Periphery's JAKE BOWEN Releases New Album 'The Daily Sun'

Article Contributed by Falcon Publicity | Published on Saturday, October 2, 2021

Jake Bowen has released his new electronic album The Daily Sun.  Many know Jake from the prog rock world as the guitarist from Periphery. Outside of the GRAMMY-nominated band, Jake enjoys flexing his production muscle in electronic music. The Daily Sun marks his second album following his 2015 debut Isometric.  
Listen to The Daily Sun here:
The album’s eight songs don't feel like djent-y riffs transposed to synths — they're simple, tightly crafted tunes: "Mirage," a collaboration with Matt Lange, gently weaves clean and distorted guitars into the software shimmer; "Drifter" recalls vintage Postal Service with its ringing keys and throbbing bass; And the title track rides a sequenced keyboard pattern and hazy programming.
Singles "Say Nothing" with Austin-based singer Abbi Press and "I Am Error" with singer/Bowen's best friend Elliot Coleman add a soulful human touch marking Bowen’s first ever vocal productions.  “’I Am Error’ is a long time coming for Coleman and Bowen, who have known each other for 14 years but have never actually collaborated on an official release,” shared on their coverage of the song.  “The chemistry is palpable in this hypnotic slice of indietronica, which finds the former crooning over the latter's woozy, acoustic-driven production. Elements of lo-fi slither through an absorbing arrangement here as the nuances of Bowen's sound design ebb and flow between crisp, spacey claps.”
Shared Dancing Astronaut on “Say Nothing,” “With the assistance of vocalist Abbi Press, the pair deliver a pensive downtempo cut that artfully reflects the hollow feelings of isolation everyone has become so familiar with in the last year. Introspective and quiet, the single helps form an outline for what the rest of the LP will bare…” with The Nocturnal Times adding “The track is an ambient and uplifting tune that’s perfect for anyone who’s trying to wind down or relax…”
“Today I finally get to release the album I’ve been working on for the last year. My goal was to make a better sounding album than my first one, and to change how I write songs so as to showcase how my tastes have matured since 2015. I think I have succeeded in doing so. Enjoy."
No live tour is planned for the moment however, fans can catch up with Jake Bowen via Reddit as he will be participating in an AMA on Thursday, October 6.  
Jake Bowen’s The Daily Sun Track listing is:
1. The Daily Sun
2. Drifter
3. Burnt Saguaro
4. Say Nothing (feat. Abbi Press)
5. I Am Error (feat. Elliot Coleman)
6. Mirage (feat. Matt Lange)
7. Simulacra
8. Bone Wizard