Ellanora DellErba's new album Lost to a Coastline out now

Article Contributed by Tinderbox Music | Published on Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Ellanora DellErba has a new Americana folk/singer songwriter album titled: Lost to a Coastline. Ellanora is on a non-profit label: Global Change Media in AZ that supports a better world. They support musicians, the arts, the wellness of others and they even have an amazing hospice program. I have never seen and or heard anything quite like it before and its impressive.


Ellanora's debut album, Lost To A Coastline, brims with stories of love lost, lessons learned, taking the high road, and remaining hopeful despite intense life struggles. The evocative title directly references a love lost to a geographic running away, and, on a metaphorical level, it conjures the dangers of global warming and other environmental ailments—our land could be lost to a coastline.


Ellanora DellErba writes at the cross-section of vintage country, folk, and ballad pop, recalling the dirt roads traversed by Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt. Her songwriting style is refreshingly authentic. Ellanora's music reflects both wisdom, from her love of life, and depth, from her ability to love others so deeply. She turns heartache into song and shares the relatable journey of the human experience through her art. Her style is hauntingly fresh and sweet, beckoning the listener to follow along, dirt country roads less-traveled into their own heart.

This Tucson based Arizona native has been a Southern Arizona mainstay at annual music festivals since her youth; a fan-favorite at the Tubac Festival of the Arts, the Earth Harmony Festival, the Tucson Folk Festival, and The Sea of Glass—Center for the Arts. She is a featured choir solo vocalist and a featured artist/ interviewee on KVAN Visionary Radio Network.

What media is saying about this lovely release:

I’ve been in music licensing for over 25 years and I rarely see the polish and shear tenacity of natural creativity and professionalism as I do in this artist. She is pure home grown virtuosity” - Robert Hotz, Ex-NBC Universal Media

"Although Lost To A Coastline is an album echoing vintage country sounds, it is all of the additional infusions and influences that are found there also which separate it from the usual Music City output. Perhaps it is the folk influences, the pop accessibility, the echo of blues balladeers and soul divas and the ghosts of the early seventies Laurel Canyon sound that makes it stand out, more probably it is down to the sheer skill of Ellanora DellErba as a songwriter." - Dancing About Architecture