Papadosio Releases "Acoustic Live" Album From City Winery

Article Contributed by Pivotal Agency | Published on Friday, June 3, 2022

Papadosio presents Acoustic Live, an eleven-track album captured during their 2022 four-night run at City Winery in Atlanta, GA and Nashville, TN. The LP features the band's curated selections from the series performed in rare acoustic splendor, with fan favorites such as Epiphany, The Elephant I Presume, Unparalyzer, and Mr. Turtles Cloud Kingdom. Eclectic instrumentation takes the spotlight to reveal a more mellow side of these familiar songs, now available on all major platforms.

Deftly navigating the tricky confluence of prog rock, livetronica, jazz, and jam, Papadosio is a crossover act that has amassed a rabid fan base across North America thanks to a steady stream of innovative albums, hundreds of live recordings, and a decade and a half of consistent touring. From their humble midwest origins, Papadosio's grassroots operation has grown to overflowing clubs and theaters around the country and cemented their reputation as a must-see act.

Now based in Asheville, North Carolina, the dynamic five-piece featuring a battery of Mike Healy and Rob McConnell on drums and bass, keyboardists/vocalists/multi-instrumentalists Sam Brouse and Billy Brouse, and guitarist/producer Anthony Thogmartin remain doggedly devoted to writing new music and pushing technological boundaries in their downtime, and expanding the size and scope of their existing catalog live on stage and in the moment.

Papadosio’s entire discography is self-written, recorded, produced, and independently released. Their fingers touch every plucked, struck, strummed, and programmed note that emerges from the studio. Complex harmonies and challenging rhythms are the lifeblood of each composition, and a stunning visual show synchronized with the music enhances the immersive live experience. Papadosio offers one-of-a-kind experiences to each attendee, with more than 150 shows per year over the past decade. In the band’s 16-year history, no one has heard a song—let alone a set—played the same way twice.