Casey Abrams Joins Voices with Cyndi Lauper on Iconic Protest Song EVE OF DESTRUCTION

Article Contributed by Missing Piece Group | Published on Friday, October 9, 2020

Today, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Casey Abrams shares his new single, a cover of P.F. Sloan’s impassioned “Eve of Destruction.”  The track boasts the unmistakable harmonies of legendary vocalist, activist and near EGOT, Cyndi Lauper. The song is available here.

Originally Eve of Destruction lamented the morale surrounding the war in Vietnam, the draft, the cold war, and the challenges of their time. The song hit #1 for Barry McGuire in September of 1965, exactly 55 years ago this Fall.  Casey’s striking vocals enhance the song with new lyrics to bring this powerfully urgent composition into a 2020 focus. Casey and Cyndi now share the song with fans via American Songwriter. The magazine praised Casey’s take on the song while stating he, “can summon passionate emotions and feelings..”

Stream Eve of Destruction here.

Casey Abrams and guest Cyndi Lauper have joined forces to revisit the conscious raising   song with an eye toward a more hopeful future. While the track is downbeat, the sparse arrangement coupled with the urgent voices of Casey and Cyndi parallel the warning cry of the song. True to their activist roots, the artists are utilizing the song to encourage people to help get out the vote and recognize their own power to affect positive change. Lauper, a longtime outspoken activist states, “Eve of Destruction is as relevant today as when it first came out in 1965.  I hope the song’s powerful message with it’s updated lyric will motivate people to get out and vote.”

Growing up with activist parents in a household where the song was often heard,  Casey reflects, ”Eve of Destruction is an anthem to many in my parent’s generation and it is unimaginable how some things have not changed since the song debuted back in the 60’s.” He adds, “My hope is to introduce this classic song to a whole new generation and help inspire change.”

The era of the protest song is far from over, social movements inspire artists to use what's in their toolbox to share their feelings, protest the status quo, inspire others  and artistically call for reform. With this song, Casey and Cyndi hope to ignite  a new generation of activists. The 2020 version of “Eve of Destruction” contain new verses such as;

The virus hit, many isolated and ill,

Jobs disappearing, tryin to pay the bills

Hurricanes, Floods, Tornadoes, Stormin

Politicians claim there  ain’t no Global Warmin’

Winds are blowin, Fires Blazin’

Hills are scorched no horses are grazin

If you cross the man his words are scathin’

And you tell me

Over and over and over and over again my friend

You don't believe

We're on the eve of destruction

Casey was a young music student when his parents moved from Illinois to Idyllwild, California, a small mountain town full of artists and people who supported creative exploration including, the Idyllwild Arts Academy, where his parents taught. Casey took piano and bass and absorbed the eclectic music  library  including folk, roots, baroque, classic rock, and especially classical jazz that his parents collected.   His studies with Marshall Hawkins, the jazz bass maestro of Idyllwild, who had toured with Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock, helped mold Casey into a talented musician who became well equipped to play any genre.

Remembered fondly for his memorable turn on the hit television show, American Idol, Casey Abrams has released three solo albums. His most recent releases on Chesky Records Put a Spell On You, and Jazz, peaked at #3 on the Contemporary Jazz Albums and #2 on the Traditional Jazz Albums Billboard Charts. Abrams serves as a regular contributor to all-star internet sensation supergroup, Postmodern Jukebox.

A defining voice of the 1980s, Cyndi Lauper broke into mainstream prominence with her debut album in 1983 and has graced us with immortal songs like "Girls Just Want to Have Fun", "Time After Time", and "True Colors". The recipient of a GRAMMY, Emmy (Mad About You), and Tony (Kinky Boots), the singer's last full album was 2016's Detour.