The Infamous Stringdusters’ Travis Book Releases Live Album, House Band Vol. 1

Article Contributed by The Regime | Published on Friday, August 20, 2021

Travis Book, GRAMMY® award-winning artist and one-fifth of Americana & bluegrass quintet, the Infamous Stringdusters is very pleased to announce the release of his new live album, House Band Vol. 1, made available exclusively on Americana Vibes.

The album, composed of songs performed by Travis and season one guests of his Happy Hour Podcast, is out now, in full and available to stream everywhere music can be found.

Travis debuted his ‘Happy Hour’ concept back in June 2020 with longtime collaborator Sarah Siskind and has since become a staple in the Asheville, NC music scene - with its homebase located at The Grey Eagle. The live podcasts, which were initially streamed via Facebook Live, are designed to offer a combination of music, conversation and happiness, where Travis melds together unique musical collaborations and conversations about matters of being - all revolving around a common theme.

“These days there’s no limit to the opportunities we have as musicians and creators,” shared Travis. “Live performance, recorded music, audio and video streaming services, live-streaming, podcasting… the potential to meet fans on their terms are endless.” House Band Vol. 1 features performances by and with Mimi Naja, Lindsay Lou, Rev Matt Rieger & Andy Dunnigan (The Lil Smokies), Benny "Burle" Galloway, Mike Guggino & Barrett Smith (The Steep Canyon Rangers), Jesse Iaquinto & Tommy Maher (Fireside Collective) and Sarah Siskind. The complete track listing is as follows:

The City (with Matt Rieger and Andy Dunnigan)

Back Home (with Jesse Iaquinto and Tommy Maher) 

Beside You (with Mimi Naja)

Blackburn Brothers (with Jon Stickley)

Poor Boy’s Delight (with Benny Galloway)

Rockets (with Sarah Siskind)

Bring it on Home (with Jesse Iaquinto and Tommy Maher)

Wake Me Up (with Mike Guggino)

King of the Road (with Mimi Naja)

I Am a Pilgrim (with Mike Guggino)

Far I’d Fall (with Jon Stickley)

In The Mountains (with Sarah Siskind)

Time to Move On (with Matt Rieger and Andy Dunnigan)

Gentle on my Mind (with Tommy Maher)

I’ve Endured (with Tommy Maher) 

Sing Me Back Home (with Benny Galloway)

Along with the release of House Band Vol. 1, Travis, Andy & Rev have made a video of their take on The Lil Smokies’ “The City” available on YouTube. Watch it here

Andy Dunnigan of the Lil Smokies shared, “Last fall, Travis contacted Rev and I about taking a jaunt over to NC; basically we’d rehearse some tunes, play a few shows, hang at his house and pretend the world wasn’t wholly dissembling itself before our eyes… and that’s precisely what we did. Now, clearly, this was a very uncertain time for everyone, but for musicians, the metaphorical curtain had literally been pulled down. fragile; towing hope in shards, I hopped on the plane. Man, I’m glad I went. Quickly the trip reminded me why I haven’t hung this dream up and why I can’t; why I still cling to the adventure - I needed this reminder. Thank you Travis! If you feel inclined go check this podcast out… you can really hear the pandemic fear arm wrestling our love for music in these songs (we won).”

The complete season one of the Travis Book Happy Hour Podcast may be found at:

Travis can currently be found on tour with The Infamous Stringdusters. Complete dates are at and include stops in NY, CO, MT, WY, TN and more. He will also be out with fellow Stringduster, Andy Falco performing the songs of Jerry Garcia; Tues, Aug 24 at 185 King Street (Brevard, NC), Weds, Aug 25 at the Grey Eagle (Asheville, NC), Thurs, Aug 25 at the Pour House (Charleston, SC) and Fri, Aug 27 at the Hunt House (Marietta, GA).