The Last Waltz LIVE @ Boulder Theater

Back in 2005, Denver's number one "jamband", Polytoxic, wanted to put on a show that could showcase all the great local musicians they had been playing with for the past few years.  They decided to re-enact The Band's "The Last Waltz", a concert film by Martin Scorsese from 1978 of The Band's last performance that included all of that era's greatest musicians - Eric Clapton, Dr John, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, etc.  Polytoxic’s show was held at Dulcinea's in Denver's Capitol Hill area on May 25, 2005, and Polytoxic planned on it being a fun little show that would garner a little bit of interest.  It sold out in minutes, surprising band and fans alike, and became the biggest show they had ever thrown.  So big, in fact, they decided to do it again in 2005, this time on the night before Thanksgiving at Cervante's Masterpiece Ballroom.

Polytoxic's "The Last Waltz Revisited" immediately went from a "fun little" idea at a small venue to their biggest event of the year.  It has become an annual event, playing to capacity crowds.  This year marks the 5th anniversary of their "Last Waltz Revisited", and it boasts over 40 guest musicians from the Colorado area (and a few from other cities), a full horn section, and over 30 songs from The Band’s extensive catalog, focusing primarily on songs played at The Last Waltz.  It has become a tradition for many of those involved in the show, as well as for many of the people that come out and see the show year after year.

This year, the show has been added for the first time in Boulder, at the Boulder Theater.  The plan is to bring in many Boulder-area musicians to participate, and start an annual tradition there as well, bringing the musical community together and giving something back to the community as a whole.

Polytoxic's "The Last Waltz Revisited" will be performed in Boulder at The Boulder Theater (2032 14th St, 303-786-7030), Friday November 20th. Doors are at 8pm and show starts at 9:30 with Buck Perigo performing Arlo Guthrie’s entire “Alice’s Restaurant”.  Tickets are $15.00/advance, $18.50/day of show.  For ticket info go to or call the theater.

Boulder Weekly presents
Performed live by Polytoxic & special friends
Friday, November 20
doors 8:30pm, show 9:00pm

GA / Advance=$15.00, DOS=$18.50 / 21+
On sale now

WHITE RABBITS are playing Larimer Lounge on 10.30...last US tour of '09

After spending the better part of two years on the road (including festival stops at Lollapallooza, Glastonbury (UK),Sasquatch, Monolith and tours with The Walkmen, Spoon, Richard Swift, The Cribs, White Denim and Tokyo Police Club) White Rabbits hunkered down in their Brooklyn practice space to set about re-envisioning the dark pop of their debut Fort Nightly, while adding new sounds and influences to achieve an original work.  The result is It’s Frightening, their second full-length album.

White Rabbits signed to TBD Records (US home to Radiohead/Other Lives/Hatcham Social) and erected a makeshift studio in their basement rehearsal space to demo new material.  Band members popped in and out over the course of several months lending ideas and personality to a new batch of songs that defy instant categorization. After enlisting tourmate, friend and songwriter Britt Daniel (Spoon) as producer, the pair began the process of exchanging demos between Brooklyn and Portland.  White Rabbits recorded It’s Frightening over the course of four weeks, only taking a break to play the Transmusicales Festival in Rennes, France.  The sessions were recorded by visionary engineer Nicholas Vernhes (Animal Collective, Deerhunter) at Rare Book Room in Brooklyn, NY.  Taking special care to recreate the unhinged nature of the original demos, the band utilized the wide range of tools in the analog-friendly studio to shape the personal spirit infused in the new tracks.  Upon the completion of tracking, White Rabbits traveled to Austin, TX to mix the record with studio wizard Mike McCarthy (Spoon, Trail Of Dead) using his exceptional ears to transform It’s Frightening into a uniquely rewarding headphone experience.

It’s Frightening plays like a classic reel of tape from start to finish. Opening with the visceral drums of “Percussion Gun,” it is clear that time-off from the road has served the band well.  The many highlights include the emotional centerpiece “Company I Keep,” the new sonic territory of “Lionesse” and the macabre lyrics of “Right Where They Left.”  Fans of Fort Nightly will find much to go weak in the knees over and new listeners are in for an awakening as White Rabbits flip the switch on an already impressive beginning. It’s Frightening is a journey into the playfully dark musings of Everyman.

The lineup: Stephen Patterson (vox/piano), Jamie Levinson (drums), Matthew Clark (drums, guitar), Alex Even (guitar), Gregory Roberts (guitar/vox). A U.S. tour will follow the May release of It’s Frightening.

White Rabbits Tour Dates

9/23 - Grog Shop - Cleveland, OH
10/17 - Rock And Roll Hotel - Washington, DC *%
10/18 - Johnny Brenda's - Philadelphia, PA *%
10/20 - Club Hell - Providence, RI *%
10/21 - Iron Horse Music Hall - Northampton, MA %
10/22 - Higher Ground - South Burlington, VT %
10/23 - Il Motore - Montreal, QC *
10/24 - The Drake Hotel - Toronto, ON *
10/25 - Magic Stick - Detroit, MI *%
10/27 - The Firebird - St Louis, MO *%
10/29 - Blue Note - Columbia, MO *%
10/30 - Larimer Lounge - Denver, CO %
11/1 - Clubhouse - Tempe, AZ #%
11/2 - El Rey Theatre - Los Angeles, CA #%
11/4 - Slim's - San Francisco, CA #%
11/5 - Wonder Ballroom - Portland, OR #%
11/6 - The Biltmore Cabaret - Vancouver, BC #%
11/9 - Cedar Cultural Center - Minneapolis, MN %
11/10 - Turner Hall Ballroom - Milwaukee, WI %

* - with Suckers
# - with Local Natives
% - with Glass Ghost

Help protect Wyoming's last unspoiled wildlands

Wyoming- for the Grateful Web

If the Bush administration gets its way, Wyoming's spectacular Fortification Creek Area will soon be sacrificed to a massive drilling scheme.

We need your immediate action to halt this destructive plan in its tracks. The deadline for submitting comments on the plan is October 7!

Please go to: right away and tell the Bureau of Land Management to reject this proposal, which would allow as many as 600 coalbed methane wells in the heart of Wyoming's remaining wildlands.

The Fortification Creek Area - containing over 42,000 acres of public wildlands - represents the last pristine oasis in Wyoming's Powder River Basin, which is already blanketed by coalbed methane wells.

Most importantly, the Fortification Creek region provides critical winter range and calving grounds for an isolated prairie elk herd of only 230 animals. If adopted, the Bush administration's plan has the potential to decimate the entire elk population.

The Fortification Creek Area is also home to pronghorn, bobcats, mountain lions, and over 200 species of migratory birds. Opening these lands to gas drilling would spoil a pristine water source for wildlife, cause irreversible soil and vegetation damage, and destroy outdoor recreational opportunities.

Please go to: and urge Bush administration officials to protect Wyoming's Fortification Creek

Last Ride Bluesfest @ The Seven Clans Casino | 2007

For several years, the Seven Clans Casino and Hotel outside of Thief River Falls has sponsored an outdoor bluesfest. It began with one short evening of music and has morphed into two days of blues goodness, usually for no cost.

The last auction raised $7,577.02.

1 of 2 autographed Bobby Items up for auction- for the Grateful Web

Once again the Grateful Web is proud to power the Mimi Fishman Foundation Auctions. Great autographed items from Phil Lesh & Stanley Mouse, Bobby Weir, Jackson Browne & Keller Williams, Jack Johnson, Mike Gordon, Les Claypool and many more!  Also, you'll find VIP Passes to the Gathering of the Vibes festival, String Cheese Incident VIP passes, an original Scramble Campbell artwork and plenty more!

Will the South Park Creators Get the Last Laugh?

South Park- for the Grateful Web

Well folks, looks like the latest fad amongst the erstwhile right wing in our fair country is to identify yourself as a "South Park Conservative."  Brian Anderson of the think tank, the Manhattan Institute, has published a book called "South Park Conservatives: The Revolt Against Liberal Media Bias" which has the normally buttoned-down conservatives coming out of the closet to rejoice in potty-mouthed irreligious humor that supposedly targets the Liberal Elite in its weekly broadcast.  Am I crazy or are these people just making another target out of themselves.  South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have always gone out of their way to skewer the self-serious and people like Michael Moore, Barbara Streisand and Alec Baldwin aren't exactly moving targets, but to suggest that the show has a conservative, or at least an anti-liberal bent is ludicrous.

Recently, Joe Scarborough, one of the usually more sensible and least vitriolic of the conservative talking heads on television, aired an interview with the author of the book, including some clips from the show to emphasize the point - which they have obviously completely missed:

SCARBOROUGH:  And actually making—you talk about environmentalism - actually making those people that were tearing down rain forests in South America the heroes of an episode.

ANDERSON:  That's right.

SCARBOROUGH:  Let's show another clip from "South Park."


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR:  You white Americans make me sick.  You waste food, oil, and everything else because you're so rich, and then you tell the rest of the world to save the rain forest because you like its pretty flowers.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR:  We're here live in San Jose, Costa Rica, where hundreds of Americans have gathered for the Save the Rain Forest Summit.  Everyone is here so they can feel good about themselves and act like they aren't the ones responsible for the rain forest's peril.

In two lines of the show, Parker and Stone have gone after white Americans, wasteful consumption, rampant materialism and environmentalism.  Hey Conservatives, did you laugh at this?  How about you Liberals?  Of course you did, because it is funny and true.

It's embarrassing to hear right-minded individuals taking this for an attack on environmentalism and an endorsement of conservative values - to do so is to practically admit to being fat, greedy, wasteful and willing to let the world go to hell in a hand basket, everyone else be damned.

When Parker and Stone hold their mirror up to America, this is exactly what they see and what they are reflecting back to you.  Time and time again their message has been focused against the hypocrisy of the self-righteous in this country.  And that is neither Liberal nor Conservative.

If Vegas only took odds on the content of upcoming South Park episodes.  "South Park Conservatives" come to South Park and I can't wait to see what happens.

Complete Transcript from Scarborough Country Interview with Brian Anderson aired April 25th 2005

Now, coming up next, the cartoon "South Park" is often childish, irreverent and obscene.  But conservative?  You know what?  Stick around.  You're going to be surprised by what you hear right after this break.



UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS:  Hello there, little boy.  Do you know who I am?



(singing):  I'm going where there's lucky clovers in the...


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR:  Yes, that sucks, dude.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS:  I'm Barbra Streisand.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR:  So?  So, I'm a very famous and very important individual.


SCARBOROUGH:  A popular TV show skewering a liberal celebrity.  You know what?  That may have been unheard of 10 years ago.  But now, thanks to cable news, talk radio, blogs, this type of humor has blossomed onto cable.  The elite media regime has started to crack, some say.  And others say it's a watershed moment in American politics and culture.

That is at least what Brian Anderson, who is editor at "Manhattan Institute City Journal," has to say in his new book, "South Park Conservatives: The Revolt Against Liberal Media Bias."

I spoke with him recently and began by asking him, what is a "South Park" conservative?


BRIAN ANDERSON, AUTHOR, "SOUTH PARK CONSERVATIVES":  Well, the way I use the term—and it's been floating around out in the culture for a while—is somebody who looks around at today's left, who might not be a traditional conservative, but who looks at the political correctness, the anti-Americanism, the elitism, and says that's not me; I want nothing to do with that.

And I find a lot of evidence for this on college campuses in the book

and also in this new kind of comedy, which is represented most powerfully

by "South Park" itself.

SCARBOROUGH:  Now, a lot of conservatives would be shocked that you talk about "South Park" being a conservative show.  I didn't watch it for a couple of years.  A friend told me, you've got to watch this episode and showed me an episode.  And I have not yet seen anything on television that goes after the left the way "South Park" does.

Now, political correctness, of course—well, I'll tell you what.  Why don't we just show a clip of "South Park" to help define what "South Park" conservatives are.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS:  Kids, this is the Costa Rican Capitol Building.

This is where all the leaders of the Costa Rican government make their...

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR:  Oh, my God, it smells out here.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS:  All right, that does it.  Eric Cartman, you respect other cultures this instant.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS:  I wasn't saying anything about their culture.

I was just saying their city smells like ass.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS:  Wow.  Staying in a place like this really makes you appreciate living in America, huh.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS:  You may think that making fun of Third World countries is funny, but let me...

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR:  I don't think it's funny.  This place is overcrowded, smelly and poor.  That's not funny.  That sucks.


SCARBOROUGH:  That's the sort of thing you never see on mainstream media.  They go after Barbra Streisand.  In their latest movie, "Team America," they actually assassinate every liberal in Hollywood.


ANDERSON:  Yes.  In Hollywood, basically.

SCARBOROUGH:  Yes, so...

ANDERSON:  In horrible ways.

SCARBOROUGH:  So, what's going on with this subversive new humor?

ANDERSON:  Well, first of all, when you think about the history of humor, the last 30 years, it's been mostly directed at conservatives and—you know, at least when it's been topical humor.

You think of Norman Lear and "All in the Family" and "Maude."  And, even today, "Will & Grace" or "Whoopi," which was canceled a few years ago, these—topic humor is always to the left.  These guys saw an opportunity.  And cable made it possible.  This is the kind of show that would have never, never been broadcast on network television.

SCARBOROUGH:  You know, what's so interesting is, I—when "The New York Times" ran a front-page story a year ago, they were actually talking about how this was a liberal show.  It was anti-God.  It was anti-religion, and the conservatives were angry.  You know, I just—I can't figure out how they got it so wrong.

ANDERSON:  Well, I mean, on occasion, they do go after the right.

They did a kind of merciless mocking of Mel Gibson.

And, you know, they're not equal-opportunity offenders, however.  If you really look at episode after episode, they go after multiculturalism, radical environmentalism, hate crime legislation, even abortion rights.


ANDERSON:  And when was the last time you saw anything in popular culture satirize something like that?

SCARBOROUGH:  And actually making—you talk about environmentalism -

·         actually making those people that were tearing down rain forests in South America the heroes of an episode.

ANDERSON:  That's right.

SCARBOROUGH:  Let's show another clip from "South Park."


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR:  You white Americans make me sick.  You waste food, oil, and everything else because you're so rich, and then you tell the rest of the world to save the rain forest because you like its pretty flowers.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR:  We're here live in San Jose, Costa Rica, where hundreds of Americans have gathered for the Save the Rain Forest Summit.  Everyone is here so they can feel good about themselves and act like they aren't the ones responsible for the rain forest's peril.


ANDERSON:  It's Comedy Central's most successful program.

And its demographic cuts pretty young.  And, as I explain in this book, "South Park Conservatives," there's a lot of this kind of activity going on, on campuses, too.

SCARBOROUGH:  Talk about that.

ANDERSON:  Well, Harvard's Institute of Politics did a study about a year and a half ago that found that students were actually to the right of the general population in most of their views.

SCARBOROUGH:  So, what happens is, they go to class all day.  They listen to professors.

ANDERSON:  They listen to...


SCARBOROUGH:  ... that all have the same opinion, same political correct viewpoint.  They get tired of it.  They go home at night.

ANDERSON:  Well, think about it.

SCARBOROUGH:  And they become "South Park" conservatives.

ANDERSON:  Yes.  Well, there's a gun club at Harvard now.  And that's pretty strange when you think about it.

SCARBOROUGH:  It's very strange.

Well, thanks.  The book is "South Park Conservatives."  Thanks a lot for being with us tonight.  We greatly appreciate it.

ANDERSON:  Thanks a lot, Joe.  I really appreciate it.  Thanks for having me on.