Danielia Cotton Releases Soul-Inspired Gospel Anthem "A Different War"

Article Contributed by Shore Fire Media | Published on Monday, January 24, 2022

Danielia Cotton, multi-hyphenate singer/songwriter who The New York Times says is “soulful enough to fill a revival tent” today releases “A Different War." With a backing gospel choir reminiscent of Pastor T.L Barrett’s soaring ballad “Like a Ship,” and with a vocal delivery with clear parallels to artists like Tina Turner, Danielia Cotton reaches for the stars and higher than ever before. "A Different War" arrives ahead of her forthcoming album, “Good Day,” out March 18. Listen to “A Different War” here, and watch the accompanying music video here.

With the release of “A Different War” comes a stunningly gorgeous music video. Directed by filmmaker Ray Foley, the video pulls from Danielia’s own experiences with racism as a child, such as having to sing “Cotton Needs Pickin’'' in front of her all-white classmates.

In Danielia’s own words she says, “The fight for equal rights for all who are different, or in the minority is really ‘A Different War.’ This song addresses a lot for me about how every human being deserves equal rights. Many are unaware, don’t understand or truly realize the magnitude of the fight that continues to go on out there for equal justice for all.”

Continuing, she says,” The song begins with a conversation between two people, where one party questions the other’s awareness of the injustice. I think we must always remind ourselves that there is still quite a bit of work to do before we see real equality across the board for all and as Martin Luther King Jr., warned us in his famous ‘I have a dream speech,’ beware of taking the tranquilizer drug of gradualism.`` Change sometimes is hard work and only achieved through undying, relentless effort. This has been a long battle and we still have a ways to travel but there is light….I do believe there is light at the end.”

Danielia Cotton "Different War" Final from Ray Foley on Vimeo.

“Supercool,” her first single from “Good Day” (mixed by Dave O’Donnell, mastered by Greg Calbi/Sterling Sound, engineered by Roman Klun and recorded at Innsbruck/HisHouse Studios in Bushwick, NY), is a bluesy romantic throwback song filled with euphonious verses and rollicking guitar riffs, “Super Cool” masterfully traverses the territory halfway between rock and soul. Revisit “Super Cool'' here.

Danielia’s soulful vocals merged with gritty, rock ‘n’ roll elements, and her lyrics are spawned by her angst-ridden youth and early life experiences confronting race, gender and wealth disparity. Danielia not only has embraced the notion of Black Rock--she has redefined it. Growing up in the small town of Hopewell, NJ with few faces of color like her own, Danielia was raised by a single mother who stressed the value of music and education. It was her no-shortcut-taking upbringing that helped her discover rock ’n roll music.


1. Supercool

2. Follow Me

3. Good Day

4. Forgive Me

5. Lies

6. Elysian Plains

7. A Different War

8. Good Soilder

9. If You Don’t Want Me

10. Won’t Get It From Me

11. Ferris Wheel


Danielia Cotton is no stranger to reinventing herself. Growing up in Hopewell, NJ, Danielia was raised on a steady diet of classic rock behemoths like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. Her exposure to other genres was limited until the age of 12, when her mother gifted her a guitar and she began singing in the choir. This was the zenith of Danielia’s journey into music; one from which she would never look back, developing a warm appreciation for Jazz, Gospel and beyond. Danielia took no shortcuts, as her single mother stressed education and supported her attending Bennington College. She was one of the first of three generations in her family to attend college. After graduating she eventually found herself relocating to New York City, where she began her professional musical journey. With a powerful first album that launched her career, “Small White Town,” Danielia was selected as “Artist to Watch'' by WXPN out of Philadelphia. Danielia’s personal life is just as varied as the genres explored in her music, embracing a variety of religions as “JewBu'' (a Jewish Buddhist), a cancer survivor and a woman who today channels her struggles within her gritty, Motown-steeped music. Now a mother of a three-year old daughter and training for her 6th cancer marathon - Danielia uses her gritty rock ‘n’ roll music to confront the social, political and racial turmoils of the past and looks to grander, grounded possibilities in the future.