Chris Darrow was California's rock Zelig - Reissued 70's LP

Chris Darrow- for the Grateful Web

Chris Darrow may not be a household name — yet. But throughout the history of Southern California country-rock, folk, surf, psychedelic and world music, he has cast a welcome presence. His trail-blazing, country-rock-leaning pair of solo albums, Chris Darrow (1973) and Under My Own Disguise (1974), soon will be released by Everloving Records, the home of Inara George & Van Dyke Parks, Cornelius and Herman Dune . The Darrow collection, titled Chris Darrow/Under My Own Disguise, will be available as a deluxe two-CD, two-LP (180 gram vinyl) with a 48-page 12" x 12" photo book. Street date is March 3, 2009.
The music will also be available through digital retailers without all the fancy stuff.
The Chris Darrow story begins with Kaleidoscope, a late '60s L.A.-based band cited by Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page as his "favorite band of all time." Elektra Records founder Jac Holzman wrote in his book Follow the Music that the first Kaleidoscope album, Side Trips, is his favorite album of all time. Why this cult mania? Kaleidoscope was the first to blend country, rock, folk, blues, psychedelic and world music and have been called the first "world beat" band. They were also precursors to the Flying Burrito Brothers. Singer/songwriter/guitarist David Lindley was also a member.
But the Chris Darrow story did not end with Kaleidoscope's dissolution. He joined the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and then followed the band's Jeff Hanna into the Corvettes on Dot Records. The Corvettes (sans Chris) went on to become Linda Ronstadt's band. Later the Dirt band reformed with Bernie Leadon, who soon became a Flying Burrito Brother. (Is this saga Southern California enough for you?) Darrow later recorded and toured with Hoyt Axton, John Stewart, James Taylor, Sonny & Cher, Gene Vincent, John Fahey and Helen Reddy. As the Chris Darrow reputation continued to develop, he crafted a pair of legendary solo albums for the United Artists label: Chris Darrow and Under My Own Disguise.
The story goes on and on — Darrow went on to record with Nesmith, Kaleidoscope briefly reunited, he recorded with Chris D's Divine Horsemen, formed an unlikely working relationship with colorful producer Kim Fowley and an even less likely collaboration with the Surf Punks' Dennis Dragon. As Darrow continued his 40-year (so far) career in the music business, a new generation of artists discovered him.
Ben Harper, who grew up in Darrow's long-time roost of Claremont, Calif., covered the song "Whipping Boy" from Chris Darrow. The Dust Brothers later remixed it. Mudhoney's Steve Turner has come to idolize Darrow, writing: "It's these solo albums that keep finding their way onto the turntable around my house They have slowly, through the years, wound up in the hands of the right people. People like you and me. And that's no accident."
Likewise, many authors have cited Darrow's contribution to the development of Southern California rock.  He is invoked in such volumes as Barney Hoskyns' Waiting for the Sun and Hotel California, Chuck Crisafulli's Are You Ready for the Country, Richie Unterberger's Wayfaring Strangers: Overlooked Innovators and Eccentric Visionaries of '60s Rock.

Enter Everloving Records, the esoteric label from L.A.'s Loz Feliz, known for its relationship with the Claremont musical community that begat both Darrow and Ben Harper. The LA Weekly's Randall Roberts described Everloving as "globetrotting this year, putting out thrilling music by Germans, French, Japanese and Angelenos. The label since 2003 has delivered hot music action from wherever it arrives. They cherry-pick choice little records from across the globe and deliver them stateside."
Everloving Records is noted for their innovative packaging. The Darrow package is an objet d'art. But how will the label create widespread demand for a double album reissue by an artist from the '60s and '70s whom — if you're under a certain age — you've likely never heard of til moments ago? Glad you asked. That's where you come in.

"Fahrenheit 9/11" - Was President Bush Asleep at the Helm?

recruiters near Flynt, MI trying to sign up more troops- for the Grateful Web

"Fahrenheit 9/11," Michael Moore's latest documentary, gives a detailed account of the events leading up to 9/11 and the President's response. As the movie opens it recounts how Bush literally stole the Presidency, with the help of his brother Jeb Bush, the Governor of Florida, and his friend, Republican Secretary of State Katherine Harris. The movie potrays how African-American voters in Florida were disenfranchised and how no member of the U.S. Senate was willing to sign their petition to investigate the election.


After describing the process by which Bush was se-lected, Moore documents how Bush spent the months following inauguration taking extended vacations for his two favorite sports, golfing and hunting. The nation effectively had no one in the driver's seat during this period. The FBI gave John Ashcroft repeated warnings of an imminent terrorist attack by al Queda, but rather than taking action to protect the nation Ashcroft said that he was tired of hearing about the warnings and didn't want to hear anything more about it.


Perhaps the most troubling part of the movie concerns the presence of the Osama bin Laden family in the U.S. on the day of 9/11. Members of the bin Laden family were living in Washingon, D.C., Los Angeles, and Orlando. Just days after the attack on 9/11, the bin Laden family was rushed out of the county by plane on 9/13 when all commercial flights were grounded. Ironically, Osama bin Laden's eldest brother Salem, was one of Bush's first business partners. Interesting behavior for a President who describes himself as the leader on the war against terror. Perhaps if Bush could break his business ties with the terrorists, that might help us win the war? Just a thought.

Bush's ineptness is best shown in his handling of the 9/11 attack. On the morning of the attack, Bush is making an appearance in a predominantly black grade school in Texas to read "My Pet Goat" with the students. After being informed that the second plane was flown into the World Trade Center, Bush was at a loss as to how to proceed. Instead of taking action to protect the Nation's security, he simply sat there and did nothing. He continued reading "My Pet Goat."

In the weeks and months following 9/11, Bush wakes up. Now it's time to attack Afghanistan. Lives of American soldiers are given in vain as we fail to capture the man behind it all, Osama bin Laden. Of course, why would we want to capture a friend of the Bush family?

Then the real charade begins. As Moore describes, we refocus our efforts on Iraq and wage war on a county that never attacked, threatened, or presented a known threat to the United States. "Fahrenheit 9/11" puts the camera on the bodies of the burned Iraqi children, innocent, yet brutally murdered by the U.S. military. All for weapons of mass destruction that were never found.

OIL- Operation Iraqi Liberation. As one conservative recently told me, "Ah, but the oil we will get will be well worth it." So we finally get to the truth. All of these Iraqi children were killed so that Dick Cheney, former CEO of Halliburton could help out his old company. But I thought this was free market society with open competition? No, Halliburton was pre-selected to receive all of the major oil contracts. That's American tax dollars going into the pocket of Dick Cheney's buddies. Meanwhile, 60% of American corporations, like Halliburton, pay zero tax dollars. Seem fair to you?

Another company the Bush administration has picked to rebuild Iraq also had ties to bin Laden's family, Betchtel Corporation. Osama bin Laden family members invested $10M in an equity fund run by the former Bechtel unit. Yes, we want to make sure the bin Laden family benefits from the war efforts, since, after all, Osama bin Laden was responsible for the terrorist attacks that convinced us that we needed to go to war in the first place.

Oh, but we're liberating Iraq. Even if weapons of mass destruction were never found, Saddam Hussein was an evil dictator and we needed to liberate the country. Please explain this to me: How do you liberate a county by killing its innocent citizens? Sounds a little fishy to me.

Overall, Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" depicts the fatal errors of an incompetent administration that was not duly elected in the first place. We can only hope that the good Americans will do a better job to ensure that a competent leader is chosen this November. And that would be ANYBODY BUT BUSH!

"Since when did telling the truth mean you're a liberal?"