North Mississippi Allstars | Aggie Theatre | 1/14/2024

Article Contributed by Backstage Flash | Published on Monday, January 15, 2024

Brothers Luther and Cody Dickinson have been on a musical journey together for almost thirty years. They both possess acute knowledge of many facets of music and the music industry. You might say it’s in their blood, coming from a very musical family. This knowledge and inspiration were largely inspired by their father, legendary producer and musician Jim Dickinson. Since they were teenagers, they have been producing records for themselves and have applied their creative skills in various ways. The traditional blues and rock roots that have influenced them their whole lives have provided a solid foundation from which to launch many different ideas and styles.

Luther Dickinson | Aggie Theatre

The brothers have collaborated with many artists over the years, giving their sound many different avenues to explore. They are always eager to try different techniques in the studio and on stage, keeping freshness and growth as vital parts of their vibe. Both Luther and Cody have separately produced albums for some heavy hitters in the blues/rock world, including Samantha Fish, Lucero, and Otha Turner, to name just a few. They possess a contemporary, youthful vitality that bursts through in their own musical endeavors and in the music of other artists they work with. Well-respected and sought-after producers, the Dickinsons are known not only for their allure but also for their genius musical skills in a live show setting that captivates the heart and soul.

Cody Dickinson | Aggie Theatre

Grateful Web had a chance to talk with Luther Dickinson at the Aggie last night, and here’s what he had to say.

GW: The first four dates of this current tour are all in Colorado. How has it been going so far?

Luther: It’s been wonderful, very cold but the audiences have been great. We love Colorado and are thrilled to be back.

GW: What have you been up to other than touring?

Luther: I recently turned fifty and decided to wrap up some lingering musical projects that have been around for a while. It feels good to get them accomplished.

Luther Dickinson | Fort Collins, CO

GW: Can you tell me a little bit about the Vibratone guitars you are using on stage?

Luther: The guitars are hand-built by myself and some friends. We have built ten so far. I have a few with me and I just love the wood we are using and the tonal quality we are getting out of them.

GW: Are you working in the studio, producing records for other artists?

Luther - Yes, I have been working with Devon Allman, Donovan Frankenreiter, and Jackson Stokes.

GW: You have been very generous with your time. Thanks so much and have a great show.

Luther: You’re welcome, and thanks for coming out to see us.

North Mississippi Allstars | Aggie Theatre

The first four dates of this current tour have been in the Rocky Mountain state, and believe me, Coloradans are thrilled about this. Denver, Boulder, Frisco, and Fort Collins, Colorado, were all treated to fantastic evenings of musical magic by North Mississippi Allstars. Grateful Web caught the show in Fort Collins on a brutally cold night outside, but it was hot as a pistol inside when the Allstars took the stage.

Ray-Ray Holloman | North Mississippi Allstars

North Mississippi Allstars are Luther Dickinson on guitar and vocals, Cody Dickinson on drums and vocals, and Ray-Ray Holloman on bass. There is something about the simplicity of a rock trio that is always intriguing. When three musicians can captivate an audience with skill and emotion minus a heavy stage production, those musicians have done their job. Luther's voice and guitar skills go hand in hand, both filled with deep-rooted soul and emotion.

Luther Dickinson | Aggie Theatre

His guitar arrangements, blues-driven, heavy, and melodic, resonated with the audience. The tone from his Vibratone guitars, coupled with his Category Five amps, was chunky and raw. He does not rely on a massive pedal board, instead embracing the simplicity of playing straight-ahead rock and roll without a lot of fluff.

Luther Dickinson, Cody Dickinson, Ray-Ray Holloman | Aggie Theatre

Luther can steer his guitar playing in many different directions. His fingerpicking style can be as subtle as it is downright dirty and hard-biting. No matter his approach, he always delivers expressive, memorable note selections and hooks. His passion for what he does exploded from the stage, sending shivers through everyone in the room. The band operated as a well-oiled rock and roll outfit. It’s not every day you get to hear contemporary blues and rock and roll delivered with such passion and heart.

Luther Dickinson | NMAS

Playing a selection of songs from various eras of their career, the set was marked by diversity. The rhythm section of Holloman and Cody Dickinson, like a wall of sound, built a constant foundation for Luther’s guitar to launch from. Cody also took center stage as lead vocalist for a few numbers. The crowd dug the blues rock vibe and made the boys feel welcome. Many in the audience had been following the Dickinson brothers for over two decades, myself included.

Cody Dickinson | Fort Collins, CO

Thanks to North Mississippi Allstars for visiting Fort Collins, Colorado. Don’t be strangers; come back soon. Thanks also to the guests, the Aggie for hosting, and the entire production crew for always putting on a great rock show!