MORE! ft. Tom Hamilton, Jr. Release 'LIVE - 01.15.23 Cancun, Mexico'

Article Contributed by The Royal Pota… | Published on Friday, February 17, 2023

Today, MORE! have released LIVE - 01.15.23 - Cancun, Mexico, the official audio from their debut performance at Dead & Company's Playing in the Sand. The quartet, led by Tom Hamilton, Jr. (Joe Russo's Almost Dead, Ghost Light), was formed in 2020 during the pandemic with his former Brothers Past collaborators, keyboarist/vocalist Tom McKee, guitarist/vocalist Joe D'Amico, and guitarist/vocalist Jim Hamilton, as well as Ghost Light drummer Scotty Zwang. Released via Royal Potato Family, the recording documents MORE!'s third time performing in public. Their set left quite an impression on festival goers, as can be heard on epic, improvisational rock excursions like "Utopiary Window" and "Keep on Movin'" plus a riveting take on The Allman Brothers Band's classic "In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed."

"This is a group that I've been dreaming of playing with for years. The core four of us have known each other since we were in high school," says Hamilton. "It's pretty awesome to have a band with four songwriters, four lead singers, and with the addition of Scotty all five of us speak the same language when it comes to improvising. It's a very creatively-fertile environment."

This will be the first of several releases this year coming from the partnership between MORE! and Royal Potato Family.

"We have a lot of music already recorded," Hamilton adds. "Singles, weird instrumental sprawls, acoustic diddies, plus a dozen new songs in the pipeline. It's awesome. We figure why not just release everything a la carte as it gets mixed, including the handful of live shows we'll do this year. RPF has been my label home for almost a decade now and I'm so grateful that they're on board."

MORE!'s next performance is on February 24 at Ardmore Music Hall in just outside of Philadephia in Ardmore, PA.

LIVE - 01.15.23 - Cancun, Mexico

Track Listing:
1. Ballad of the Misguided Shadow
2. Utopiary Window
3. Lunar Cycle
4. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
5. Keep on Movin'
6. Alone in the Valley
7. Crutch

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