The Inspector Cluzo release unplugged version of fan-favorite song "Fishermen"

Article Contributed by Big Hassle Media | Published on Saturday, October 3, 2020

Hyper-independent French duo, The Inspector Cluzo have released the unplugged version of their song “Fishermen,” which was recorded live this past February in Biarritz at Casino Barrière, the last concert the band played as part of their Unplugged tour. “Fishermen” is a fan favorite and induces rowdy sing-a-longs every time the song is performed.  Glide Magazine premiered the song earlier this week saying that The Inspector Cluzo “rings in buoyant jazz, folk & world on ‘Fishermen.’”

The Inspector Cluzo are gearing up for their forthcoming EP The Organic Farmers Seasons Unplugged - due out October 16. In anticipation of the release, the duo has been sharing new songs that will be included on the upcoming EP throughout the year including a cover of Neil Young’s “Hey Hey My My,” and unplugged versions of their songs “Ideologies,” and “Brothers In Ideals.”

The Inspector Cluzo plays music of the people, music of the earth – boots caked with mud and blues . . . Every concert is played with a full display of celebration – every concert is a victory for these two guys – these self-proclaimed Rock Farmers – Gentlemen Farmers also because of their old-style manners and courtesy – and for their respect for the old way of doing things. This is also what connects them to the roots of soul and blues – but electrified by a fiery spirit of urgency, by fury and anger.

They are truly one of a kind, they don’t hold back. The Inspector Cluzo are proud of their heritage. In fact, they abandoned promising careers as overqualified scientists, in order to work on the land. They are both proud and eager to represent their region and their local traditions, but they don’t want to fall into the category of being a local band. Their land is where Laurent and Mathieu share ideas, blow off steam, learn and discover things – that’s their stage, their natural habitat where they relentlessly go about their daily unpretentious routine. But they’ve got another land – and that is wherever people are – people they meet and talk with from Japan to South America. Their big plot of land is the world – people and places — to visit, to explore.

Never cut yourself off from the earth — never lose your connection with the soil

The Inspector Cluzo