Big Meat Music

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What is the essence that is "Big Meat"?  The signature sound that originates from four close friends can only be described as improvisational Rock n' Roll.

In their rural hometown of Pomfret, CT, located in the northeast "Quiet Corner" of the state, we started to learn how to play our instruments together in 1995.  While most kids in Pomfret complained of boredom, we entertained ourselves with music.  By the year 2000, "Big Meat" had successfully taken the "Quiet" out of the "Corner" and replaced it with juicy grooves, high-intensity and climaxing improvisation, and completely original compositions.  They performed constantly in high school, producing their own shows from the lights to the sound.  On summer weekends they set up a shoddy PA system and threw a rug on the grass to play at local parties. They always had fun and established such a strong subconscious level of musical connection that they knew "Big Meat" was something special by the time they graduated high school in 2001.

"Big Meat" was separated during our college years because we attended different schools.  We dealt with our separation as best we could, coming together during the breaks and summer months to play clubs, festivals, bars, and parties throughout New England and Pennsylvania.  When school was in session we played occasional college gigs.

While most bands might break up in the midst of such adversity, our separation only improved our sound.  At our respective colleges, we all formed and lead our own musical side-projects that expanded our musical diversity and pushed our individual skills to the limit.  When playing in "Big Meat," any member can steal the show, but in these various side projects, we were each expected to carry the show on our shoulders.  Each time we reunited, our instinctual musical connection remained, and each member was more musically-capable, more confident, and more eclectic and versatile then ever before.  In college, our minds had matured, and we began to understand our roles in the band.  It became more and more evident that when our forces combined, we were "Big Meat."

It's the band that is the show, not any one individual.  It is the unique outcome of their jolly foursome's collaboration that makes them special.  The music is deep and often complex.  The lyrics are stories ranging from monsters invading the house to anecdotes about dreaming you're a golden retriever, taking you through adventures like getting sprayed by a skunk and running from the dog catcher.  We maintain a steady humor but also delve into the more serious inquiries of the human state, such as our own wish to make music for everybody's enjoyment, including ours.

Big meat has completed three albums of original material.  They are "It's What's for Dinner (copyright 2001)," "Bigger than the Bun (copyright 2002)," and "To Be Perfectly Frank (copyright 2005)." 

Big Meat is playing their last run of shows in Orlando before packing up and moving back to CT.  Their last show in Fla will take place on June 24th at the Rocket Pub in Orlanda, Fla.

Local Music Review: Torrid Flesh

I lucked out on this one. I showed up at Pinky's this past Wednesday to hang out with my new friends Iconocaust. Shred had given me a call and said that their new CD was finished and he had a signed copy for me to pick up at their show. Definitely pick up "The Natural Evolution of Metal" from there website! Awesome stuff!

Local Music Review: Iconocaust

For years Denver has been overlooked as a source for new music. Everyone knows about L.A, Seattle and New York but I guess the main stream media in this country figures Denver is backwater country town and if someone happens to come out of this area playing metal, rock, or rap it was just a fluke. Well some of the best metal I have heard in the last several years has all been in some of the local bars and warehouses in the Denver/Boulder area. RCA and Sony need to set up shop here in Denver if they want to get in on the new music revolution, L.A.

Music, Jewelry, & Glass

Handmade fused glass- for the Grateful Web

Hannah Upham is an artist from rural Farmington, Maine. She grew up in Farmington and in her high school and early college years she was a successful biathlete, combining the sport of cross-country skiing with rifle shooting. She was named to many national and world jr. teams and competed all over the world.

Attending Northern Michigan University brought her into the Olympic Education Center in Marquette, Michigan where she could train for her sport while simultaneously taking classes toward her Art Education Major. In 1998 she graduated from Northern Michigan University and after traveling for a while throughout Europe the Caribbean and the US, bought a house and has taught as and Art Teacher and cross-country ski coach for 3 years in her home town of Farmington.

Hannah is now in Boulder, Colorado, studying Art Therapy at Naropa University. Though she misses her quaint little house in Maine, she is on a mission to save the world through art.

Find out more about Hannah in her bio...

Dark Star Orchestra, has vowed the 'Music Never Stop'

Rob Eaton - 12.30.04 - Denver, CO- for the Grateful Web

Following a brief pause in the music following the sudden, tragic loss of band co-founder, keyboardist, and vocalist Scott Larned on April 24, Chicago-based Grateful Dead tribute act, Dark Star Orchestra, has vowed that the 'music never stop' and plan to continue as a nationally-touring entity.


Scott Larned passed on from complications from heart failure during the last week of the band's Spring tour and cancelled six of the remaining shows that tour. Dark Star Orchestra will resume touring with their May 27 Irving Plaza performance with 'special guests' filling the keyboardist/vocalist slot throughout the May and June tour. The band is currently auditioning for keyboardists as a full-time, touring replacement only. Qualified, serious, and interested applicants may email DSO band manager Norman Gopin for more information.


A recent message from DSO band mate Rob Eaton (rhythm guitar, vocals) accurately sums up the band's perspective and feelings:


The remaining band and crew have decided to continue and move forward playing the music of the Grateful Dead. Scott would have wanted it that way. He worked very hard to build the band to the place it is today and it would be an injustice to him and the music to pack it in. One great way to honor his memory is to play on. The music is bigger then any one of us and that's something Scott always professed.  

Will it be the same? It will be different but the music is the same and that's what will get us all through. Our next tour will be a difficult one for us emotionally and we hope our family and friends will be there to help us through. We will start our next tour with "very special guests" filling in on keys until we can find just the right person to join our family full time. Scott's passing has brought us together in a way we never imagined. Scott will always be with us at every show and at every turn.

Peace to everyone-

Rob Eaton


The Larned family has asked that anyone interested in offering donations or contribution s d irect them to be made in Scott's name to the American Heart Association or to Scott's favorite charity, the Rex Foundation. Information about Scott's life and further ways to support him in memory are at


Upcoming Dark Star Orchestra tour dates:


05/27/05 FRI Irving Plaza New York , NY

05/28/05 SAT Irving Plaza New York , NY

05/29/05 SUN Toad's Place New Haven, CT

05/30/05 MON Toad's Place New Haven, CT

06/01/05 WED Lupo's Providence, RI

06/02/05 THU The Chance Theater Poughkeepsie, NY

06/03/05 FRI Count Basie Theatre Red Bank, NJ

06/04/05 SAT Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA

06/06/05 MON Mexicali Blues Cafe Teaneck, NJ

06/07/05 TUE Mexicali Blues Cafe Teaneck, NJ

06/08/05 WED Northern Lights Clifton Park, NY

06/10/05 FRI Somerville Theatre Somerville, MA

06/11/05 SAT Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom Hampton Beach, NH

06/13/05 MON Higher Ground Burlington, VT

06/14/05 TUE Higher Ground Burlington, VT

06/16/05 THU The Tralf Buffalo, NY

06/17/05 FRI Forward Hall Erie, PA

06/18/05 SAT RippleFest Bluffton, OH

07/15/05 FRI Fraze Pavilion Kettering, OH

07/17/05 SUN All Good Festival Masontown, WV

07/21/05 THU 10,000 Lakes Festival Detroit Lakes, MN

08/17/05 WED Veteran's Park Amphitheatre Springfield, OH