Nefesh Mountain Release Timely Single "The Narrow Bridge"

Article Contributed by Milestone Publicity | Published on Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Today, Americana powerhouse — Nefesh Mountain — led by the dynamic husband and wife duo of Doni Zasloff and Eric Lindberg announce the release of their forthcoming seven-track EP, The Cabin Sessions, will be released February 2, 2024. The EP features seven tracks, including two originals and five covers, each reflecting the values that have shaped the band throughout the years.

Along with this announcement comes their timely, culturally needed single “The Narrow Bridge,” in which Nefesh Mountain plans to donate a portion of the song’s proceeds to help the victims of Israel. On Monday, Americana Highways exclusively revealed the track, expressing the necessity of this song in relation to the Israel-Hamas war.

Stream “The Narrow Bridge” here. Watch the YouTube visual below.

Doni and Eric share: “In light of the terrorist attacks on Israel and subsequent war in the Middle East, the sentiment that we share in our song ‘The Narrow Bridge’ couldn’t be timelier and more needed in the world. Our hearts are breaking and pounding with fear, love, and prayer, and we are devastated by these barbaric attacks on innocent souls. We are heartbroken.

This is an extremely dangerous time. On one hand we are witnessing the heinous and senseless killing of hundreds of unarmed innocent souls, and at the same time we also hear and feel the hateful speech and opinion that is freely exchanged all around us and on social media. From all sides we are seeing some of the most insidious forms of antisemitism that we have encountered in our lifetime.  From the outright praising of terrorist groups to utter silence and indifference. Make no mistake, this is all antisemitism. The sheer silence from within even our own Americana/Bluegrass/Folk communities are deafening. Most of The United States was complacent during the Holocaust and we are seeing exactly that same behavior today.  

Just to be clear, we fully recognize that the politics and situation between Israelis and Palestinians is more than complicated, and this statement is not a reflection of any political agenda, ideology, or commentary on the matter. But to justify these heinous attacks and assert that innocent Jews deserve to be kidnapped, raped, tortured, or killed because of Israeli politics is profoundly wrong and inhumane. This is open proof of how antisemitism thrives and grows in today’s world. We are seeing people of all backgrounds and political beliefs band together like swarms of birds, and through strength in numbers condone their silence or their contribution to the ocean of hateful speech against Jewish people.

The brutal ugly truth that just guts us is that there are millions of people all around the world who believe that the killing of Jews is justified. It’s been so deeply rooted, systematically and for so long, that even the activists of the world fall prey, backing the exact same antisemitic rhetoric that has been passed on for centuries.

As Americana musicians and as Jewish people, we want to express that this is a profoundly isolating and devastating time. We hope this message lands with the love that we always have in our hearts for all those willing to hear it. Much love everyone, and may the war, grief, and senseless killing end soon for everyone,” they conclude.

“The Narrow Bridge” draws inspiration from a centuries-old Jewish teaching by Rabbi Nachmam of Bresolve. It explores the precarious nature of life and living, weaving a mystical allegory that captures the essence of the human experience. Originally recorded for their 2018 album, Beneath The Open Sky, the band has sought to revitalize the track by essentially doing a cover of their own music. The result is a fresh and captivating take on this thought-provoking masterpiece about letting go of fear and control to trust in the unknown, which is universal and relevant to everyone.

According to Doni and Eric, the goal was to offer a new glimpse into the introspection and subtlety of this song by recording it in a new time and place in their lives, bringing it from its strictly acoustic/bluegrass origins into the wider sonic world of Americana/roots that is celebrated throughout the entire EP.

Nefesh Mountain pulls on acoustic bluegrass heartstrings, soars with electric soul, and celebrates diversity, hope, and radical love. For the first time, the band dove into the music of their past, unearthing a wonderfully unique and personal selection of covers that reflect not only where they’ve come from but also where they’re headed. Through this EP, the band pays homage to the music that has influenced them from Wilco to Coltrane and embodies their growth both sonically and artistically.

Rolling Stone said it best; “Nefesh Mountain preaches peace, understanding, and acceptance with musical muscle.” As masterful songwriters and instrumentalists, they are a beacon of hope for uncertain times. American Songwriter has called their music “arguably some of the best bluegrass ever made,” while Bluegrass Today describes it as “infectious, exuberant, and infused with pure melodic prowess.” No Depression has also praised Nefesh Mountain’s music as “crisp, clear, and magical.” Whether you’re a longtime fan or discovering Nefesh Mountain for the first time, their music is sure to touch your heart and leave you feeling truly inspired.

As free-spirited troubadours and cultural innovators, Nefesh Mountain is a band at the frontlines of pushing boundaries in Americana music, drawing from a wide range of influences including American roots, bluegrass, jazz, and folk. Their sound and message is truly unique and unforgettable. Nefesh Mountain promotes fellowship and togetherness among people of  all backgrounds. They believe that everyone has more in common than they think and that differences should be celebrated rather than dwelled upon. The band encourages people to focus on their achievements and similarities rather than their grievances with one another. In a world where divisions seem to be growing, Nefesh Mountain's message of unity is more important than ever.


“Revival” (The Allman Brothers Band)

“What Light” (Wilco)

“The Narrow Bridge” (original song)

“After The Rain” (Coltrane)

“Southlands” (original instrumental)

“Red Staggerwing” (Knopfler/Harris)

“More Love” (Tim O’Brien)