The GOP needs to be Ousted on Tuesday - Go Vote!

Article Contributed by mike | Published on Friday, November 3, 2006

After 6 years of incompetence, hypocrisy, corruption, and fear based tactics, the time has come for change.

Let's revisit a portion of Republican corruption...

1) Mark  Foley (and the republicans trying to cover it up because they're more concerned with keeping a seat in congress than protecting children).  Hastert needs to be fired immediately.  The fat f(*k sweats in the winter time.

2) Abu Ghraib prison

3) Jack Abramoff with ties to all kinds of GOP including Dick "oil can" Cheney and Dubya, the dumbest & most inarticulate president America has even seen.

4) Halliburton (only company to get a bid on 'rebuilding' Iraq and Cheney's former company...

5) Cheney shooting a friend in face, after having "two beers"

6) Tom DeLay

7) Congressman Bob Ney

8)  Bush's "Mission Accomplished"  - lied to America about weapons of mass destruction, etc. over 600K dead innocent Iraqi civilians - and Bush claims he's "pro-life"  - 2829 dead American GI's for Bush's war for oil.  44,779 injured American troops. -  ( bookmark this site! (eight more dead GI's just yesterday!  Has the GOP supporters become desensitized to American GI deaths!?)

All this war time gung-ho, stay the course, bullshit coming from Dick Cheney who never served a day of military service and Dubya who went AWOL.  Kerry, while a big mouth, is a war time veteran with 3 purple hearts.  And the truth is, he's right. I am the perfect example. I f*c)*d around in high school and my dad kicked me out of the house. I had no choice but to join the military, like many of the enlisted American heroes in Iraq.  That's right; I am a veteran of the US Air Force.

9) Senator Conrad Burns (Montana) - more Abramoff ties and one of the least effective senators, just like Colorado's own Wayne Allard.

10) Curt Weldon - congressman in PA federal investigators examine charges that he steered lobbying contracts to his daughter.

11)  Rep. Don Sherwood (Pa.), who has been dogged by the settlement of a lawsuit filed by a mistress who charged that Sherwood had throttled her.

12) Congress watchers once saw the swing seat of Rep. Rick Renzi (R-Ariz.) as a missed opportunity for Democrats. But now, as the U.S. attorney's office in Phoenix examines his role in a land deal for a business partner and political benefactor, Renzi's race with political neophyte Ellen Simon (D) has tightened.

13) Rep. Jon Porter (R-Nev.) has had to contend with charges lodged last month by a longtime former aide, Jim Shepard, that the lawmaker made dozens of illegal fundraising calls from his congressional offices. And two reliably Republican districts in California are under assault by Democrats because Reps. Richard W. Pombo and John T. Doolittle have been linked to Abramoff, the lobbyist who pleaded guilty in January to fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy to bribe public officials.

14) Rep. Katherine Harris (R), was the target of local media reports this week detailing his use of business entities in Caribbean tax havens to reduce levies on his auto dealerships.

15) Rep. Christopher Shays (R-Conn.), who made his name pushing campaign finance changes and governance reforms, was confronted with media reports alleging that a 2003 trip to Qatar - partly funded by a group loosely tied to Abramoff - had not been properly disclosed.

16) Rep. Thomas M. Reynolds (N.Y.) chose to issue a public apology after he admitted that he had known about inappropriate contact between Foley and a former page this spring.

The GOP is the most corrupt bunch of f*(k*rs in the history of American politics. They are going down on Tuesday.  Do your part to vote the GOP out of office. It's time for a change.

Mike Moran

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