Blending Art and Advocacy: '1/6 The Graphic Novel' Issue #2 - Out Now

Article Contributed by | Published on Thursday, January 4, 2024

The much-anticipated second issue of 1/6: The Graphic Novel is now available, offering a deeper and more complex exploration of a world where the January 6th insurrection was successful. Harvard Law School Professor Alan Jenkins and New York Times bestselling author Gan Golan, alongside veteran comic book artist Will Rosado, continue their provocative narrative under the auspices of the Western States Center.
In Issue #2, the narrative shifts focus to events leading up to the insurrection, offering a prequel to the dramatic scenes depicted in the first installment. This edition takes readers through the complex web of events and decisions that set the stage for January 6th, providing a rich backdrop for the characters' stories. The novel employs a visual system to distinguish between factual events, speculative scenarios, and fictional components, offering a comprehensive understanding of the factors that culminated in the real-life insurrection. This approach not only serves as a compelling narrative device but also as a valuable educational resource, shedding light on the intricacies and motivations behind the pivotal events that shook the foundations of American democracy.

The relevance of Issue #2 is further heightened by the current political climate. With former President Trump's recent indictments and the ongoing debate over election integrity, the novel's themes resonate more than ever. Alan Jenkins' legal expertise, including his Supreme Court experience in constitutional and voting rights cases, brings a layer of authenticity and insight into the narrative. This expertise is vividly showcased as the story navigates through the complexities of an altered America, pondering the future of democracy and justice.
Furthermore, the novel continues to bridge the gap between art and activism. Building on the interactive elements of the first issue, Issue #2 features the “Petition to Bar all Insurrectionists from Office,” which has already garnered significant attention with over 60k signatures. This initiative underscores the novel's commitment to not only narrate a story but also to stimulate civic engagement and discourse.
"There's a rich history in comics of confronting societal issues head-on," said Jenkins. "Our work continues this tradition, tapping into the power of storytelling to reflect and question the realities of our time."
Golan adds, "We believe in the ability of art to engage people deeply – to make them think, feel, and ultimately act. With this second issue, we aim to challenge, educate, and inspire our readers, contributing to a vital conversation about the state of our democracy."
1/6: The Graphic Novel has garnered attention from major media outlets for its innovative approach to storytelling and its relevance to contemporary political and social issues.