Caveman's 'CoCo Beware' Streets 9/13

After months of anticipation, Caveman is pleased to announce the digital release of their debut album CoCo Beware on September 13th, followed by the physical CD and vinyl release on November 15th. Exploding out of the New York scene over the last few months, the band has decided to get this hot off the presses album out as soon as possible via a digital self-release. The fans wanted it, so the fans get it — a straight-ahead ethos for a band that’s about the music FIRST.

In honor of the New York five-piece’s first release, the band has made “Old Friend” available as a free download, premiering the track with Fader Magazine this morning. Click HERE to hear the track. Recorded and produced by Nick Stumpf (French Kicks), CoCo Beware showcases the dreamy chamber pop and multi-part harmonies that have been turning heads at the band’s live shows for the better part of a year. Leading up to the release of their debut, Caveman will also be heading out on tour with The War On Drugs, hitting the east coast, midwest and Canada before returning to New York to celebrate their album release at the Mercury Lounge on Thursday, September 15th.

For Caveman, the last year and half have been a whirlwind. Formed in New York back in January of 2010, the band has gone from relative unknowns to opening for Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes, White Rabbits, Here We Go Magic, Cursive, Wye Oak and Yuck in a little under a year. Listening to CoCo Beware, it’s easy to see why the band has garnered so much attention in such a short period of time. Opening with “A Country’s King of Dreams,” the band explores honey-sweet, country-tinged vocal melodies over tribal drumming. “My Time” is a slow-building pop gem, with lead singer Matthew Iwanusa’s vocals weaving in and out of band’s backing vocals. Caveman’s lush four-part harmonies, spaced-out guitars, and inventive percussion come together perfectly on the tracks “Easy Water” and “My Room.


Upcoming Caveman dates:

* w/ The War On Drugs

08/06 - Montauk, NY @ The Surf Lodge

08/18 - Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda's *

08/19 - Brooklyn, NY @ Cameo *

08/21 - Allston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall *

08/22 – Burlington, VT @ Monkey Bar

08/23 - Montreal, CAN @ Casa del Popolo *

08/24 - Toronto, CAN @ Drake Hotel *

08/25 - Ann Arbor, MI @ Blind Pig *

08/26 - Chicago, IL @ Schubas Tavern *

08/27 - Milwaukee, WI @ Club Garibaldi *

08/28 - Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Street Entry *

08/30 - St. Louis, MO @ The Biliken Club *

08/31 - Lexington-Fayette, KY @ Cosmic Charlie's *

09/01 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Club Cafe *

09/02 - Washington, DC @ The Red Place *

09/15 – New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge (Album Release)

Jake Shimabukuro Believes Music is Good Medicine

"If everyone played the ukulele, the world would be a better place." -Jake Shimabukuro

Jake Shimabukuro is recognized as one of the world's most exciting and innovative ukulele players and composers, having "given the ukulele a new respect altogether" (All Music Guide), as he demonstrates on his forthcoming album ‘Peace Love Ukulele,' out January 4, 2011 on Hitchhike Records.

But as his career continues to blossom, Shimabukuro, a Hawaiian, is also busy giving back to his island community, using the ukulele as his tool. He’s currently the head spokesperson for Music is Good Medicine (MIGM), a living-healthy community program that tours schools, hospitals and senior centers around Hawaii and on the US mainland, as well as in Guam, Saipan and Japan.

Shimabukuro’s belief that music is good medicine goes all the way back to his childhood. "Ever since my mother first put a ukulele in my hands at the age of four," he says, "this magical instrument has been a positive force in my life – helping to steer me away from drugs, violence and other negative influences. It fueled my passion for music, which has helped me to develop in mind, body and spirit."

He points to the therapeutic, stress-reducing benefits of playing music and says the ukulele is one of the easiest instruments to learn, as well as one of the most affordable. "This tiny, four-string instrument is a universe of joy and healing, with a childlike quality about it that returns us to our youth and energizes us."

Aaron & Chris On Drugs & Iraq

- for the Grateful Web


sounds about right...probably, bush understands drugs better than kerry anyway...I have this feeling lately that Kerry is really no answer...it might actually be better to leave bush in and get people even more pissed off so that 2008 becomes revolution time...maybe bush will pass some (more) horrible rights reducing legislation over the next 4 yrs and prove what a bad move it was to vote him in...

the charlie rose show today had the guy from Carter's admin that wrote the book with the approximate title "A choice: Global Domination or Global Leadership" he was pretty good, thinks that our best bet is to pull out of Iraq and form some kind of coalition with moderate middle east nations...

you know what? I really could fucking care less about any of this...it doesn't matter who's in there now or ever, we are past the point of no  return on big business, etc...there is no possible way around it, the only thing we can do is be good  and work to incorporate some sense, awareness, love into corporate domination...yeah good luck...but the global world is getting smaller and maybe this stuff is clashing with the deeper vibration of life, but it is irreversible and we need to learn to ride it while  staying true to ourselves on the human to human (being to being) level...is it bad to say change is hopeless? that we are hoping for the wrong thing?

Because we are fooling ourselves to think that people like Kerry can help...he's part of the same bullshit and I certainly don't have faith in him to make any progress...when was the last time you saw a politiician (or anyone for that matter) that made you feel like, "I'd follow him to the end of the world!"?  There isn't anyone out there that instills that sense of  "This guy is Amazing!"

Sorry - just feeling a little depressed about the state of things....


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Your frustrations are shared by many people.

As far as Iraq goes, obviously it was stupid to go in there in the first place.  People will argue that the whole mission wasn't thought through enough.  Well duh!  It was never intended to be thought through.  The only thought by bush was ride the new wave of fear about terrorism. Bush could take care of all his personal business with the middle east under the guise of terror.  and who's to say that the bush admin wasn't more directly responsible with the attack on American soil.

So now we are left with the bi-product of bush's greed... we can't stay or leave Iraq.   If we stay, American soldiers die, Iraqis die, oil burns, containments are spewed.  If we leave, holy shit that would create a HUGE civil war not to mention all the middle eastern countries attempting to move in for the feast of land/oil and so on.  Of course the USA won't let anyone else get the oil.

If you think about it, IRAQ is really a plastic country.  It was created by the British during WW I.  The USA has been controlling the leadership since the 50's.  Unfortunately one of their monkeys started fighting back (Saddam) and now we are having to fry the area to make a point. It's really quite fucked.  It is sort of like Michael Jackson's plastic surgery.  One mistake and now we keep trying to fix it and it just gets uglier and freakier.

I really feel that we have to take the less of two evils.  This is not to say that Kerry is really less evil than Bush, but his priorities will have less effect on the environment.  That's the bottom line.  Some of the shit that Bush allows now is pretty much irreversible.

Kerry's wife owns the Heinz company, right?  Look at all the stuff that Heinz does (sends work off to mexico and other countries).  If you really look at it, it makes some of Kerry's policy look quite hypocritical.

AS of late their has been huge comparison between the Roman Empire andthe USA.  I'm not  going to try to type it out right now, but the Roman Empire obviously peaked  out with Julius and then later with Octavius (Augustus).  The fall of the empire was due to all the greed and so forth, but what lead up to the fall was war.  There are some very amazing parallels between the two.  History repeats itself.  Perhaps we just need to read some history books to find out what's going to happen?