Dobet Gnahoré In Support of the Global Education Fund at The Boulder Theater

Dobet Gnahore- for the Grateful Web

Celtic Music meets West Africa. Musicians from 6 countries in the Celtic fringes of Europe and the West coast of Africa join together to play the most original live world fusion sound around. The spirit of the music lives in the rhythm. All Baka Beyond's rhythms are played by human beings not machines!

The minute Dobet Gnahoré (pronounced DOH-bay gna-OR-ay) steps onto the stage, it is obvious she is something special. She exudes an inner strength and commanding presence that draws you in, even before she has opened her mouth to sing. Once Dobet does begin to sing, her voice is filled with emotion and range. She moves from heartfelt ballads to funky, danceable songs with ease, and is comfortable performing in a wide range of African styles. Eventually, Dobet begins to dance, and the true depth of her talent shines through. She jumps across the stage like an acrobat, a soulful tornado of movement who astounds the audience with her moves. Just 24 years old, Dobet Gnahoré has got it all – an exceptional voice, amazing dance skills and the engaging aura reserved for artistic greats. After masterful performances across Europe and the United States, she has become one of African music's most exciting young talents.

Global Education Fund Reception - 5:

Global Education Fund Reception will feature a talk and video on their upcoming work with educational needs of orphaned and vulnerable children in Kenya. Global Education Fund (GEF) is a nonprofit charitable organization working to see that books get in to the hands of the most needy children in the world. To date we have sent book aid to children living in orphanages and remote villages in twenty-one countries.

To buy tickets or for more information, please visit the Boulder Theater's website:  The Boulder Theater

Kan'nal Celebrates DVD Release at Boulder Theater

Kan''Nal - for the Grateful Web

While dancing amongst the sold out crowd at the Boulder Theater it became clear to me…..why haven't I seen this band before?  This relatively unknown band performs like a veteran group, with a commanding visual presence and an amazing display of musicianship to back it up.

It was on this night fans gathered to hear the band and celebrate the release of Kan'nal's first ever DVD, Live at The Boulder Theater.  This film showcases one of the group's amazing live performances at the hometown theater last year.

This tribal rock group from Colorado blends elements of Latin, Mediterranean, and new age rock that remind one of Santana, Rusted Root or Los Lonely Boys, but with a more authentic appeal.  Members of Kan'nal originally formed in Guatemala, and were drawn together by their love for international music.  Fans of this group appreciate their unique, organic sound and are treated to a true world music experience.

This multicultural ensemble comprised of singer/guitarist Tzol, guitarist Tierro, bassist Roldolfo Escobar, performance artist Teresita Hinojoso, drummer Gilly Gonzalez, didgeridoo player/percussionist Aaron Jerad, and performance artist Akayate took to the stage last Friday night to perform many of the songs captured on Live at the Boulder Theater, as well as new songs that have been written along the way.  From song one the band had managed to captivate the audience with their earthy good looks, exceptional musical talent, and stunning theater performance.

bellThe band ripped through favorites, lead by the psychedelic guitar work of Tierro and Tzol's silky vocals; all back dropped by a stunning light show.  Already known for their accompanying dancers, midway through the set fans were treated to authentic Aztec dancers and instrumentalists, who were donned with giant headdresses and body paint.

Featured percussion solos highlighted many of the jams throughout the evening, as Gonzalez pounded rhythmic beats and Jerad's multi-didgeridoo set added textured vibrato.

The symbiotic energy between the audience and the band was strong.  Even those not familiar with the band (such as me) felt a spiritual connection within the music.  These artists speak of community and world peace, and use beautiful music to share that vision.  Music is the universal language, and this group reiterates that truth by blending elements from every continent.

The new age of world music has come to Colorado.  Although this band is not widely popular, that will likely soon change.  They have a very devoted fan base that shares their artistic vision and humanistic approach to life.

Watch for the inevitable cosmic rise of Kan'nal.

Boulder's Performing Arts Collective Kan'Nal

Kan''Nal- for the Grateful Web

Boulder, CO – An international phenomenon and hometown favorite, Kan'Nal performs the Boulder Theater Friday, April 20 celebrating the release of Live at the Boulder Theater, its first ever Live DVD. In addition to the DVD, the band is also set to release its new studio album entitled A Myth Magik early this June.

A boundless canvas for its musicians, performers and artists, Live at the Boulder Theater is the first release from Kan'Nal to fully capture the entirety of its vigorous and hypnotic multi-sensual performance. The DVD is culled from live footage from last year's extensive global touring giving an understanding as to how Kan'Nal has been winning over audiences all across the western hemisphere.

Reaching out from a core of tribal psychedelia, Kan'Nal mixes the unconventional elements of Spanish gypsy, Bedouin rhythms and indigenous trance creating an enveloping sound.  Beyond the music, the band's live performance features spouting fire and tribal dancing enhanced through a dynamic multimedia presentation that has been winning over critics and fans all over the North American continent.

"Tribal-rock blasts plunge a hand into your chest and grab onto the part of your being that swung from trees a few million years ago. Find another band that does that."

Washington Post

"A spicy, groove-oriented acoustic fusion of Latin and Middle Eastern rhythms that combines elements of spoken word, electronica, new-age and soft metallic drone"


kannnalFormed through a natural evolution over the course of six years and thousands of miles traveled, the core members of Kan'Nal's tribe came together quite coincidentally through their individual backpacking trips through Central America. Originating in a small Guatemalan town in 2001, group songwriter Tzol met fellow wandering guitarist Tierro. Cut off from the outside world, Lake Atitlan in Guatemala was the perfect spot to work on what would become Kan'Nal's musical foundation.

Tzol and Tierro returned to the same small Guatemalan town almost a year later to the day and met another pair of musicians, bass player Rodolofo and singer Teresita. Developing the communal sound even further the quartet headed back to the states for a small tour where they rounded off the core of the tribe by adding Rodolfo's friend Gilly from San Antonio on drums and Arron from the Yucatan Peninsula as a didgeridoo player/percussionist.

To this day Kan'Nal has sold over 10,000 CDs and performed over 500 concerts including high profile music festivals across the US including Wakarusa, High Sierra, Earthdance, Burning Man and more. International performance highlights include playing the ancient Mayan city of Tikal in Guatemala, riverside at the jungle palace of Palenque in Mexico and numerous other gigs throughout the core of Central America.

Perform Live DVD Release Party at Boulder Theater Friday, April 20

2032 14th Street | 303-449-9830 | Ages 21+ | 8 PM | $15 | Special Guests TBA

* Every advance ticket purchased through receives one free copy of Live at the Boulder Theater and a free download of A Journey to the Underworld Recorded 10/20/06 In Boulder, CO *

Tony Furtado Returns To The Boulder Theater

As the temperature falls and we add another layer to our Colorado uniform, it certainly feels like that time of year when tradition runs deep. The return of Tony Furtado to the Boulder Theater kept in traditional stride as he remained true to his Thanksgiving Day appearance and brought his genre bending songs to the familiar Boulder audience. Those of us present Friday night were fed a healthy serving of some good ol' fashioned Rocky Mountain pickin' turned electric.

Tony came in tow with his banjo and guitar back from his new home in Portland and managed to scrounge up some familiar Boulder musicians, The Tony Furtado Band. Tonight the band featured Matt Spencer on bass, Christian Teele on drums, Ross Martin on electric guitar and Tony on banjo, guitar and vocals.

The crowd spiritedly welcomed Tony and the band to the stage and the dance floor came alive. Tony Furtado and his banjo stylings present themselves as country rock songs with a tinge of bluegrass - or country songs with a dab of rock depending on what side of the Mississippi you grew up on. In actuality though, the music is best left unlabeled and should merely be absorbed for its truly original compositions and melodic jams. The electric banjo work is subtle, yet intricate, and you can feel Furtado's inspiration in each pluck. His songwriting skills seem acute as ever and Tony's acoustic guitar diligence showcases his years of creative experience and exploration. A student turned master of the slide guitar, Furtado was mainly picking and strumming this evening and why not when it sounds/feels so good.

Matt Spencer had a noteworthy bass solo that smoothly bounced back into a full band swing and the crowd was also treated to a cover of Tom Petty's Runnin' Down A Dream. It's also a pleasure to hear Ross Martin on some electric guitar. He plays a very meandering, almost whispering lead that is a distinct departure from when he picks on his acoustic.  The crowd participated in an impromptu sing along during a re-vamped version of the story of Stagger Lee as Tony and Ross volleyed solos and the entire band seemed to be having fun while the audience fed off the energy.

The night proved to be a festive evening of familial celebration and musical jubilation. From old classics to zestful covers, The Tony Furtado Band played a solid set of eclectic songs to an obviously appreciative Boulder Theater crowd.

Huskers 'Cream Puffs' in Boulder

NU vs. CU in Boulder, Colorado 2005- for the Grateful Web

For the first time in decades,  the Nebraska football teams comes into a Boulder a two touchdown underdog... but the Huskers came to play handing the Buffs a 30-3 shellacking.


Check out some pictures from Friday's game.



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Tony Furtado at the Boulder Theater Soon

Tony @ friends coming to Boulder!- for the Grateful Web

Tony's playing the Boulder Theater November, 25th.  Their location is 2032 14th Street ~ Boulder CO ~  and their phone is: 303.786.7030

Doors: 8pm ~ Show time: 9pm  $17

For more info:

Appearing with Tony: local heroes Drew Emmitt Band featuring Bill Nershi.

Grateful Web's review of the show will be posted soon...

Sun Deli in Boulder

Sun Deli - Good Food & Vibes- for the Grateful Web

Located on Pearl and 22nd Streets, Sun Deli in Boulder is a cool locally owned place offering up tasty dishes and friendly faces...

Sun Deli offers up the best slices of pizza in Boulder. There are plenty of cool books to check out while you wait for your pie to cook up and Jerry's playing on the radio. Their decor consists of all things hippie and the staff is always welcoming.

Sun Deli's pizza tastes the closest thing to New York Pizza I've had in Boulder. Having grown up ten minutes from Manhattan and pretty much living on slices as a little kid, I feel comfortable saying this...  Other specialties include: Strombolis, Calzones, Sandwiches and Salad, and get this, Sun Deli will deliver you all your food and alcohol needs!  Beer, Wine, Liquor, its all there and delivered right to your home. Of course your ID will be checked, so have it on hand and be sure to give your delivery gal/guy a tip!

You can pick up Grateful Web's "Make Love Not War" T-Shirt at Sun Deli!



2299 Pearl St. Boulder

CO 303.938.1128 / 303.938.1078

Hours of Operation : Monday-Saturday 10am - 11:59pm

Sunday 4-10pm

Delivery of Food & Drinks to your home, a first for Boulder.

Leftover Salmon | Fox Theater | Boulder, CO

Leftover Salmon @ their homebase - The Fox in Boulder- for the Grateful Web
Diandra - Happy Birthday! outside the Fox- for the Grateful Web
I got in a little trouble for using the flash.. :)- for the Grateful Web
Drew JAMMING- for the Grateful Web
''When I paint my masterpiece''- for the Grateful Web
Vince Boulder''s next great politician- for the Grateful Web
four nights of salmon in Boulder- for the Grateful Web
Vince Herman- for the Grateful Web
New Years Run @ The Fox- for the Grateful Web
Leftover Salmon''s living room- for the Grateful Web

Leftover Salmon, since 1989, started their four night run at the Fox in Boulder. Word is from Vince Herman this may be the end of road.  He recently told the Daily Camera he is interested in pursuing politics, but is not ruling out a Salmon reunion. 

From The Daily Camera:

'Yet Herman, who's mulling a post-Salmon career in Boulder County politics, suggests the group's announcement on its Web site last summer — which stressed that "the band is not breaking up, just taking a break" — may have been a little misleading.'

'"Well, you know, in the true Salmon way, when we put that up on our Web site, that was what it looked like we were gonna do — and we just haven't changed it," Herman, the group's frontman, says with a laugh. "But, yeah, I think we're pretty much done."'

'While Herman has done a little solo touring this fall, his immediate plans are non-musical: he and his wife are purchasing, and plan to operate, Nederland's Once Again Books. Still torn up by President Bush's re-election, Herman's also contemplating a career in politics.'

'"Well, I'll probably hold off on the presidency, but as fast as things are changing around here, I may consider running for office," Herman says. "I have some aspirations, but I'd hate to put anything into print that would make me look stupid by not pursuing."'

'And, of course, each is leaving the door open — at least nominally — to a Salmon reunion.'

'"We're stopping on a high note, and that definitely feels great," Emmitt says. "It's not like we've run ourselves into the ground, but 15 years is a long time to be out on the road. We're closing a chapter on our lives. I'm excited about it in a lot of ways.'

'"But remember, it's an open-ended decision."'

For over 15 years, Leftover Salmon has graced us with their polyethnic cajun slamgrass. These last  shows promise lots of special guests and former band members.  Some of the current members, include:


Finally, after nearly two years on the road, the new Leftover Salmon lineup is on record.  The self-titled 'Leftover Salmon' is the band's first studio album where co-founders Drew Emmitt and Vince Herman show off how the beloved Colorado band has evolved since the arrival of banjoist Noam Pikelny, keyboardist Bill McKay, bassist Greg Garrison and drummer Jose Martinez.

"It's really brand new Leftovers," says Herman.  "This is the first record since losing our brother Mark Vann, and it's the first studio recording with our new guys.  We've got three guys with music degrees in the band now!  So we've really been looking forward to doing an album together.  It's really a big step in the evolution of the band."

The album, produced by longtime Little Feat keyboardist Bill Payne, also illustrates how Leftover Salmon have progressed.  "I've been saying that this is our first record for grown-ups," Herman laughs.  "It definitely reflects how the band's sound has matured.  There's less schtick.  We still have a lot of fun, and there's still a lot of joy in our music.  But there's also a serious aspect to what we're doing now, especially in the musical ability of the members and what we try to put across in the arrangements."

Indeed, the band has undergone immense changes since 1999's groundbreaking The Nashville Sessions.  The death of banjoist and beloved co-founder Mark Vann and the addition of four new band members inherently brought on a new sound, especially for an improvisational band that derives so much of its creativity from the personalities of its musicians.

"It's definitely a new era," says Noam Pikelny, the newest and youngest member of the band.  "This band has been an institution. I think anyone who has seen the band in the past will still recognize that a lot of the same elements are still there.  But I also think they'll hear the difference."

As Herman puts it, "The band probably isn't as crazy and off-the-wall as it used to be.  We still have a great time onstage, and the sheer joy of making music is still a big part of what we're about.  But we're more focused on being musicians and on the arrangements now.  We're still as fun and as eclectic as ever, but we're also more mature and more capable, too."

For this album, the band broke its pattern of inviting scores of musical guests to participate.  This time, Leftover Salmon decided to focus on their own special ensemble play.  The only instrumental guest is the producer, who adds a spicy piano track to "Whispering Waters". "How could you have Bill Payne in the studio and pass up the chance to get him to play on your record," Herman points out. Singer K.C. Groves adds harmony on "Woody Guthrie", but otherwise the band goes it alone.

"We purposely kept the guests down to a minimum," Herman says.  "We've always enjoyed the chance to play with other musicians that we admire.  But we're also real proud of this band and how it sounds, so we decided to keep the focus on the group this time."

The new album provides proof of how the band remains eclectic and adventurous as well as how it has evolved musically.  Five of the six band members contribute songs, from Pikelny's newgrass instrumental "Lincoln & Nevada" to Bill McKay's blues-rock vamp "Just Keep Walkin'", and from Drew Emmitt's New Orleans-inspired, jaunty rocker "Delta Queen" to Emmitt's folk-based "Weary Traveler".

"We're definitely still chameleon-like in that regard," Herman explains.  "All of us grew up loving different kinds of music, and we all love that we're in a band that allows us the chance to play different kinds of music.  We're basically a rock 'n' roll bluegrass band, but that means we can play everything from folk and bluegrass songs to anything that falls under the big banner of rock."

In talking about growth, Herman mentions the new song "Woody Guthrie," an unusual foray into political and social commentary by the band.  "It's such a departure from what we've done," says Herman, who wrote the song. "I had second thoughts about putting it on the album, but the guys talked me into it.  We've been doing it live, at least during our more acoustic shows, and it goes across real well."

Herman's reference to "acoustic shows" indicates another aspect of the band's breadth. In 2003, the band took part in a critically acclaimed tour with bluegrass giants the Del McCoury Band and released an album with the rock band Cracker.  Similarly, the band plays both folk and rock festivals, and they've performed in elegant theaters and in grungy rock clubs.  Leftover Salmon is the rare band with a broad enough sound and a large enough repertoire to shape its set list to fit the crowd and the venue.

"We're a little strange that way, but we know that there are live settings where some songs work better than others for us," Herman says.  "When we're playing a theater, we can bring our more folk-based side.  But when we're in a rock club, and the crowd is grooving along having a good time, you don't want to break the mood and sing a song about agriculture policy."

Still, the earthy quality and back-to-nature character of the band's music continues to shine through.  That aspect of the group is evident in the song titles, including "Mountain Top," "Down in the Hollow," "Whispering Waters" and "Last Days of Autumn."  "We didn't realize we had this outdoors theme running through the album until we were finished," Herman says.  "It wasn't intentional, but it's one of the threads running through the album.  It fits our personality – after all, Salmon are out there in the wild world."

As the first album since signing with Compendia Records, Leftover Salmon are eager for fans and for new listeners to hear how the band has evolved.  "We're still just as delirious as ever at having the opportunity to make music for a living," Herman says.  "But we've grown up a bit, and we've learned a lot about the music business and what works for us.  We still believe that live music is as essential as ever, that it can change lives and save the world.  We're certainly having as much as we've ever had."

Check out Leftover Salmon's Discography.

Hotel & Inns Review: Boulder Corporate Rentals Hotel Alternative

<A HREF=Boulder Corporate Rentals - for the Grateful Web" title="Boulder Corporate Rentals " hspace="0" vspace="0" width="240" />

Staying at: Remington Post, Boulder CO
When:          Fall 2004

Boulder Corporate Rentals

I heard of Boulder Corporate Rentals from friends at work, and they were very accommodating with my hectic home purchase.

The accommodation, a private terraced one bedroom, was quiet and larger then I expected. It was clean and fully stocked with everything I needed.  I used and loved Remington's indoor heated pool, and the on site staff accepted several critical documents for me at the Remington Office when I was out of town.

I had to call and reschedule my leaving date 4 or 5 times, but Michele, Mike, and Barney were understanding and flexible every time.

I finally did buy my house in Boulder, thanks to Boulder Corporate Rentals, I never worried about the changing closing date.

Thank you!

Justin Hancock, Fall 2004


Editors Note: Boulder Corporate Rentals is a for profit company some editors of Grateful Web have an interest in.