Pickin' On Modest Mouse: The Bluegrass Tribute Featuring Iron Horse

Article Contributed by RECKONING PR | Published on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

CMH Records' acclaimed Pickin' On Series is putting out their classic, fan-fave tribute to Modest Mouse on vinyl for the first time. Set for release on Saturday, April 21 as an official Record Store Day title, the double-vinyl collection features bluegrass interpretations of the esteemed Portland-based rock band as performed by Iron Horse.

Alabama-based quartet Iron Horse tackle the quirky yet beloved music of Modest Mouse with their renowned aplomb, re-interpreting the indie rockers bluegrass-style. This album was originally released in 2004, but this marks its first time on vinyl. A No Depression review noted: "'Ocean Breathes Salty' transcends as a gospel-inflected number, and 'Polar Opposites' was country-tinged from the word go, given its refrain: 'I'm trying to drink away the part of the day that I cannot sleep away.'" The album found even more success and renown when HBO's TRUE BLOOD prominently featured Iron Horse's version of "Night On The Sun" in an episode.

Like so many indie bands who hit it big, Modest Mouse seemed to pop up overnight when they dropped their smash hit Good News for People Who Love Bad News. However, they had been winning over fans with their mix of clever wordplay and eclectic songwriting for well over a decade by the time "Float On" took over the airwaves. The foundation of the band-Isaac Brock, Eric Judy and Jeremiah Green-have made it their business to create some of the most disarming music inside or outside the mainstream. In the end, it is their unique approach to popular music that has so many fans, new and old, swooning to their endearing anthems.

Pickin' On Modest Mouse: The Bluegrass Tribute is an unorthodox tribute to one of music's most unorthodox bands. With their deft mix of technical picking and minimized harmonies, Iron Horse has turned this album into a singularly haunting and angelic experience. It is a testament to the talent of Modest Mouse that this tribute will certainly ring true with fans of all music. Pickin' On Modest Mouse: The Bluegrass Tribute is good news to fall on anybody's ears.

Pickin' On Modest Mouse-The Bluegrass Tribute Featuring Iron Horse track list:

Side A:

--Ocean Breathes Salty

--3rd Planet

--Polar Opposites

--Float On

Side B:

--Gravity Rides Everything

--A Different City

--Dark Center of the Universe

Side C:

--Interstate 8

--World at Large

--Trailer Trash

--Satin in a Coffin

Side D:


--Baby Blue Sedan

--Night on the Sun