phix's 500th show at the Boulder Theatre.  The cosmic forces bringing this band together for yet another evening of capturing the magic and thrills of Phish's music were evident throughout the jams.  Keyboardist Derek Berg has relocated back to Chicago, started his own side project, a

PHIX this Friday @ Boulder Theater

Phix will play their 500th show at the Boulder Theater- for the Grateful Web

Phix figured since Langerado put them up to show 499, and it felt so good, they might as well do show 500 and what better place than in their home town of Boulder at the historic Boulder Theater.  This will be the first time Phix will be headlining this amazing room and in addition to seeing Phix hit this milestone there will be opening sets by two Phix original projects that you'll definitely want to check out. Guitarist Paul Murin and drummer Chris Sheldon will be playing with their new band The Higher Good and Bassist Brian Adams will be playing with The Ethereal Plane.  This will be a great, long night of music, so please join us.

Still Time to Get Your Phix

- for the Grateful Web

Over the past six years, Phix has been to Phish what Dark Star Orchestra has been to the Grateful Dead:  an absolutely amazing tribute band performing show after show of music that nearly rivals the original.

Based in Boulder, CO the band consists of Paul Murlin (guitar/vocals), Derek Berg (keys/vocals), Chris Sheldon (drums, vocals), and Brian Adams (bass/vocals).  Of all the bands on the scene that cover the intricate music of jam legends Phish, nobody does it better.  Close your eyes during a show and at times you can hardly tell you are listening to four guys from Boulder rather than the well-known four from Vermont.

Unfortunately after playing over 500 shows the band has called it quits, perhaps again fashioning themselves after their heroes, who many feel prematurely disbanded.  However, that doesn't mean these guys are finished just yet.

The draw of playing the songs of Phish must be strong, because even since their last shows in the summer of 2007 coined Covertry (a clever take on Phish's last festival Coventry), some gigs keep popping up.

Two weeks ago at Dulcinea's 100 th Monkey in Denver the band performed an unadvertised show, much to the delight of those who caught word about this "reunion" concert.  The group jammed out Phish favorites such as "David Bowie", "Possum", "The Squirming Coil", "Harry Hood", and more with excellent timing and improvisational flair.

Though the band claims it is no longer touring, there have been more Phix performances announced as of late.  Perhaps the most exciting went down last weekend at the Langerado Festival in Florida, which just happened to take place at the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation, the site of Phish's historic millennium concert.

Adding relevance to the experience, the band was slated to start at 11:55pm; exactly the same time Phish took the stage for their monstrous six hour New Year's Eve celebration.  Though Phix trimmed their set down to a modest three hours, it was extremely fitting nonetheless.

Poor weather did not stop the band from belting out popular covers like "Reba", "Maze", and "Divided Sky"; along with a few deeper catalogue songs like "Destiny Unbound", "Punch You in the Eye", "Moma Dance", and "The Curtain".

It now appears the band is at least willing to get together once in awhile and recreate that infectious groove that is Phish.  Anyone curious about experiencing what Phix can do will have at least one more chance in the near future.

The group is now slated to perform at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, CO on April 4 th.  This is actually a platform for the members of the band to show off their new musical projects, but they have apparently agreed to dedicate a portion of the evening to play as Phix.

With only one confirmed show on the horizon, fans of the music of Phish would do themselves a service by checking out this extremely fun tribute band.

Phix News, July '05

Phix - Boulder, Colorado- for the Grateful Web

Hey everybody, just a quick note from Phix-land to let you know about some things we've got coming up.

First of all, we have added a Denver show this Friday night (aka tomorrow), at Cervante's Masterpiece Ballroom.  It is a post-Mike & Leo/Mule/moe. show, so if you're still spinning after Red Rocks, spin on by!  We e-mailed Mike to tell him about the show and invite him to stop by...we're not holding our breath, but you never's happened before!  The Cervante's show is, of course, in addition to our show TONIGHT at Quixote's True Blue (now right next door to Cervante's).  This is the continuation of our monthly residency at the new Quixote's.  If you haven't checked the place out, we encourage you to do so - it looks better than ever!

In about 2 weeks we will be kicking off our Summer Tour '05.  This tour starts off in the midwest, and continues down to the East Coast...we're covering some serious mileage!  After that, festival season begins,  Here are the dates we have on the calendar:


Thursday, July 14 @ the Beat Kitchen, Chicago IL

Friday, July 15 @ the Newport Music Hall, Columbus OH

Saturday, July 16 @ Milestones, Rochester NY

Sunday, July 17 @ Mezzanotte Lounge, Syracuse NY (JUST ADDED!)

Tuesday, July 19 @ the State Theater, Falls Church, VA

Wednesday, July 20 @ Ziggy's, Winston-Salem NC

Thursday, July 21 @ House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach, SC

Friday, July 22 @ the Brandyhouse, Atlanta GA

Saturday, July 23 @ Brady & Emily's wedding! (CONGRAT'S GUYS!  THE BIG DAY'S ALMOST HERE!)

Sunday, July 24 @ Blue Cats, Knoxville TN (JUST ADDED!)


Friday, July 29 @ Quixote's True Blue, Denver CO (Our residency moves to Fridays!)

Saturday, July 30 @ State Bridge Lodge, Bond CO.  State Bridge is a beautiful outdoor venue located on the Colorado river, about halfway between Vail & Steamboat Springs.  There is free camping right up the road!  It's your best chance all summer to come out & get stupid with Phix!

Friday, August 5 @ The Fox Theater, Boulder CO.


Saturday, August 6 @ Yggdrasil Festival, at Harmony Park in Geneva, MN (  We're hopping a plane on Saturday morning to go play the late-nighter in Minnesota!  Festival features Karl D and more!

Friday-Saturday, August 19-20 @ Lovefest, Goodnight, MO (  This will be a great festival in the hills of Missourri.  Features Snake Oil Medicine Show, Bockman, Speakeasy, Shanti Groove and more.  Phix is doing the late-nighter here too!

Saturday, August 27 @ Nedfest, Nederland CO (  We're psyched for this festival, right in our own backyard, in this beautiful mountain town 17 miles west of Boulder.  Features the Motet, Runaway Truck Ramp, the Fareed Haque Group, Great American Taxi with Vince Herman, and tons more.

Saturday, Sept. 3 @ the Highland Jam, Elkins WV (

As always, you can visit the tourdates page at for show details, directions, etc.  We have also uploaded our complete performance from the Fox Theater here in Boulder back in May.  The recording came out great!  Check it out on the "sounds" page.  Also, look for more national dates in September and October, as well as the continuation of our monthly residency here in Denver.

As always, we want to thank everybody for coming out and supporting us.  Without you to share this wonderful music with, we'd be...well, we wouldn't be here at all!

See you soon!


Paul, Chris, Brian, Derek, Dex, & Isaac