Ashley Virginia releases new single, "Apathy Blues"

Article Contributed by Milestone Publicity | Published on Wednesday, June 30, 2021

North Carolina-based folk-rock artist Ashley Virginia has released, “Apathy Blues,” the latest single from her forthcoming debut full-length album, And Life Just Goes On Living due out Friday, August 13.

Click here to listen to the new single.

The alluring, sweet soft vocals on “Apathy Blues” act as an entrancement for the deep strong lyrics surrounded in a ‘60s rock production. Offering a word-to-the-wise message to awaken one’s voice and stand up for something, Virginia penned “Apathy Blues” during 2018 in the midst of the Trump presidency and was activated by a quote she heard in a movie: "If you get shown a problem, but have no idea how to control it, then you just decide to get used to the problem."

“This song was my way of processing all of that was going on during that time, and really, it's the advice I needed to give myself,” says Virginia. “I love ‘60s music and the culture in general during the ‘60s and ‘70s. The music of that time was really rooted in protest and cultural change, which I find very inspiring. The times we are living through now really aren't all that different.”

Evident across the 11-song And Life Just Goes On Living is Virginia’s honesty about her battles with mental health in having been diagnosed with major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and complex-PTSD. “This album is basically my diary,” says Virginia “In general I tend to have big feelings and writing music and being creative is therapeutic for me.”

An artist that exudes counter culture vibes, marches to the beat of her own drum and is a reckless lover of people, Virginia concludes, “This album, I think, very well encompasses and represents my life over the past few years. It has been my journey of healing through that trauma and pain.”

And Life Just Goes On Living Tracklisting:

“To Be Dreaming”

“She's So Tired”



“Apathy Blues”

“The Pause”

“Invisible Hand”

“My Mother Grows Tired Of My Sad Songs”

“What’s On The Way”


“Above The Clouds (Come Down)”