Becky Buller releases new single “Alone”

Article Contributed by Dark Shadow Re… | Published on Friday, April 5, 2024

Alone” is the second single from Becky Buller's upcoming album Jubilee, set for a May 2024 release from Dark Shadow Recording.

"As the pandemic shutdown persisted, I was careening toward a mental health crisis",  shares Buller. "Instead of viewing it all as a much needed break, I could only see a black hole intent on devouring me. I had a new album coming out with no gigs to promote it…no band to play any gigs anyway. Although I had a great team around me and an extremely supportive husband, they couldn’t help because there were no right answers. When one more financial pebble was thrown at me, I shattered into a million pieces. ‘Alone’ is my attempt to distill off this poison.”

Photography: Shayna Cooley

This single, along with the entire project, was recorded in a day and a half, live, in one room save harmony vocals. By tracking in this classical style, the song cycle was allowed to exist in its natural form, each player reliant on one another with no safety net.

Producer and mixer Stephen Mougin adds: “The Becky Buller Band really gets a chance to show off their Bluegrass virtuosity on this cut, especially in the instrumental improvised section. No one soloing for solo sake, rather a tumultuous musical experience that draws the listener closer to the pain and chaos of the topic. I'm so proud of their work and careful attention to melody and mood.”


Becky Buller:  vocals, fiddle

Jacob Groopman:   guitar, harmony vocals

Daniel Hardin:  bass, harmony vocals

Wes Lee:   mandolin

Ned Luberecki:  banjo

Produced and mixed by Stephen Mougin for Dark Shadow Recording

Recorded at Studio 9, North Adams, MA

Engineered by Dave Sinko

Mastered by David Glasser for Airshow Mastering, Boulder, CO

Arranged by The Becky Buller Band

Single cover art: Nicholas “NDTank” Tankersley

Photography: Shayna Cooley