Steep Canyon Rangers Join Steve Martin At America’s Biggest 4th of July Party

The Steep Canyon Rangers brought America's music to America's Day, teaming with entertainment icon Steve Martin to bring serious bluegrass with a comedic twist to the Fourth of July Celebration at The National Mall in Washington DC. Their high-energy performance, part of a star-studded Independence Day event, marks the year's highest profile and most-watched bluegrass concert, the latest milestone for The Steep Canyon Rangers in a year that has included two Presidential concerts!

Performing for almost half a million people gathered on The Mall, as well as millions more at home tuned onto PBS' annual presentation of A Capitol Fourth, Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers debuted their new MP3 single, "Me and Paul Revere." The original song, based on Martin's historical research, sets the record straight amid all the recent confusion and controversy. Sung by Steep Canyon Ranger guitarist Woody Platt, "Me and Paul Revere" tells the story of that famous ride from the point of view of Revere's horse, Brown Beauty. The song has become the official show closer of Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers' 50-plus date national tour in support of their recent celebrated CD, Rare Bird Alert (Rounder), featuring guest appearances by Paul McCartney and The Dixie Chicks.

Part of a patriotic evening that ranged from first-generation rock 'n' roll legend Little Richard to Glee star Matthew Morrison, Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers turned Independence Day into Jubilation Day. Their hard-driving set had folks dancing all over mall, all captured by PBS' cameras. Along with his trademark comical emcee work, Martin displayed his versatility on the banjo, performing both Scruggs style and clawhammer pieces. The Steep Canyon Rangers took the spotlight for the finale, showcasing Nicky Sanders' explosive improvisations on the fiddlers' national anthem, "The Orange Blossom Special."

The Steep Canyon Rangers' appearance on A Capitol Fourth is the latest episode in a remarkable year of working with Martin to bring bluegrass to new audiences at such high-profile, non-traditional venues as Carnegie Hall and headlining Bonnaroo, New Orleans Jazzfest, The Newport Folk Festival and Merlefest. SCR also just signed with Rounder Records, the premier bluegrass record label. Their partnership further establishes Steep Canyon Rangers as an extraordinary presence on the bluegrass and roots music scene, joining the likes of other Rounder artists such as Alison Krauss, Bela Fleck, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Robert Plant. SCR will release a new album with Rounder in 2012.

Sept. 9-10, The Steep Canyon Rangers will present their annual Mountain Song Festival at the world-renowned Brevard Music Center in Brevard, NC. With previous headliners like Doc Watson, Sam Bush, Del McCoury, David Holt, David Grisman Quintet and Steve Martin, the festival has raised over $190,000 for the Transylvania County Boys & Girls Club.

"Me and Paul Revere" is available at, where you can also find Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers' "Jubilation Day" video and a complete SCR tour schedule. For Mountain Song Festival tickets and information: The archive of the PBS broadcast is located here:

Jantsen, Devin Martin @ Boulder Theater

We’re bringing the best dubstep Colorado has to offer.  Jantsen is no stranger when it comes to electronic music. This Colorado native has been fully immersed into the dance music scene for over 12 years with his passion later blossoming into DJing and producing. Over the years Jantsen has established a strong presence in the scene through his eclectic sound, being influenced by many genres such as jazz, blues, funk, rock, hip hop, and many other kinds of world music he brings a style that is creative, unique, and is continuously evolving. Devin Martin and his hometown of Orlando's weather have one thing in common right now: They're on fire. His unique mix of electro-house and dubstep has recently culminated in 3 tracks in the Beatport top 100. In addition, this is Devin Martin's debut Colorado performance, so he's definitely got some surprises in store.


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Jantsen, Devin Martin
Rainbow Wheel of Death, Coult 45
July 16, 2011, 8:30 pm

Steep Canyon Rangers Join Steve Martin on New Album

The Steep Canyon Rangers (SCR), have joined iconic comedian, Steve Martin on his sophomore album entitled Rare Bird Alert to be released TODAY, March 15, 2011. Bringing bluegrass music to new audiences, SCR continue their meteoric rise as passionate ambassadors for the bluegrass music they love. With Martin, SCR played for more people than any other bluegrass band in 2010.  This year will be even bigger, as the group prepares a nationwide tour with Martin to support their collaborative project.  The Rare Bird Tour will kick off in New York City with three sold-out performances at the famed Joe’s Pub March 15-17 as well as a return appearances to the Late Show with David Letterman on March 16 and The View on March 17.

When Martin, an accomplished banjo player and songwriter, handpicked SCR to tour and record with him last year, they jumped at the chance.  “Serendipity has made a better match than any bluegrass computer dating service,” jokes Martin. With Rare Bird Alert, Martin and Steep Canyon Rangers have created an album filled with the traditional bluegrass sound, bursting at the seams with banjo, fiddle and lyrics that are both fun and reflective.

The title track “Rare Bird Alert” perfectly scores the lonely ache and melancholy of bird watching. Paul McCartney guests on “Best Love” a foot-stomper about love and the little things.  On “Go Away, Stop, Turn Around, Come Back” SCR’s lead singer, Woody Platt, tells the story of love, breakup and reunion while “Jubilation Day” bounces with the delight and renewed vigor that can come from a breakup. The Dixie Chicks lend their considerable talent to “You” the saddest un-sad song about a past love with no regret. The closing tracks on the record showcase Martin’s comedy roots.  On “Atheists Don’t Have No Songs” Martin and SCR create a gospel song for those without one while “King Tut” allows Steep Canyon Rangers to put their bluegrass-spin on an old Martin favorite.

After a year jam-packed with tour dates, including Carnegie Hall, and headlining festivals such as Bonnaroo, Merlefest, New Orleans Jazzfest, Newport Folk Festival, Martin helped SCR introduce bluegrass to millions of who may have been hearing it for the first time and SCR show no sign of stopping. For more information, please visit

Martin Sexton in Boulder for Valentines Day

On the heels of his critically-acclaimed release Sugarcoating, blue-eyed soul singer Martin Sexton has announced dates for his 2011 winter tour.

Sugarcoating is an album that doesn’t necessarily protest, but questions. “The last couple of years have been an awakening for me about how the world seems to work and not work,” reflects Sexton. “You can’t rely on mainstream media for the truth, I’ve discovered that you’ve gotta dig if you want a real answer about what’s going on.”  He explains, “My music has always been more about inspiration and entertainment, but this time I felt the need to toss some awareness into the mix.”

Martin continues this message in his live performances.  His songs are intricate and spirited inspired by the American musical landscape of soul, gospel, R&B, country and blues.  "Martin Sexton's extraordinary voice howls, growls and purrs in the best tradition of blue-eyed soul," says the Chicago Sun Times.  "It is raw and expressive and can move in an instant from a glorious falsetto to an edgy rock plea or a simple folk lament."

A Martin Sexton show is truly unlike any other concert experience.  His performances are dynamic and bursting with depth earning him a devoted following among fans, peers and critics alike.  "A high vocal range and a sense of normal-dude humility usually don't go together, but they are the two most convincing things about … Sexton," said The Onion's A.V. Club in a recent review.

On November 12th, Martin performed at the 30th Annual John Lennon Tribute Concert at the Beacon Theater alongside Jackson Browne, Cyndi Lauper, Patti Smith, Taj Mahal and other musical icons. Martin's riveting interpretation of "Working Class Hero" received one of the only standing ovations of the evening.

Recently, Martin sat down with Brian Williams of the NBC Nightly News, to record a feature session for BriTunes. The session will be available later this month on the MSNBC website.

You can catch Martin Sexton at the Boulder Theater on Valentine's Day.

Medeski, Martin & Wood @ the Boulder Theater

97.3 KBCO & Boulder Weekly are proud to present Medeski, Martin & Wood at the Boulder Theater on Friday, March 4th, 2011.

Somewhere, someplace, someone is debating the future of live and recorded music, speaking in somber tones of changes that have made it difficult to reach consumers, of technologies that have changed society, and of the lack of creativity found in the arts. But in a small but impressive microcosm of the universe known as Medeski Martin & Wood, creativity is alive, flourishing, and filled with outlets for growth and expansion. And somewhere, whatever gods of music there might be are smiling.

Medeski Martin and Wood's story is - like most great stories - one of humble beginnings, friendship, determination, a happy ending and a very bright future.

The trio of keyboard/organ/piano player John Medeski, drummer/percussionist Billy Martin, and bassist Chris Wood formed not in some vastly creative alternate universe, but rather in the neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, known as D.U.M.B.O. (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) in 1991. Medeski and Wood, students at Boston's prestigious New England Conservatory of Music, decided to move to New York City, with intent to explore the late-night underworld of the city's burgeoning jazz scene.

John Medeski, Billy Martin, and Chris Wood were looking to create music that reflected who they were, individually and collectively. The trio began experimenting with contemporary hip-hop beats that could swing as hard as jazz rhythms, yet remained essentially simple and propulsive, giving the musicians ample room to create hypnotic textures and sounds that were brimming with both improvisation and harmony. "In the beginning, as it is now, we went by gut instinct," says Wood. "We have a natural connection between us, as people and as musicians, and we just let things flow in whatever direction they went."

Gigs turned into multiple engagements, dates at small clubs led to performances at legendary New York City downtown hotspots like the Village Gate and the Knitting Factory, and soon the band was packed into Billy's van, traveling up and down the North Eastern United States. The next step was a natural one for any band - capture the music for posterity - and so MMW recorded their debut, "Notes From The Underground," which they released independently on hap-jones records in early 1991.

More gigs followed, and soon it was time for another release. This time, Medeski Martin & Wood inked a deal with Gramavision, a larger but still independent label that afforded them substantial freedom to create music the way they felt it should be played. In the summer of 1993 they released "It's A Jungle In Here," purchased an R/V, and hit the road for nearly half a year.

Communal, on-the-road living has broken up many bands, but true-to-form, MMW thrived in this potentially treacherous situation. Their secret was a unique combination of individual personalities, with each band member taking on additional roles that suited their own aptitudes and interests. As always, nothing was planned out; it just happened.

John, with his love for cooking, was the band's chef, preparing incredible meals that made life on the road more bearable. Billy, who worked well with his hands, could fix anything up to and including the band's RV. And Chris, with his head for business, took care of the group's accounting. As it was with the music, Medeski Martin & Wood balanced each other out perfectly.

"We have a certain chemistry between us, musically," says Martin, "and in addition to that we have a strong friendship that goes beyond the music. Even when we have ups and downs, the music and our friendship carries us through."

1994 saw the release of "Friday Afternoon in the Universe," and by 1995 it seemed like MMW was truly touring the universe, as their concert itinerary spread out and around the entire United States, and into Europe and Japan. In 1996, the band released their final Gramavision disc, "Shack-Man," which they celebrated with an 8-week Monday night residency at New York's Knitting Factory.

With much fanfare, the band then signed with another record label - the legendary jazz imprint Blue Note Records. At the turn of the new millennium, they released their all-acoustic album "Tonic," named for the Lower East Side club (and former kosher winery) where it was recorded. The band's affiliation with Blue Note resulted in three discs (plus a best-of set), and found them again pushing their sonic boundaries, incorporating percussionists, horn sections, and turntables into their already potent sound.

Which brings us to the here-and-now. Medeski Martin & Wood are no longer signed to anyone else's record label; they have come full circle by establishing their own label, Indirecto Records, as an outlet for their music. Which, quite happily, brings them neatly back to the way they did things in their formative years. Releasing their own music, their own way, in its own time.

The trio's first Indirecto release, "Out Louder," is a four-way collaboration with guitarist John Scofield, which true-to-form is heavy on group improvisation, irresistible grooves, rich harmonies, and strong melodies. While nothing definite is planned - as always, the band are taking each day and each opportunity as they come - it is possible that "Out Louder" could be the first in a series of independently-released projects that Medeski Martin & Wood will do in collaboration with other artists.

"By having our own label, we can make music however we want, and make as much as we want," explains Medeski. "In the history of man, recorded music is just a blink of the eye, just a small part of that vast history. The real thing is playing music live, and that is what we do. Beyond that, we'll be putting out recordings as often or as infrequently as we want."

The band also plan another first - a disc of children's music titled "Let's Go Everywhere" - set for release in early 2007 on the Little Monster/V2 label that promises to be as engaging for their established fan base as it is for the kids. "It's got everything, instrumentals, vocal songs, our kids are singing on it" says Wood.

Plus, there are the usual side projects going on, creative outlets which all three band members say serve to strengthen and add to the sound of the trio when they converge. Chris Wood plays frequently with his brother Oliver in The Wood Brothers, a rootsy, folk-and-blues, guitar and bass duo that serves as an outlet for both brothers' songwriting and vocal skills.

Billy Martin runs his own record label, releasing new and vintage recordings with a focus on percussion-based music. Amongst his releases is a three volume set of his own drum beats, and a percussion instruction book, focusing on bell and clave patterns found in Afro-Caribbean music, and featuring musical notation that Martin designed himself.

John Medeski, well, he is involved in a multitude of musical projects, from solo piano recitals to sideman gigs to leading or co-leading large and small bands. John has also lent his production skills to recordings by musical associates and friends, and has become involved in scoring films, including the acclaimed film Day on Fire which he scored and has a cameo appearance in.

A happy ending and a bright future, indeed. Medeski Martin and Wood live in our world, playing music that reflects their surroundings and communities. At the same time, they are a small world unto themselves, where creativity and spontaneity are honored, revered, and encouraged. And the world-at-large is a much better place for it

Read Grateful Web's interview with the Wood Brothers.


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Singer/Songwriter MARTIN SEXTON "sugarcoats" his way to Boulder, CO

MARTIN SEXTON will be appearing in Boulder, CO on Saturday, September 25th at Chautauqua Auditorium.

His new CD, Sugarcoating was released April 6th, 2010.

New Song Boom Sh-Boom:

Check out more Martin Sexton dates here.

And get more up-to-date news on Martin here.

Fall solo tour going on now.  Get them here!

Check out some Grateful Web coverage on Martin here.

And a bit more here. :)

Martin Sexton & The Ryan Montbleau Band | 5/20

Medeski Martin & Wood w DJ Logic @ The Studio at Colton

woodDon't miss the concert of the season on Saturday, May 2nd with New York City-based scratch-artist DJ Logic and the world-famous jazz trio Medeski, Martin and Wood!

The trio of keyboard/organ/piano player John Medeski, drummer/percussionist Billy Martin, and bassist Chris Wood emerged out of the New York downtown scene in the early 90's and soon found mainstream success on the jazz scene. Medeski, Martin and Wood's live performances are renowned for their exploratory nature, drawing on musical traditions from funk to hip-hop to create an unconventional style of jazz-fusion sometimes described as "avant-groove." The trio has made improvisation their language - how they communicate with one another and how they communicate with an audience.

A group that effortlessly straddles the gap between avant-garde improvisation and accessible groove-based jazz, Medeski, Martin, and Wood have simultaneously earned standings as relentlessly innovative musicians and an enormously popular act. TTheir genius for making even the most sophisticated rhythmic and harmonic ideas instantly relatable to their listeners, via long-honed group empathy and individual precision, is balanced by an uncanny knack for imparting the simplest statements with a profound resonance and clarity.

Medeski, Martin, and Wood are a small world unto themselves, where creativity and spontaneity are honored, revered, and encouraged. They make music not of this world, yet rooted in the earth tones of jazz, funk, and blues. Music from the heart, for the mind, and made to shake the earth, not to mention the body.

Opening for Medeski, Martin, and Wood will be a special performance by turntablist DJ LOGIC. As one of the world's most accomplished scratch-artists, DJ LOGIC is widely credited for introducing jazz into the hip - hop realms and is considered by most as a highly respected session musician and an innovative .bandleader. Since his emergence in the 90's amidst the Bronx hip-hop scene, DJ LOGIC has been amassing a veritable mountain of collaborations ranging from the likes of Medeski, Martin & Wood, Christian McBride, Vernon Reid, Charlie Hunter, John Mayer, Ben Harper, Mos Def and The Roots. DJ LOGIC takes his role as an electronic-music ambassador seriously. Whether he is instructing tablas to flirt with drum 'n' bass or meshing free styling MC's with Afro-Cuban rhythms, DJ LOGIC can always be found paying homage to his predecessors while contributing his vision to the deejay genre.

Be sure to check out these extraordinary performances at The Studio at Colton Theater!

And remember, this year the Backbeat Jazzfest Series will be offering music lovers and the musicians they love smoke-free environments at all shows.

Advance tickets are $35 and can be purchased at or

Additional details and information about the events can be found at or by visiting the Foundation's Myspace and Facebook pages. Additional information and updates about the series can be found at the Backbeat Jazzfest Series 2009 group page.

To learn more about Medeski, Martin and Wood please visit their website at  To learn more about DJ LOGIC please go to

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Mel Martin Quartet at The Kitano NYC November 14-15

photo by Ed Berger- for the Grateful Web

Mel Martin—composer, arranger, bandleader, saxophonist, flutist—is one of the most versatile and inventive musicians ever to emerge from the San Francisco Bay Area. In his long career, he's played a part in many of the innovative movements that have emerged from that creative community. He worked and recorded with a number of the progressive rock and Latin bands of the late '60s and early '70s, including the Loading Zone, Cold Blood, Azteca, and Boz Scaggs. In 1977 he founded the award-winning Listen, one of the first West Coast jazz-fusion bands. And he's currently artistic director of Bebop and Beyond, a group he formed in 1983, as well as leading The MEL MARTIN BAND and Big Band, the Tenor Conclave, and the Benny Carter All-Star Tribute Band.


Martin's latest CD, Just Friends by the Mel Martin/Benny Carter Quintet, was recorded live at Yoshi's Jazz Club in Oakland in April 1994 with Carter on alto saxophone, Martin on tenor saxophone and flute, Roger Kellaway on piano, bassist Jeff Chambers, and drummer Harold Jones. Its summer 2007 release coincides with Carter's centennial (August 8). Martin calls the disc "one of the best-sounding live recordings I've ever heard."


The musicianship on Just Friends is superb. Kellaway and Jones had played frequently with Carter, and Chambers and Martin have a long working relationship of their own, giving the ensemble an uncanny level of communication. As for Carter, "Benny's playing was fluid and exploratory," Martin says. "You never knew where he was going to go."

The set includes "Perdido," a tune associated with Duke Ellington; "People Time," a Carter composition with Mel on flute ("the best flute performance I've ever recorded," he says); "Elegy in Blue," composed by Carter upon the death of a close longtime friend; Martin's 3/4 original "Spritely," a feature for Mel and the trio; and the standards "Secret Love" and "Just Friends."


"The arrangements [on the new CD] were spontaneous," Martin says. "We would listen to each other, then make contributions to the ongoing conversation. That's how we'll play in the Benny Carter Tribute Band I'm putting together now with Roger [Kellaway], Andrew [Speight, alto saxophone], Robb [Fisher, bass], and Jeff [Marrs, drums]."


Mel Martin met Benny Carter at a Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame gathering in 1978. "I was in the pit orchestra," Martin recalls. "Benny spoke about his work scoring films and showed clips from Stormy Weather and other movies he worked on. At the end of the gig he said hello to every member of the band and shook everybody's hand, a typically gracious gesture.


"In 1986 I went to the Verona Jazz Festival with Bebop and Beyond. Benny and I got to hang out, and he stayed in touch." In 1989 Carter asked Martin to put together a big band for a weeklong gig at Kimball's East. "It was a five-sax, eight-brass and rhythm section group; we played Benny's compositions." After a second weeklong run at Kimball's in 1990, Carter asked Martin to join his big band for two tours of Japan.

"Except for a few tunes like 'Only Trust Your Heart,' 'Key Largo,' and 'Cow Cow Boogie,' Benny's music isn't that well known," Martin observes, "but it's up there with Ellington. He's one of the most underappreciated composers of the 20th century. When I got to know his compositions on that tour, I was astounded."


The arrangements Carter created for his music inspired Martin to apply for an NEA grant to record Carter's compositions. Mel Martin Plays Benny Carter (Enja, 1994) combined music recorded live at Yoshi's in 1994 with a studio session featuring pianist Kenny Barron, drummer Victor Lewis, and bassist Rufus Reid. Just Friends lets us hear more of what Carter and Martin played on those magical nights.


Mel Martin was born in Sacramento on June 7, 1942. Both parents were singers, and early piano and clarinet lessons led him to Benny Goodman and to Glen Church's Jazz Rhythm & Blues radio program. The big bands passing through town—Woody Herman, Duke Ellington, Count Basie—kept his interest high. "Seeing Benny Goodman made me want to play jazz," Mel recalls. "His sax man Budd Johnson had an incredible sound; he didn't need a mike to fill the hall. I had a small combo—clarinet, accordion, and drums. After gigs we played at Mel's drive-in for tips."


While still a teenager, Martin was fortunate enough to sit in with Wes Montgomery and his brothers. "Monk and Buddy Montgomery moved to Sacramento after the Mastersounds [their successful quartet with Richie Crabtree and Benny Barth] disbanded. They brought Wes out from back East, and drove around to gigs in a pink Caddy.

"I'd go listen when they played the Swinging Lantern or the Iron Sandal. I showed up one night with my flute, got up my nerve and asked if I could sit in. They were very encouraging. After the gig, Wes wrote out the changes to 'West Coast Blues' on a napkin I still have."


While majoring in music at San Francisco State in 1962, Martin met John Handy, a fellow undergraduate, and played in his Freedom Band. "[John] had played with Mingus and had his own records on Roulette. He was a big influence on me. We played demonstrations and colleges. There wasn't a lot of money involved, but we played stuff by Mingus and Handy."


Martin learned how to play bop with the musicians who hung out at Bop City, Soulville, the Jazz Workshop, Shelton's Blue Mirror, Jack's on Sutter, and later the Both/And. "The greats would go there after their gigs to hang with the local musicians, eat chicken and waffles, and play jazz," he recalls. "Clubs had jams from 2 to 6 a.m. and from 6 to 11 a.m. You could catch a gig on Friday, then go to a club and play all night, get some sleep and do it all over again on Saturday. Bop City and Soulville were my schools."


Starting in the late 1960s, Martin began a period of playing with progressive rock and Latin bands, among them the Loading Zone, Cold Blood, Azteca, and Boz Scaggs. In 1977 Martin formed Listen, an important part of the early West Coast jazz-fusion scene. "The Fourth Way, Jerry Hahn Brotherhood, and the John Handy Quintet were all based here," Martin points out. "Chick Corea was putting Return to Forever together, and Herbie Hancock started the Headhunters in San Francisco, so there's a rich lineage of fusion in the Bay Area."


Listen made three albums—two for the Inner City label, Listen Featuring Mel Martin (1977) and Growing (1978); and She Who Listens (1979) for the small Scottish label Move. Martin received a Musician of the Year award from the San Francisco chapter of NARAS (Grammy) in 1977 as well as a Bammy for Best Jazz Album of 1977 for Listen Featuring Mel Martin. Illustrious Listen alumni include steel pan player Andy Narell and drummer Terry Bozzio.


Martin has been artistic director of the group Bebop and Beyond since 1983. Eddie Marshall, John Handy, George Cables, Ed Kelly, and Warren Gale have passed through its ranks. The band's discography includes Bebop and Beyond (Concord, 1984); Bebop and Beyond Plays Thelonious Monk (Blue Moon, 1990); Bebop and Beyond Plays Dizzy Gillespie (Blue Moon, 1991), with special guest Dizzy Gillespie; and Friends and Mentors: Bebop and Beyond Plays the Music of Mel Martin (Quixotic, 2000).


Mel Martin has received five National Endowment for the Arts grants—a Compositional Grant in 1976, and subsequent funding to preserve the music of Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, and Benny Carter for the recordings Bebop and Beyond Plays Thelonious Monk, Bebop and Beyond Plays Dizzy Gillespie, Mel Martin Plays Benny Carter,and the brand-new Just Friends. He has been honored by the San Francisco Jewish Museum as part of their Jewish Presence in Jazz Series. Other projects include the Tenor Conclave, currently on hiatus, a sextet with Tim Armacost, Rob Roth, Mark Levine, Robb Fisher, and Akira Tana, focusing on the repertoire of great saxophonists of the past, particularly Joe Henderson; and the Mel Martin All-Star Big Band, which plays new arrangements of standards as well as the music of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Benny Carter, Jimmy Heath, and Mel Martin.


As performer, composer-arranger, and multi-instrumentalist (soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones; flute and alto flute; clarinet and bass clarinet), Martin has contributed to the CBS television series The Twilight Zone and the films Rumblefish, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Warriors, and Street Music. Martin has assembled (and performed in) big bands for McCoy Tyner and Dizzy Gillespie, and played with the Freddie Hubbard Quintet and Charlie Haden's Liberation Orchestra.


Martin, who taught at the Stanford Jazz Workshop at Stanford University from 1984 to 1995, is a highly respected national clinician. He has produced the Bebop and Beyond Advanced Jazz Workshops for the Marin Jewish Community Center, and conducts workshops at his studio in Novato and in the Marin County public schools. "I feed my students classics from the jazz repertoire and discover some of the young talents that will take the music into the future.


"I've always loved music," Martin adds, "from jazz to rock to classical, and I've been blessed to be able to make a living at it." After six decades of playing, Mel Martin is still exploring the limitless possibilities of musical expression with the same enthusiasm he felt when he first picked up a clarinet as a boy.


66 Park Avenue, NY, NY 10016 (212)885-7000 ( 800)548-2666
Shows at 8 & 10PM $25 cover, $15 minimum.
Mel Martin - saxophones & flute
Taylor Eigsti - piano
Steve Laspina  - bass
Steve Johns  - drums


photos by Amanda Bell- for the Grateful Web

Martin Guitars and Ben Harper have teamed up to create a signature edition guitar that targets tone and on stage versatility: the Martin HM Ben Harper Special Edition. Drawing inspiration from Martin's M size and displaying classic Martin appointments, this instrument is perfect for acoustic and amplified sound.

Call the Folk Music Center at 909-624-2928 to reserve yours today!


Ben and Ringo interviewed each other as part of MySpace's ongoing series "Artist On Artist"! The video will be shown starting February 9 at


"No More", the Eddie Vedder penned and performed tune for the documentary "Body of War" featuring guest Ben Harper live at Lollapalooza, will be the lead single on the upcoming 2-CD compilation, "Body of War: Songs that Inspired an Iraq War Veteran," due out March 18 on Sire Records.

The album is culled from hand-picked tracks by Iraq War veteran Tomas Young, who was shot and paralyzed from the chest down after serving in Iraq for less than a week.

More info available at


Ben sings guest vocals on Sheryl Crow's new album "Detours", in stores now. The song "Gasoline" came together in a Nashville studio while in town for the 2007 Bonnaroo Music Festival